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403 Hua Xias Dream Squad, Using 8x Scope Without Holding Ones Breath!

 Just a second ago, The viewers watching the live stream believed that these four were about to destroy the game without any resistance at all.

The viewers were without a doubt shocked a second later when they realized someone had knocked him out instantly with an SKS!

Grimmmz was one of the best players when it came to intuition and reflex. It would be extremely difficult to take out players at Grimmmz's skill bracket with a rifle or automatic sniper rifle as long as it was not an ambush from the strongest sniper rifle.

That was because he was able to react and come up with a countermeasure the instant he received the first shot.

However, Grimmmz did not even have the time to react and was immediately taken out the moment he was ambushed by Mr.Lu's SKS.

There could only be one possibility in this situation!

A double shot!

In other words, after Mr.Lu fired his first shot, he countered the recoil instantly and fired the second shot swiftly at the exact location.

This was the only way to align two SKS bullets together, releasing a combo attack that had the same effect of an AWM!

The execution difficulty of this was on par with Liu Zilang's ten shots per second. In fact, the margin for error was even lower than of his!

Liu Zilang had to worry about his hand speed when it came to flattening the enemy's tires since he could have a few lucky shots within the ten shots.

However, Mr. Lu only had two chances. If he were to miss these two shots, the target would definitely react and he would not have a second chance.

Many viewers seemed to have realized this as they gasped in astonishment!

\"Oh my God! This guy is way too quick with his guns!\"

\"Yeah. He's ridiculously fast. I didn't know there were still players of this caliber in a public game that's able to surprise Guru G.\"

\"Mr. Lu? His name seems to indicate that he's a local! Eh? He seems to remind me of someone. Do you guys think he's Lutama Buddha[1]?\"

\"Lutama Buddha? Do you mean that expert public player Lu Wei? It could very possibly well be him!\"

\"NiuFei and LilOfficer in this guy's squad were quite skilled as well. I heard that they've been playing in the American Server as of late. Did Vic really encounter Lu Wei's squad?\"

\"Hmmm... I think the probability is very high. Hehehe. If it really is, this match will be very interesting to watch.\"

Everyone was guessing in the bullet screen in the live stream. It was as if viewers had injected chicken's blood into them as they had become extremely excited.[2]

Since Liu Zilang had formed a four-man squad with Shroud and his friends, their squad was overwhelmingly powerful in a public game. Hence, the viewers watching the stream had nothing else to say other than 666.

However, if they really had encountered Lu Wei's squad. The situation would be completely different as they added an endless amount of excitement into the game.

Lu Wei was, albeit rude, an extremely good player; he had been known as Lutama Buddha by many.

NiuFei and LilOfficer were raised by him and both were extremely good players among the plebian.

These three were strong, skilled, easy-going, and rarely cursed at all. These were the reason why they had many fans and had a high reputation. They were also called Hua Xia's dream squad in some communities.

Since there were only three of them, they named their fourth slot as \"winning the chicken dinner while taking the dog out for a walk\".[3]

Some fans believed that if they were to represent Hua Xia in the FPS games a few generations prior, the strong status the west had now might already be broken a long time ago. Unfortunately, these three had no plan to play professionally at all.

Meanwhile, in the game, gunshots sounded from two different sources the instant Grimmmz was knocked out.

As expected, there were more than just one enemy.

Shroud and ChocoTaco who were hiding behind the Pickup Truck had gathered that the enemy with the SKS who knocked out Guru G was rather skilled. Hence, they became cautious about the situation.

After determining the origin of the gunshot, Shroud immediately found the enemy hiding at the slope of the hill south of San Martin. He then began fighting against the enemy as he occasionally stood up, crouched down and looked through the windshield while he used the Pickup Truck as cover.

He was extremely agile then. Under further observation, one could even realize that Shroud had never revealed any part of his body for more than a second at the same place.

His movement technique was simply off the chart!

Meanwhile, ChocoTaco laid prone on the ground and threw a Smoke Grenade towards Guru G. They then moved to another location so that the latter could be pulled up.

\"Da da da!\"

Then, Shroud took the opportunity and raised his M4 equipped with 4x Scope. He opened fire and knocked out one of the enemies in one breath.

\"Shroud knocked out Niufeifei by headshot with M416!\"

The instant Shroud knocked the enemy out, not only did he not feel excited about it, but he felt a grave danger falling before him!

'Not good!'

'It's a trap!'

Bullets pierced through the air and went straight towards him!

When Shroud took out Niufeifei, Shroud stood there for some time, leaving his upper body exposed to any imminent danger. It was only for a brief moment and many players watching the stream did not realize it at all.

Even so, Shroud put away his weapon swiftly the instant he knocked out an enemy.

However, his helmet shattered as he fell to the ground.

\"Mr.Lu knocked out Shroud by headshot with SKS!\"

Lu Wei had knocked Shroud out!!!

To be more precise, Shroud did not put away his weapon quick enough the instant he knocked out an enemy. Hence, he was shot in the head and got knocked out as Lu Wei and LilOfficer teamed up to attack him.

Even so, the viewers watching the stream gasped in astonishment!

Lu Wei was as good as what he was rumored to be!

Liu Zilang's squad was now on the defensive since two of their members had fallen.

Although ChocoTaco could smoke up to revive them, the enemies would open fire endlessly whenever they saw a smokescreen.

ChocoTaco was shot by a stray bullet. He groaned as blood could be seen erupting from his body while he was crouching on the ground.

Three of them were on the verge of death even though the enemies were shooting blindly at them.

\"Help! Help! Please cover us, partner!\" Shroud asked for help through the voice chat.

\"Boom boom boom!\"

An intense rattling came from the weapon!

Liu Zilang moved his position to their side and raised his weapon. He scoped in with his 8x Scope and immediately opened fire at Lu Wei.

However, the enemy's reaction was quick beyond imagination.

The instant Liu Zilang landed the first shot, Lu Wei reacted immediately and crouched down, evading Liu Zilang's continuous attack with his SKS.

He then peeked out of the blue and started fighting Liu Zilang.

\"Boom boom boom!\"

\"Boom boom boom!\"

They had the same SKS and the same 8x Scope!

What shocked all the viewers watching the stream was that Liu Zilang did not hold onto the Shift button as he held onto the trigger!

Every time he peeked out and opened fire, he would almost empty his clip as he oppressed his enemy's firepower!

He used an 8x Scope without holding in his breath!


[1] A wordplay from Gautama Buddha.

[2] Injecting chicken's blood is a Chinese slang and it's used to describe someone is extremely excited.

[3] What the author is trying to express that this team is able to win even if they bring a useless player along.