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406 Thief Guevara of the Desert!

 \"Bet 1: Will we get the Chicken Dinner this round?\"

\"Bet 2: Will the total kills in this game exceed half the total number of players?\"

\"Bet 3: Can I get top frag in this game?!\"

Seeing these three bets, the Douyu live stream viewers were shocked, before going nuts in the chat.

\"Hype! HYPE! Y'all having a Catapult firing squad and still wanna get a Chicken Dinner?\"

\"It's a little hard to bet on something like this, it looks like every single one of these would be possible, but the more you think about it, the less possible it seems.\"

\"Why do I smell a rigged bet? There must be some scheme going on.\"

\"No rich folks here? Gimme a big pot so I can buy some hope!\"

Just as the viewers were hesitating over whether to bet, that familiar ID appeared once more. Naturally, that person was none other than the \"local-foreigner exchange program coordinator\", SharkChili Wang Qianqian.

She did not even say anything when she entered the stream. She just straight up placed a bet of one million each on the \"Yes\" option for the first two bets.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang was quite touched...

It looks like he was going to have to put in a lot more effort this round...

Then, when it came to the third bet, Wang Qianqian did not even hesitate as she slammed down three million on the \"No\" bet!

Seeing this, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched as his smile turned into a frown.

See the pot, the live stream viewers all started laughing. SharkChili's betting blatantly showed where her trust lies. She betted \"Yes\" on the first two bets due to her trust in Shroud's ability, not Liu Zilang's. This was proven in her even larger bet on the third bet.

'F*cking hell...

'So, you're now just looking down at me, the Roach Killer[1]!'

With that in mind, Liu Zilang uttered in heartache. \"Dear viewers and friends, have I ever let you guys down before? What I need now is just a bit of your love and support... Believe me! Let \"Yes\" win!\"

However, after hearing this emotional speech, the viewers could not just sit back idly anymore. They all went and followed in SharkChili's footsteps.

Seeing the odds for the third bet, Liu Zilang was completely speechless.

It was at this time, his eyes suddenly flashed as if he had thought of an idea.

The next moment, in front of the countless viewers that was watching his stream, he logged in on his alt and tossed out one thousand fishballs on \"No\" for the third bet.

Then, he even casually explained to his viewers. \"Oh, just ignore me, guys! I'm just placing a bet here just in case. This way, even if I lose, I wouldn't be too upset.\"

Hearing this, the live stream viewers were once again astonished by the shamelessness of Liu Zilang!

\"Holy f*ck... That was a valid option? That's a bit too much, don't you think?\"

\"Objection! Objection! Streamer confirmed rigging the bets!\"

\"Reported! Unethical streamer rigs bets behind the scenes! Cheating viewers out of their hard-earned fishballs!\"

Liu Zilang completely ignored the live stream chat. At that point, he switched back over to the game.

In this match, San Martin was not included within the second safe zone, but at least the safe zone was just outside of San Martin. Therefore, the four were not in a rush to make a move.

However, at this time, the humming of an airplane engine could be heard right above their heads!

An airdrop!

Seeing this airplane, the four's eyes glimmered!

They had the handicap restrictions they made up for this round, so basically, every weapon from the airdrop would have been \"sealed\" off. However, that did not mean they could not go and snipe the people going for the drop.

\"Lez goooo!\"

As the three continued to stare at the direction the plane was flying in, Liu Zilang had already gotten into his pickup.

\"I wonder where this airdrop will land?\" ChocoTaco mumbled curiously.

\"No problem, wherever it goes, we go.\" Liu Zilang started the engine of his pickup and chuckled. \"It's only a few drops of petrol worth of a difference anyway.\"

Then, the four followed the road, heading along the direction of the airplane. When they arrived at the fork in the road over at the west of San Martin, a small black dot appeared right below the plane.

\"Oh! It's dropping!\"

Shroud excitedly shouted as he saw it.

\"What do you guys think will be in the drop, maybe an AWM?\" ChocoTaco looked up at the slowly descending airdrop, speaking as he licked his lips.

Hearing the word \"AWM\", Grimmmz's eyes also started to glimmer, before finally shrugging at Shroud. \"Bro, I'm starting to regret accepting that suggestion of yours.\"

Shroud just chuckled as he heard that. \"Don't be so optimistic, there's a chance that it might be a Groza in there too.\"

At this point, Liu Zilang also added. \"I agree with Shroud. If I may add, this airdrop may not even be ours.\"

Just as Liu Zilang finished, the sound of a car could be heard nearby.

Inherently, an airdrop in the second circle had attracted quite the attention amongst the players.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang stopped approaching it. Instead, he parked the car over at a high cliff around two hundred meters away from the airdrop's landing point.

A moment later, a motorcycle entered their sights, with a topless Open Top Pickup following right behind it.

This squad had obviously not noticed that there was a group of peeping toms silently observing them on top of a cliff two hundred meters away. Seeing that there was no one around the airdrop, they rapidly drove towards the predicted landing spot of the airdrop.

The next moment, the guy driving the Open Top Pickup suddenly drove right below the airdrop.

Seeing this scene, the live stream viewers were shocked!

\"F*ck me... They're here to steal the airdrop!\"

\"Oh, the humanity! Who would've thought that there would be a Thief Guevara even on the NA servers? Instead of electric cars, they're stealing airdrops!\"

On top of the cliff looking down at the airdrop, Shroud and the gang could not hold back their laughter.

\"What an interesting fellow.\"

Shroud said cheekily, \"Maybe we should go give him a little surprise.\"

Liu Zilang ADS'd on his VSS to take a look, before chuckling. \"At this distance, they probably can't hear our gunshots, right?\"

\"Mmhmm, can confirm that they won't be able to hear us.\"

Grimmmz nodded as he added. Then, the four all laughed like they were on the same exact wavelength.

Right under the airdrop, a player barked out his orders. \"We're leaving as soon as the airdrop lands on us. This place is too open, it's definitely not safe.\"

\"Understood.\" The driver replied, \"Where are we gonna bring the drop to?\"

\"Let's take it over to those buildings up ahead.\"

The next moment, a loud \"Thud\" could be heard.

The airdrop had safely landed right on the cargo area of the Pickup.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

However, without a single warning, a rain of lead bullets was suddenly shot their way!



Before the Pickup could even accelerate, the two tires on its sides suddenly popped. With the additional weight of the airdrop, the entire Pickup was now moving as slow as a snail.

Not only that, but the player on the driver's seat had also been hit by multiple shots, instantly getting knocked out from the car.

\"What in Satan's name just f*cking happened?\"

\"OH SH*T![2] Where are the shots coming from?\"

\"WHAT THE F*CK, I can't hear any gunshots!\"

Instantly, being greeted with a rain of bullets with no idea where the shots came from, the squad at the airdrop was in full panic mode.

The remaining three all looked like a bunch of headless chicken as they frantically ran around the Pickup that just had two of its tires popped.


[1] Reference to Chapter 285.

[2] I chose to fully capitalize the parts where the author is using the transliteration of English phrases in his sentences.