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409 An AE86 is Going Up The Mountains!

 Liu Zilang merely grinned after seeing the live stream chat's reactions to that shocking kill notification; seemingly trying not to brag about this achievement of his.

Out of all shotguns, the S686 was the one that had the highest range. After attaching a choke to this gun, it could reach up to a maximum distance of two hundred meters. Of course, the accuracy and shot spread was a whole different issue.

In that last engagement, the target was peeking out from behind the bus around a hundred meters away. Liu Zilang had originally planned to just fire to shots as a test, even if he missed, it would intimidate his prey a bit. After all, the sound of a shotgun was quite close to that of a rifle.

However, never would he have expected to have both his shots land perfectly on his target. His double-shot had somehow managed to go through all odds, instantly killing his target with two headshots!

Hence, the calm-looking Liu Zilang was also quite amazed by the mysteries of this world.

Behind the big bus, when the squadmates saw their own sniper drop to the ground, they all hurried over to revive him. One of them could not help but ask, \"WUT? Was that a Kar98k?\"

That unlucky guy who was killed by Liu Zilang's double shotgun shots started to rage when he heard that. \"SH*T! Have you ever seen a Kar98k that can fire two shots at once?\"

At that point, the squadmate finally paid attention to the kill feed in the top-right corner of his screen. Instantly, his jaw dropped, he was completely shocked speechless.

\"LET'S GO! It's our turn!\"

After knocking one of their targets, Liu Zilang's hand moved down, quickly tossing out a smoke grenade and preparing to flank.

Hearing this, the shocked Shroud regained his composure as he gulped a little. Once he calmed himself down, he shrugged and replied, \"Oh! Alright, this time you take left, I'll take right.\"

\"Oh yeah, please don't fly this time.\"

Hearing this, Liu Zilang frowned.

'Did you think I can f*cking fly whenever I want to?'

However, this was not the time for bantering. After the smoke grenade was tossed out, it dropped to the ground and let out a \"Pschhhhh\" sound and large amounts of smoke started jetting out.

Liu Zilang and Shroud both charged in without any hesitation. At this point, the two of them were both wielding their VSS - the self-suppressing auto sniper.

\"Wow! Are they really partying that hard? Really just charging face?\"

\"This is the first time I've seen someone entry-fragging with a VSS. These f*ckers are really using this gun as an entre-fragging assault rifle!\"

\"Opposing team, tryhard a bit more! Whether I can make a killing off this pot is all up to you!.\"

Seeing the two suddenly charge and flank, the live stream viewers who bet on this squad's downfall all got excited.

However, their disappointment seemed to be something that was destined to happen. Before Liu Zilang and Shroud even got out of the smoke, a loud \"bang\" could be heard from afar!

It turned out that Grimmmz who was still on the cliff had managed to rotate a little bit further and got a better angle, getting a headshot on the player reviving Liu Zilang's victim.

Instantly, the situation at the bus had now evolved into a 2v2.

In addition to that, there were still people pinning them down from afar, so to Liu Zilang's enemies, it was a 2v2 that was heavily disadvantageous for them.

After all, in this type of FPP game, even if a player managed to get on the defensive by hiding behind cover, they still would not be able to reap the offensive benefits like that of the TPP games where the player could look around corners of the camera. Now, in order to learn of their opponent's movements, they had no choice but to peek their heads out.

However, as soon as they peeked, Liu Zilang and Shroud who attempted a pincer play had their chance.


A flurry of bullets was rapidly fired!

As the guys behind the bus tried to peek to check out their enemies' movements, blood instantly spurted out of their bodies, causing them to jolt back behind the bus.


'What the hell was it this time?'

Hearing the sound of the VSS, the two were dumbfounded.

To the average player, the VSS was one of the least popular weapons in the game, they might not even hear the VSS a single time in a day-long session.

At this moment, Liu Zilang and Shroud's VSS were violently spamming at them, this instantly confused their targets.

Of course, the thing that took the cake was that they were the ones who initiated first, but in the end, before they even got a shot in, they had already been pushed back so much by their opponents.

'Was this a joke?'

In reality, they did not really have a choice, Liu Zilang and Shroud's reactions were inhuman.

In an average matchup, in these kinds of situations, the attacking party would normally be a step slower. However, with Liu Zilang and Shroud, they were much faster than the defending party.

This was the difference between the reaction speed of two players of varying skill levels. Although it seemed like a minute, this minute difference could decide everything in any FPS game.

Then, as their opponents retreated back behind the bus to heal, Liu Zilang and Shroud had nearly reached their marks

Without any additional communication, the two jumped at the exact same time, flying through the sky as they hip-fired. By the time both of them landed, their targets had been annihilated.

Seeing Liu Zilang and Shroud attacking in unison, even going as far as having identical motions, the live stream viewers had a single image come to mind...

'Are they part of some kind of motherf*cking elite military unit?'

In the game, after dealing with the people behind the bus, Liu Zilang just silently turned around and left.

Not being able to loot after getting kills, this was literal torture.

At this point, Liu Zilang looked down at his Ghillie Suit, he suddenly felt a sense of guilt in his head.

In PUBG, the Ghillie Suit was an airdrop exclusive. Hence, under normal circumstances, when the average player sees someone wearing a Ghillie Suit, their first thought would be that this guy was a 'nouveau riche'. If they could kill these people, they would definitely get stacked.

However, if Liu Zilang somehow died halfway in this round, the guy looting his crate would no doubt be in tears.

An S686 and a VSS accompanying a Ghillie Suit. What kind of motherf*cking tactical madman is this person?!

Suddenly the next safe zone was revealed. The forked road outside of San Martin was no longer within the circle. It was now over at the mountains Northwest of Pecado that encircled the bottom of Power Grid.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang took the Pickup to get Shroud and went back up the hill to fetch Guru G and ChocoTaco before the four of them headed straight for the mountains within the next circle.

Originally, they had thought they would be able to enter the next circle without any major issues. However, as they were driving on the winding mountain roads, the sound of a car could suddenly be heard from behind.

Liu Zilang peeked behind and immediately raised his eyebrows. \"An AE86 is going up the Mountains.\"


Hearing Liu Zilang's exclamation, the NA trio in the car were confused. However, quite a few people in the live stream chat had picked up that reference as they started spamming in the chat.

\"GG! You starting sh*t again?\"

\"Don't shoot, I dare you! We'll see who's the real God of Mt. Akina tonight!\"

\"Let's not talk about Vic's driving for now. Something something three-wheeler?\"

In the game, Liu Zilang ignored most of the chat's messages. At this point, he was using his honking tactics to provoke his enemy.

As expected, the Pickup driver right behind them was a road rager. As soon as they heard the honking, they instantly replied with intense gunfire!

\"Clink clink clank clank!\"

As they were assaulted by countless bullets, the entire car's frame started to spark. Liu Zilang hurriedly accelerated whilst making a sharp turn. He coldly laughed. \"You wanna chase me? I'll even count it as your win if you can catch a glimpse of my taillight.\"

However, Shroud and the other passengers of the car were not having it. They instantly turned around and fired back, but unfortunately, under this kind of distance, their only option they had on them was the auto sniper VSS.

\"Pew pew pew pew pew-\"

Instantly, the \"watergun\" silenced VSS gunshots rang out, causing Liu Zilang to cringe from the sound.

In that instant, he had the illusion that he was driving a sprinkler truck[1]...


[1] A truck in China that sprays out a water jet, used to clean roads, especially highways.