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405 This is a Hole New Game Mode That You Have Never Played!

 Title Translator's Note: Typo intended.

Just a little more and they would have saved the world.

Seeing this sight, the live stream viewers also could not help but sigh in disappointment.

Looks like in this match, the remaining players would have to continue living in the shadows of the four great demon lords.

Then, once Liu Zilang finished healing on top of the hill, he rapidly came down to regroup with the Shroud trio. Next, based on the direction of the gunshots earlier, they started to make a few special deliveries to those houses.

At this point, the players in San Martin had also realized that they had provoked an evil force that was not to be reckoned with. Other than a few \"hard-headed squatters\", all the other players had already fled the city.

After all, a man's most important part can be big and small... No, it must be able to expand and persevere, right?

As compared to arrogantly standing their ground now, was it not better for them to stand and fight another day at the final circle? That would be a much better time to put their lives on the line!



As footsteps could be heard from inside the building, a 'nade was suddenly tossed through the second-floor window.

If Liu Zilang had a megaphone right now, he would most likely be shouting one-liners like \"Special delivery, please open the door\" and the like.

However, Shroud and the gang were not in the mood for trolling. After one of them tossed in the 'nade, the trio instantly transformed into a \"SWAT unit\" and charged in with their guns!

With \"North America's Number One Entry Fragger\" Shroud as the vanguard, ChocoTaco and Guru G who were following behind did not have a hint of nervousness when storming the building!

\"Pew pew pew!\"


As various different gunshots rang out from inside the house, it sounded like an intense warzone!

As for Liu Zilang, he did not charge in along with them. He was just stood outside the building counting down to himself in silence.




Three seconds later, a loud \"bam\" could be heard!

The glass in front of the second-floor door suddenly shattered as a silhouette leaped out of the building.

Liu Zilang chuckled as he saw that. Readying his frying pan, he ran over. \"Yo bro! Did you order a Jianbing Guozi[1]?\"

'Jianbing Guozi?'

This foreigner was confused, he obviously did not understand the Chinese word at the end of the sentence.

Liu Zilang did not bother trying to explain what \"Jianbing Guozi\" was. As the guy landed on the ground, Liu Zilang took the opportunity of the guy being in his recovery animation to just whack his frying pan straight on the guy's head!


A crisp and melodious sound rang out.

When the Shroud trio upstairs saw that they had an escapee, they originally wanted to follow him.

Then, from the window, they saw a pan-wielding Liu Zilang and the escapee on all fours right in front of him.

\"Oh, okay!\"

Seeing this, the Shroud trio just shrugged.

After briefly looting the corpses, the gang hurried over to the next household.

Intense gunfire rang out once more!

However, everything came and went in a blink of an eye.

With such an overwhelmingly strong lineup, the chaos in this area had been eliminated.

By the time the next safe zone was revealed, the entire San Martin was as silent as a graveyard. Only Liu Zilang's squad was still there looting like they were perusing the catalogs on Taobao...

Seeing this sight, the live stream viewers quickly started to spam the chat.

\"Boohoohoo! May these brave warriors rest in peace!\"

\"I feel like with these four people playing together, the other players won't even have a chance to play the game!\"

\"If you initiate, you die; if they initiate, you still die. There's literally no difference between ambushing and being ambushed! These f*ckers are literally playing all the Exodia cards in their hand[2].\"

\"Sorry, but can I ask a question? Is this the new PuG Left4Dead PvE on Easy Mode[3]?\"

\"I really just want to know, who the hell sponsored their plane tickets? Who thought it was a good idea to let this group board that plane?\"

If the local fans were already whining so much, obviously the international Twitch audience were all up in arms starting a \"Human Rights March\", protesting for the remaining players to actually play the game.

As Shroud saw his chat, he suddenly had an idea.

He started chuckling as he suggested, \"Hey bros, let's add a little handicap on our side. Something like 'we're not allowed to use rifles', 'the only snipers we can use are the VSS and the Win94', and 'the only SMGs we can use is the Uzi and the Vector'. What do you guys think?\"

\"A new game mode?\"

ChocoTaco asked curiously.

Shroud smiled as he nodded. \"Let's just take it as a little challenge.\"[4]

Shroud spoke quickly without any hesitation, it was obviously not his first time doing something like this.

