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408 Have You Heard of the Double-Barreled Kar98k?

 \"Vic123 knocked out from falling!\"

Seeing the gory red text, Liu Zilang cringed in his heart.

However, it was not that bad... From his perspective, as he was kneeling, he turned around and saw two corpses now lying on the ground side-by-side.

The two were holding their heads in their hands, lying diagonally on the Pickup, both eyes opened wide.

These symptoms all pointed to a single thing. The victim had experienced an extreme amount of shock and stimulation before their death...

At the same time, the kill count on Liu Zilang's screen had once again increased by two.

\"8 Kills!\"

Seeing this pop-up, the live stream chat once again fell dead silent, everyone was shell-shocked by this development!

What the f*ck... That was a possible outcome?

\"GG! GG! Big boss, please allow me to pour you some tea. My mind is still numb from how crazy that last play was!\"

\"That literally was a motherf*cking boosted jump! It's version 2.0 of the flying kick - Souryuusen[1]!\"

Needless to say, Liu Zilang's conversion from a bad situation into a double shot kill truly lead the live stream viewers in awe!

'We're all playing the same bloody game, but why the hell does it look so f*cking different?\"

At the same time, all the viewers who bet on Liu Zilang not getting top frag started to panic.

If everything goes on like this, Liu Zilang would lead the scoreboard in kills by a longshot!

Out of all of those, naturally, the one who was panicking the most was SharkChili Wang Qianqian. Tallying everything together, she had already lost 6 million fishballs in Liu Zilang's live stream, when she had originally wanted to make a comeback in this time's pot.

However, things just seemed to keep going differently from her plan. If this goes on, even if she was an admin, she would end up broke!

At this point, looking at the now-kneeling Liu Zilang, Wang Qianqian anxiously glared at the screen, silently praying for a \"miracle\" to occur.

'Maybe Shroud won't be able to save him in time and Liu Zilang dies on the spot, or maybe a bullet suddenly comes out of nowhere right now and finishes Liu Zilang off; heck, even maybe the Gods decide to preserve justice and make Liu Zilang burst into a ball of flames.'

However, the chances of these miracles occurring were as minute as winning the lottery. Since Wang Qianqian did not have the luck to win lotteries, it was unrealistic for her to have her hopes of a miracle realized.

In the game, after Shroud screamed out in amazement, he quickly ran over to Liu Zilang to revive him.

Once Liu Zilang was up, he instantly replenished his health with a first aid kit. Replaying those two mid-air shotgun shots in his head, he could not help but think about the emotional rollercoaster that he had just gone through in the past few seconds.

Of course, at this point, the most painful part of this experience was looking at the four crates placed right in front of him. Other than some of the meds, they could not even pick up a single thing...

At this moment, Liu Zilang had started to regret that stupid suggestion by Shroud.

'Where's the fun in PUBG if you take away the looting?'

Looking at the enticing red smoke slowly dissipating out of the red and blue airdrop, Liu Zilang licked his lips as curiosity got the better of him. He decided to take a peek...

However, the moment he opened the airdrop, Liu Zilang was filled to the brim with regret!


20 Magnum Ammo!

15x Scope!

An Extended Mag for snipers!

Ghillie Suit!

Not to exaggerate, but this was undoubtedly a 95th percentile airdrop! However, at this moment, to Liu Zilang, all of these looked like the clouds and rainbows in the sky, he could see them but not touch them.


'They're all sh*t!'

Liu Zilang attempted some self-hypnosis. In the end, he just silently picked up the extended mag and equipped the ghillie suit.

As for the 15x scope, he could have taken it, since it was not against the rules. However, the problem was that he was using a double-barreled shotgun and the VSS. The only thing that can use a scope right now was that R45 strapped to his thigh.

'But to equip a 15x scope on an R45...'

'Let's not talk about whether that's even possible. It's just f*cking weird just thinking about it. It gave off the same feeling as using a toothpick to stir the water in a water tank...'

