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407 Have you seen a Firecracker Rocket before?

 Title Translator's Note: A Firecracker Rocket is a Chinese firework that is in the shape of a rocket. It is kind of like a firework version of a bottle rocket.

As for why these three were running around the Pickup, it was to find a specific angle.

An angle that could block the incoming shots.

After sacrificing another life, they finally managed to find out that the blindspot for their enemies was over at the right of the Pickup, hence, they hurriedly ran over and crouched down.

Seeing this, the other two players who got knocked out also started to crawl over there.

Seeing this scene, the live stream viewers were going crazy.

\"What the sh*t... What kind of demonic aim was that, how did they manage to hit so far away?\"

\"I feel like it wasn't really that accurate? It was just the law of large numbers. If you spray that many bullets, there must be a few shots that hit, right?\"

\"I heard that the VSS has a built-in silencer. What a majestic sight is it to see all four of them using it on full-auto! The symphony nearly gave me an earg*sm[1]!\"

\"2333 at earg*sm, but seriously though, that \"silencer is so OP. It's literally the perfect assassination weapon! I feel like it completely blindsided that squad!\"

\"What goes around comes around. After all, stealing an airdrop was just way too trashy.\"

\"However, that group probably noticed them by now, right? Let's be real, if those players haven't seen them at this point, they should just uninstall right now.\"

In the game, seeing that their prey had started to hide behind the truck, Liu Zilang and company decided to stop their attack momentarily.

At this point, under normal circumstances, after they had knocked out two players, all they needed to do was to just charge in with their own car.

However, at this time, the roaring of another car's engine could be heard nearby.

Inherently, this airdrop had attracted more than a single squad's attention. Soon, a huge bus suddenly appeared in their sights, coming in from the main road.

Seeing the Pickup with the popped tire over at the forked road near San Martin, they obviously knew that someone had already made the first move on the drop. Seeing that the situation was a bit more complicated, they hurriedly stopped the car to survey the situation.


A gunshot rang out from the top of the cliff!

The next moment, blood suddenly splattered out of the player's head, spraying all over the side of the bus.

\"MrGrimmmz knocked out Plumf by headshot with W94!\"

It turned out that when Grimmmz saw that guy crouching motionlessly after getting out of the bus, he instantly aimed down his sniper's sights and fired a bullet straight through that guy's brain.

At this point, since he was using a Win94, he was no doubt the most equipped to be a sniper amongst Liu Zilang's current squad.

However, this shot obviously exposed their location.

Seeing this, Shroud just helplessly shrugged. \"Alright bros, looks like our position had been exposed, who's gonna go with me to deal with those two down there?\"

\"Me! Me!\"

Liu Zilang passionately raised his hand.

With that settled, the remaining Grimmmz and ChocoTaco were once again left as the group, being in charge of providing suppressing fire and covering their partners. This was to prevent the other squads from coming in and ruining the fun.

Then, Liu Zilang hopped into the driver seat of the Pickup whilst Shroud got in the backseat. With the loud roaring of the engine, the two charged straight towards that Pickup that tried to steal the airdrop right below.

At this point, the two downed players had already crawled over behind their truck. As the two surviving players were trying to revive their squadmates, they suddenly heard the sound of a car rapidly approaching them. They instantly halted their squadmates' revivals and pulled out the guns.

Of course, that was a perfectly rational move. If they continued to hide behind the car trying to revive their squadmates, then Liu Zilang would have most likely just pulled a ramming speed on the Open Top Pickup.

By then, the impact would probably knock the car back, possibly even squashing all four players at once.

However, that was no longer an option now.

\"Shoot shoot shoot! F*CK! Shoot them out of the car!\"

One of the players peeked out from behind the Pickup, his hands holding a SCAR-L.

Hearing that, the other guy also emerged from the other side, similarly holding the UMP9 in his hands!



As the gunshots blared out, it started raining hot lead in the area, causing countless sparks from the bullets ricocheting off the hood and frame of the Pickup.

