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404 Fight Fire With Fire!

 It was a technique to hold onto the shift to hold in the character's breath as it allowed the players to have a better aim.

Since the two were having a shoot off hiding behind cover without running around, it was weird that Liu Zilang did not hold his breath while aiming with the 8x Scope.

Liu Zilang finally realized it and gave himself a smack in the head after firing a few rounds.

'What the h*ll!'

Why did he forget to hold his breath the moment he encountered this man?

Liu Zilang shook his head and focused, staring at the cover the enemy would occasionally pop out from.

Once, twice, thrice...

When the enemy hid behind his cover for the third time, Liu Zilang waited for a moment before firing two shots consecutively before the enemy reappeared!


The weapon's muzzle flashed as he instantly forced his crossfire back to the original position and fired the second round!

SKS's bullet speed was on the slow side and it required some time to travel towards the enemy in the long distance.

As the two bullets were traveling in the air, Lu Wei coincidentally peeked out his head.

It was a predictive shot!



The first bullet pierced through the helmet and the second helmet came swiftly afterward!

Lu Wei who had just peeked his head out did not even have the time to scope in before two puffs of blood erupted out from his head. His vision shook strongly as he fell to the ground!

Fight fire with fire!

\"F*ck! F*cking show off!\" Lu Wei gasped as he immediately crawled back to safety. \"Be careful! That b*stard seems to be skilled!\"

\"What's the situation, Brother Wei?\" LilOfficer asked. \"Don't panic. I'll come and save you after I pull Niuniu up.\"

\"Brother Wei, this enemy squad has weird names!\" Niufei was getting suspicious. \"These people have similar names to those professional players from the west. One of them is extremely popular as well.\"

\"Professional west players? They still died in my hands!\"

Lu Wei snickered as he lay on the ground. \"Do you know what can an SKS with 8x Scope is capable of? I'm unstoppable when I wield this gun! I'll kill all of them when you pull me up later!\"

\"Brother Wei, what you did just now was an ambush.\" Niufei could not help but remind him before he licked his shoes. \"However, it takes skill to kill someone in an ambush too.\"

LilOfficer, on the other hand, was very calm as he said sternly, \"Let's play safe. Let's fight back after I've revived and healed you and Niuniu.\"

Although Lu Wei had every intention to kill off his enemies, he had no choice but to wait for them to pull him up before he was able to do it.

However, time and tide wait for no man.

The instant Lu Wei's squad stopped firing back Liu Zilang immediately headed towards his motorcycle.


The engine roared loudly as Liu Zilang headed towards the hill right of San Martin with his motorcycle.

He then took a turn and was heading straight towards the enemies!

Meanwhile, Grimmmz at the road had been pulled up but Shroud who had been knocked out after him was still down.

A typical player would be shocked speechless when they saw their teammate heading towards the nest of the enemy far away with a motorcycle.

However, none of his three teammates were normal to begin with.

The three startled slightly when they saw Liu Zilang rushing out. Grimmmz voiced out instantly before he had the time to heal himself with a first aid kit the instant he got pulled up. \"ChocoTaco, go save Shroud. I'll cover Vic.\"

He stood and scanned the area cautiously at the edge of the smokescreen and raised his 98K.

Meanwhile, LilOfficer had pulled up Niufei at the hill. The latter immediately crouched down and healed himself while LilOfficer rushed towards Lu Wei's side.

It was then the three of them heard the motorcycle revving!

A motorcycle then appeared within their line of sight from the west on top of the hill.

\"Niuniu, hurry and heal up. Cover us the moment you're done!\" LilOfficer shouted.

\"No problem, let me handle it,\" Niufei responded as he snickered. \"Since you're daring enough to ride a motorcycle right before my very eyes, I'm afraid you don't know what's the definition of death!\"

The motorcycle was approaching them quickly the moment he finished using the first aid kit.

Niufei then raised his fully equipped M4 without any hesitation and fired intensely at him!

\"Du du du!\"


A second later, the firing stopped as a Kill Notification appeared on the top right of the screen.

\"MrGimmmz knocked out Niufeifei by headshot with Kar98K!\"

\"Holysh*t! F*cking sneaky fellow!\" Niufei was frustrated as he was knocked out again.

LilOfficer wanted to stop saving Lu Wei but the latter rushed the former. \"It's fine. Quickly! It's not too late to pull me up!\"

LilOfficer looked at the reviving bar upon hearing Lu Wei's words and kept on saving him.

Liu Zilang intended to stop and open fire from the distance. However, he started smiling and rushed towards the enemies as the enemy was still hiding behind the cover at the hill and refused to come out at all!

\"Here it is! Here it is! Vic is going to pull a stunt again!\"

\"Do you think he'll make it in time? He better not get knocked out before he reaches the enemies.\"

The viewers watching the live stream were glued to the match as they started breathing nervously.

The most anxious people of all were the two players behind the cover as the motorcycle was quickly approaching them.

Then Lu Wei who was lying prone on the ground stood up.

'I'm alive!'

LilOfficer at the side pulled out his weapon and said anxiously, \"Brother Wei hide! That motorcycle is coming!\"

Lu Wei tilted his head and was shocked!

Panicked, as he tried to hide by moving to the side.

It seemed that he had forgotten that his cover was just beside the hill and the hill south of San Martin had an extremely steep slope.

The instant he jumped to the right, he slipped and fell down the hill.


Lu Wei's remaining health emptied the instant he dropped. He did not even survive for a full second before he fell to his death...

\"Mr.Lu fell to his death!\"

\"F*ck this sh*t!\" A sound could be heard from the foot of the hill.

It sounded just like the dead screaming frustratingly and angrily in a coffin with his rotting voice...

Another loud clank could be heard at the cliff!

Liu Zilang had jumped out of the motorcycle as he was heading straight towards LilOfficer who was firing fiercely at him.

His health plunged to the very bottom from full health the instant he touched the ground whereas LilOfficer was pushed off the cliff by the motorcycle and was sent to where Lu Wei was...

The viewers watching the stream became silent.

'What happened to Hua Xia's dream squad?'

'I've even taken off my pants, and you're showing me this?'