This was because, in his normal solo or PuG games, he would often try these kinds of new challenges for himself. He even managed to create history with a 24-Frag game using only a VSS. In a sense, he was as much of a troll as Liu Zilang.

Hearing Shroud's words, Guru G and ChocoTaco both got interested. \"This sounds like it'll be fun.\"

Although Liu Zilang was cringing a little bit at the idea, since the other three had already agreed, he naturally did not want to ruin the fun.

However, after thinking about it a little more, he asked one more question. \"So, are we also limiting the number of guns?\"

\"Let's not handicap ourselves that much.\" Shroud shrugged as he smiled. \"As long as you can get your hands on it, you can use it.\"

Under normal circumstances, it would be quite difficult to find all these weird guns out of nowhere.

However, this crew had just massacred a couple of full squads in San Martin. There's still a bunch of loot for them to choose from.

A moment later, all their loadouts were completely \"refreshed\".

Liu Zilang had an S686 in his left hand and a VSS in his right. He even had an R45 revolver, exclusive to Miramar, holstered at his waist.

Shroud picked a VSS and an S12K, he had the habit of not taking any pistols.

Out of all the choices he could choose from, Grimmmz ultimately decided to go for the Miramar-exclusive Win94 sniper rifle, with his second weapon also being the VSS.

As for ChocoTaco, at first, he had gone for the Uzi and the S1897, but as they passed by a house and coincidentally saw a VSS lying on the ground, his eyes could not help but glimmer as he swapped out his S1897 for it.

When the group reunited, the live stream viewers, when both local and international saw a VSS flush, they were completely wide-eyed...

\"Am I seeing this right? Is this a f*cking VSS firing squad?\"

\"I'm impressed! I feel like these pros seem to be playing a whole different game from us average Joes.\"

\"Yep, that's right! This is a hole new game mode that you have never played!\"

\"Speaking of the 'Catapult' VSS, can they really pull this off on Miramar where the distance between enemies can go up to hundreds of meters? Why do I feel like these pros have just dug their own grave?\"

At this point, a lot of the viewers had already thought of an issue. Miramar was a very different map than Erangel, the duels here occur on a far longer range.

When two players see each other under normal circumstances in the first few circles, the distance between the two would usually not go below a hundred meters.

However, at the same time, other than being the sniper with the highest firing rate, the VSS was also known for its slow reload speed and high bullet dropoff. After two hundred meters, the bullet dropoff was no different from a Crossbow, hence the nickname \"Catapult\".

Some people can even visibly see the bullet dropoff through their scope when the enemy was firing a VSS at them.

With those conditions, it was still quite good at close range.

However, in a map like Miramar where the distance between players was usually a lot farther, the enemy being shot at could even slowly admire the arc of the bullet before just dodging the bullet itself.

They could even fire back with their own gun!

Hence, the live stream viewers were shocked speechless, some already paying respects to the streamers in their heads.

At this time, before they started making a move, Liu Zilang alt-tabbed out of the game and clicked on the chatroom on his channel.


[1] A Chinese dish/street food that originated in Tianjin, now commonly made at home with frying pans or skillets.

[2] The Original Chinese phrase was \"\", literally translated to \"playing with a Yo-yo\". It's a reference to an online card game, where \"\" or Yo-yo, was one of the key cards to perform an OTK/One-turn-kill. I localized it to Exodia from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise as it is a more appropriate reference for the Western audience.

[3] This original phrase \"\" is broken down into 3 parts. , literally meaning \"Four Black Edition\", is a way of saying that a team in a multiplayer game where no one is using the voice-chat to communicate, usually because it's a random PuG/Pickup Group or that they were communicating in real life or on another platform like Teamspeak or Discord. Hence, it is translated here simply as PuG. is Chinese name for Left4Dead, so that's self-explanatory. literally means \"Grass-cutting Mode\". \"Grass-cutting Games\" is a Chinese term for certain games where the player can easily take down multiple enemies at once, giving players instant gratification and the satisfaction akin to a God-mode simulator. (read more in footnote)

[4] Author literally typed the same sentence out from above, assuming it's a typo, so I added some filler text here.