Liu Zilang had originally thought that Guru G and ChocoTaco would be providing some support in the form of suppressing fire, allowing them to get a bit closer.

However, when he looked back, he was left completely speechless by what he had found. Guru G and ChocoTaco were having the time of their lives fighting against the squad at the bus,


At that moment, a burst of blood splattered out of Liu Zilang's body, as his health instantly dropped down by a small bit.

After all, the Pickup was different from a motorcycle, it's maximum speed was still a little slower.

If he tried to continue forward, he would most likely eat a full magazine of bullets and inevitably get shot out of the car.

With that concern in mind, Liu Zilang took a look at their position before quickly slowing down the car.


As the Pickup's tires rubbed against the grainy sand, the car slowly started to stop.

At this point, their enemies seemed to be reloading. Liu Zilang immediately leaped out. Seeing this, Shroud, sitting on the backseat, instantly followed suit. Eyeing the situation at hand, Shroud instinctively shouted, \"Bro, I'll take the left, you take the right. Let's rush 'em.\"

At this point, Liu Zilang had just gotten out walked to the front of the car, replying to Shroud's orders, \"No pro...\"

Before he could even finish, the Pickup that had not fully stopped suddenly rammed him from behind right in the butt.


Instantly, Liu Zilang's entire playermodel shot up into the air like a Firecracker Rocket!

The moment his feet left the ground, he was completely dumbstruck!

'F*ck me... What kind of situation is this?\"

Shroud, who was behind him, made a \"Confused Nick Young\"[2] face.

'Didn't I say that I'll take left and you take right? Why did it suddenly turn into you taking top and me taking bottom?'

\"Holy crap! That was a huge impact from just that one hit! This Pickup is terrifying!\"

\"Too OP! Too OP! That boosted jump was so OP that it blinded by my Titanium Dog Eyes[3]!\"

\"This game is too goddamned real. My friend's pickup in real life also once sent a guy to heaven after ramming him from behind.\"

\"Tencent: We have the best physics engine!\"

\"Based on my analysis, Vic just lost his anal virginity to the Pickup's hood, maybe that's why he jolted up so high!\"

\"2333, so there was a sound and logical explanation after all!\"

\"Wait a minute! Could it be that Vic did this on purpose? This guy's rigging the bets!\"

With such a message popping up in the chat, the live stream chat once again went wild. Based on their understanding of Liu Zilang as a person, this was definitely something that bastard would do!

Instantly, all the live stream viewers started to bash Liu Zilang for his behavior and actions, just to rig a bet that he only had a thousand fishballs on.

However, at this moment, the Liu Zilang that was shooting through the air towards the Pickup carrying the airdrop was completely dumbstruck!

He had never expected that the hood of this car would be as tough as roasted gluten, its elasticity was too f*cking strong!

However, at that point, it was all too late.

In this key moment, Liu Zilang forcefully calmed himself down in the air as he clenched his teeth and gripped tightly onto the S686 in his hands.

'It's do or die, everything's gonna be decided here!'

The two people behind the Pickup would never have expected that there would be anyone being flung into the air by being rammed by their own car.

It was this kind of misjudgment, in addition to the FPP's blindspots, that lead to them completely not expecting the incoming Liu Zilang.

However, the next moment, one of the players felt a shadow coming in from above. Instinctively, he aimed his gun upwards to take a look.

? ? ?

'WHAT THE F*CK... What in the bloody hell is that?'

He could not help but jolt back in terror. However, before he could even aim and shoot, two flashes of fire suddenly emerged from that shadow!



The next moment, Liu Zilang hit the ground with a loud \"splat\".

However, on both the local and international live stream chatrooms, everything stopped just for a single moment...


[1] Censored in the original text.


[3] A meme in the Chinese WoW forums when describing mind-bending stupid occurrences in-game, with the rarity of the metal(based on WoW standards) signifying the degree of stupidity. As such Titanium Dog Eyes means that something stupendously stupid has occurred.