Liu Zilang was not a hoarder or a loot goblin, so he had no choice but to reluctantly ignore the 15x scope and the AWM in the drop.

Even the live stream viewers winced over the situation. Seeing an AWM and 15x scope right in front of them but not being able to take it, it felt like torture for them as well!

However, after Liu Zilang walked a few steps away, he suddenly turned around and headed back to the airdrop.

Next, he suddenly decided to pick up the Magnum Ammo and the 15x scope. Under Shroud's suspicious glare, he tossed a smoke, ran over to a nearby bush and, just like an old hen laying eggs, started to place the ammo and 15x scope in the shrubs.

\"Bahahaha! 'If I can't get it, no one can!' Vic, you son of a b*tch!\"

\"Nice one! If you see an AWM and 15x Scope but not take it, my OCD will get triggered!\"

On the side, after seeing Liu Zilang's actions, Shroud was completely speechless.

Then the two once again got back into their truck. After going the other way around, they coordinated with the Guru G duo who remained on top of the hill and sandwiched the group that came on the bus.

Over at the bus on the side of the road, a player peeked out and took a look in front and behind them. He suddenly shouted, \"OH MY GOD! We're surrounded!\"

\"I told you we shouldn't have come for this drop!\" Another player whined.

\"Let's put that aside for now, we need to find an opportunity to get out of here,\" One more said calmly.

\"OK, I'll see if I can snipe one of them,\" the sniper of the squad said as he pulled out his Kar98k.

Luckily, the bus' model size was a bit larger, hence they were not fully exposed even after they were sandwiched by Liu Zilang's squad.

At this point, Guru G and ChocoTaco were far away. If they wanted to create an opening for an escape, Liu Zilang and Shroud, who were much closer, were undoubtedly the better targets.

Hence, the player aimed down the sights of his Kar98k, holding an angle on the rock that Liu Zilang and Shroud were hiding behind.

That player held his breath and focused his vision, silently waiting for his prey to show its face!

At this point in time, Li Zilang and Shroud, who were behind the rock, seemed to have realized their opponent's intentions.

Shroud pulled out his VSS, looking intent on outplaying his opponent with his skills. However, at this time, Liu Zilang decided to pull out his S686 instead.

When Shroud saw this, he was stunned.

'Is he trying to smoke out for a bum rush?'

Liu Zilang, as if sensing Shroud's suspicions, just chuckled. \"Just wait a moment, let me have a shot.\"

Immediately after he finished speaking, he suddenly popped up!


The instant the gun fired, Liu Zilang's body suddenly went back down into a crouch. Then, with a swift flick of his crosshair, another shot was fired!


At the same time, the sound of a crisp and loud Kar98k gunshot could be heard from the other side!


Instantly, a single sniper bullet seemed to have just barely grazed past the top of Liu Zilang's scalp.

The next moment, both the local and the international live stream viewers could not hold back as they erupted into cheers, the chatrooms all went wild!

This was due to the bloody red kill notification that had just appeared on Liu Zilang's screen.

\"Vic124 knocked out Kar98king by headshot with S686!\"

'S686 headshot? WHATHEF*CK?!'

To put it in perspective, Liu Zilang was at least one hundred meters away from the enemy. Getting an S686 headshot frag from this distance...

'Can that really be called a f*cking shotgun?'

\"So, it was you! Sniping Shotgun![2]\"

\"Holy sh*t! It hit so far away? As expected of the physics-defying Shotgun!\"

\"This double shotgun headshot is too much for me to handle. I feel like even Asia's top shotgun player - SexyPIG couldn't have pulled this off, right?\"

\"I feel like a double shotgun headshot was still do-able, but have you heard of the double-barreled Kar98k?\"


[1] This is a reference to a skill in the Japanese anime/manga Ruroni Kenshin.

[2] A Chinese meme, something that characters, often in Cantonese dramas, say when they find out the mastermind of a scheme, often in a Scooby-Doo-esque manner.