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410 Mt. Akina Knows No Tears!

 A sprinkler truck spraying water jets.

However, with both trucks moving at this kind of speed, the VSS and its stupidly slow bullet speed made hitting targets a much more difficult task.

Even after these three pro players finished spamming an entire magazine of bullets each, there were barely any sparks that appeared on the car, much less hitting any actual players.

Instantly, the three blushed in embarrassment and they scurried back inside the truck.

At this time, the people in the car right behind Liu Zilang were not foreigners, they were just a couple of players playing on the NA server.

After identifying the gunshots, they finally confirmed that the passengers in the car were actually all using the VSS and started to wince over the thought.

'How poor are you f*ckers?!'

Of course, if they knew who these four players sitting in the car in front of them were, they would definitely not be thinking that.

At this time, the driver of that car looked over at the Pickup driven by Liu Zilang and suddenly said in a low tone, \"That car ahead is not as simple as meets the eye.\"

Hearing this, the other three players in the car were shocked.

\"How so?\" One of the players in the backseat asked cautiously.

The guy driving merely let out a long sigh, before finally explaining slowly. \"I'm not sure if you guys noticed when that car made the turn earlier, its figure just gave off an indescribable air to it...\"

'Air your motherf*cking *ss!'

The three were utterly speechless as they once again peeked out and started spraying once more.

However, this time, when Liu Zilang was at the next bend of the mountain road, the car tilted as the entire car started to drift, instantly disappearing from their sight.

Seeing this, the three passengers of the car were shocked!

On the other hand, the driver merely took a deep breath as he focused on bend up ahead. He slowly said, \"Looks like I was right, that was the legendary Gutter Run!\"

'Gutter run?'

This time, the three passengers were speechless, they also started to feel that that car ahead really seemed to be something.

'Three VSS?'

'Oh right!'

One of the players in the car seemed to have remembered something, as he asked in a trembling voice. \"Guys... Do you remember the kill feed from a while ago?\"

\"You mean... Shroud and Guru G?\" One of the other players replied.

\"Yes! Vic and ChocoTaco were also with them!\" The first player nodded.

Instantly, another player shouted excitedly, \"Holy sh*t! What're you stalling here for, get them! If we manage to kill them, we'll have the bragging rights for the entire year!\"

The other player started rubbing the M24 in his hands as a glimmer of hope and excitement flashed in his eyes. \"Four water guns? It's our chance!\"

\"I'm calling dibs on that son of a b*tch Vic.\" A guy shouted angrily, \"How dare he take my Goddess Menhera-chan home. I'm definitely gonna kill that ugly bastard today!\"

Although the driver did not say a word, he instantly stepped on it and followed their targets.

The four were instantly filled with motivation, so much so that one could even feel the teamwork in the air!

Of course, if they knew what Liu Zilang was thinking right now, they would probably have other thoughts.

Since the mountain itself was obscuring their vision behind the bend, Liu Zilang had suddenly stopped the car. The four of them were now out of the car, standing at the side of the road right after the bend, silently listening for the sound of the incoming car.

In their hands were all Frag Grenades.

At this point, Shroud, Guru G, and ChocoTaco were extremely nervous. This was obviously their first time trying 'this' whole new play style.

'However, wasn't this a bit of an *sshole move?'

Hearing the car get closer and closer, ChocoTaco politely voiced his concerns.

\"NO! This is just our strategy!\"

Liu Zilang answered with firm resolution. Then, he suddenly shouted, \"Cook the 'nades! They're coming!

\"3! 2! 1!


\"Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk!\"

Instantly, four pre-cooked frag grenades landed right where Liu Zilang pulled off his \"gutter run\" technique.

The next moment, the second Pickup appeared.

When the Pickup made the turn at the bend with a loud roar of the engine, it started to tilt as well, obviously mimicking Liu Zilang's \"Gutter Run\" from earlier.

At that precise moment, a loud \"boom\" could be heard!

A huge hot wave exploded out from the bend at the road, as smoke shrouded the area almost like a sandstorm had just hit!

Of course, other than sand and dust, that pickup was also knocked into the air.

With all four grenades exploding at the same time, the instance the Pickup was flung into the air, only four crates were left in the middle of the road. The four who were excitedly drifting past this bend were instantly gibed too!



\"Feck ma life! We've been trapped!\"

\"Err... This doesn't seem like Shroud and Guru G's style to do this kinda sh*t!\"

\"Vic! It must be that bastard Vic's idea!\"


At this point, when the live stream viewers saw this, they were utterly shocked!

\"Holy crap, that was too intense!\"

\"Another Four 'Nade Genocide Ritual? This Vic is not human!\"

\"Oh no! Looks like Shroud and Guru G got quite the adrenaline rush from it, I feel like all these macho men and pro players are starting to get corrupted by Vic!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang took a glance at the four player's crates.

He had a decent number of meds on him, so he did not need to loot anything else. Seeing this, he merely laughed heartily as he shook his head. \"Lil' brat, what kind of stunt were you trying to pull...\"

Then, the group got back into the car and continued on their journey over to the Power Grid.

One thing to point out was that although they all tossed the 'nade at the same time, the game ultimately awarded the kills to Liu Zilang.

At this point, Liu Zilang's kill count was at fourteen. In the same squad, the runner-up would be Grimmmz with nine, followed by Shroud with eight. As for ChocoTaco, he only got a few kills...

At this point, the live stream viewers who bet against Liu Zilang getting top frag were all panicking.

Based on the pacing of this game, they might be meeting each other at the balcony tonight!

As for Wang Qianqian, she was panicking even more. What she would give to be in the game right now, holding a frag grenade in her hand and kamikaze-ing into Liu Zilang to end both their lives. At this point, she could only hate her own schemes and for the fact that he did not have an \"assassination team\" ready to queue with Liu Zilang's squad.

After all, there were slightly fewer players on the NA servers as compared to the Asian servers. If they queued at the same time, there was still a chance for them to be in the same game. However, it was too late to think about these kinds of schemes. All she could do was take a deep breath and pray that Guru G would start being tryhard a bit more.

In the game, once they entered the safe zone, Liu Zilang suddenly stopped right in front of the Power Grid. It seemed like the area had already been looted by people.

Still, it was no big deal. In their eyes, it did not matter much whether there was anyone here.

Yet, just as they wanted to attack, re-enacting the \"Storming of the Bastille\", the minimap on the bottom-right corner of their screen suddenly turned red.

The Red Zone is here!

Seeing this, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

'Is the game trying to give us a pyrotechnics show?'

In the Power Grid, there were not many places to take cover in. If they get hit by the flaming fireballs from the heavens, it was a straight GGWP...

With that in mind, Liu Zilang started to hesitate.