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402 Mr. Lu Who Doesn’t Want To Be Named Passing By!

 \"Oh my God! It's so crazy!\"

\"Unbelievable stunt! Is this the mysterious force from the east?\"

\"This is really shocking! Victor Liu is still able to bring us surprises just like in the past!\"

\"No! He's called Vic now. I have a strong feeling that he'll create his new legend in PUBG!\"


It was obvious that Liu Zilang's stunt of borrowing a corpse to reach Heaven was beyond their imagination. Shroud who had personally experienced it was shocked as well as he lost half of his life from the drop while killing a player in the air.

\"Nice! Beautifully done partners!\" ChocoTaco was shocked as he followed them from the back before rushing them. \"Remember to leave some items for us.\"

\"No no no, these are our spoils of war.\" Shroud joked as he looted the crates.

\"Count me in, \"Guru G said. \"Don't forget that I've taken one of them out for you guys with my sniper rifle.\"

Liu Zilang shrugged. \"Fine. These bandages are yours to keep.\"

\"What a scammer,\" Guru G muttered softly.

After a series of teasing here and there, Liu Zilang brought Shroud to look for vehicles around and came back with a new Pickup Truck they found beside the road while Guru G and ChocoTaco caught up from behind to loot the crates.

The first blue circle started shrinking and the Safe Zone's location favored the north. This included Hacienda Del Patron, San Martin, and El Pozo.

As they each came back with a vehicle, they started discussing what they should do.

Now that these four had gathered together, it would be impractical to hope for them to find a place and wait for the next Safe Zone to spawn in a safe place in this public game.

\"If I recall correctly, many people had landed in San Martin earlier,\" ChocoTaco said as he recalled.

\"Let's head to San Martin for now.\" Liu Zilang nodded and smiled. \"Shroud, do you still need me to drive you around with my motorcycle?\"

\"I think it's a good thing to change my lifestyle every once in a while.\" Shroud smiled and shook his head as he sat inside the Pickup Truck. \"It's much better for my heart this way.\"

\"Which one of you wants to join me?\" Liu Zilang looked at ChocoTaco and Guru G.

The entire place fell silent...

The viewers watching the stream burst into laughter.

\"This is so funny and awkward at the same time!\"

\"Puhaha. Why would any ordinary man dare to sit in Vic's motorcycle?\"

\"Looks like Guru G and Shroud have been traumatized by Vic's motorcycle for eternity.\"

In the game, Liu Zilang looked extremely gloomy as he had no choice but to ride alone on his motorcycle.

The lot headed north.

If ChocoTaco was right, a lot of players had landed in Hacienda Del Patron which was situated west of San Martin.

They heard gunshots reverberating everywhere in the city the moment they approached closer.

San Martin in Miramar was a city that slightly resembled Rozhok in Erangel as it was split apart by a road.

Liu Zilang took the lead and rushed into the city the moment he heard the gunshots.

Anyone would have thought that he had gone crazy if they saw him entering openly like that. One must follow the script even if one planned to ambush others!

Naturally, the three in the Pickup truck followed his lead since no one expressed any objection at all.

That was because there were very little things that could frighten them other than Liu Zilang's motorcycle.

Not only so, but Shroud had also honked with his Pickup Truck when they entered the city.

\"Beep... Beep... Beep beep beep!\"

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched the instant he heard the honks and immediately pulled his distance away from them.

That was because his motorcycle was not as safe as the Pickup Truck behind him.

If Shroud and the other two were under attack, regardless if it was from the south or north buildings, they could always stop their vehicle and use the Pickup Truck as a cover to fight back.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang could not stop his motorcycle and use it as a cover. Hence, all he could do was to pass by the area and act that he did not know the people behind him.

It was extremely difficult to not attract attention from the players in the city when they entered in such an arrogant manner.

Within five seconds of them raiding the cities, shots firing in the city ceased as all the enemies were curious who was asking for death.

The few squads in the city soon realized a Pickup Truck moving slowly on the road together with the fast-moving motorcycle in front of it.

'Isn't this a little bit too arrogant... Do they even see us at equals at all?'

The players in the city could not hold in their anger as they immediately fired at the Pickup Truck.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

The bullets pierced through the air without any sign as the battle continued instantaneously.

When they were attacked, Shroud and the other two got down the vehicle calmly and raised their weapons.

\"Da da da!\"


\"Boom boom boom!\"

\"One down.\" Guru G pulled the sniper rifle's bolt as he shot an enemy in the head with his 98K.

\"I've taken one down too.\" Shroud shifted his line of fire and aimed at another player.

However, the blood erupted from the enemy's body at multiple locations and fell to the ground before he opened fire.

ChocoTaco at the side shrugged. \"This guy died instantly. Their squad must have been wiped out.\"


Blood erupted out of Shroud's back as a portion of his health had been chipped off.

\"There's someone on the south!\"

The three got into the car almost simultaneously without any further instruction from Shroud.

In a blink of an eye, they switched their seating positions and got out of the car from the other side.

Although they were extremely quick to react, something troublesome had occurred.

A squad seemed to be heading towards them from the north side of the housing area as well.

Just as they switched to the other side of the vehicle, they heard gunshots behind them once more!

They were being pinched from the front and back...

They must have angered the players in the city!

Then, Liu Zilang who was quite a distance away from him spoke up.

\"Follow me Shroud. Let's attack the enemies in the north.\"


\"Boom boom boom!\"

Liu Zilang was leading the squad with his SKS as he kept firing the enemies in the north housing area.

Shroud's joined in the battle swiftly as well.

Meanwhile, Guru G and ChocoTaco had started fighting against the players in the south.

After a while, the intensity of the firepower in the housing areas weakened as the Kill Notification stating the enemies being knocked out or killed kept appearing on the right corner of their screens.

The viewers watching the stream were shocked!

\"Holysh*t! A squad versus the entire city. Are they really this good?\"

\"Amazing! These four have forced their way through this heated battle. Their marksmanship and reaction are definitely second to none!\"

\"Sigh! Our heroes have fallen and this is their best attempt to save this world yet.\"

\"Warriors from all over the map must work together to defeat these four demons!\"

\"It's not that I'm trying to make the situation sound bad but I feel like even a God is no match when these four are working together!\"

Just as the bullet screen was being spammed and the atmosphere was incredibly hyped up, fires were shot!

A rapid gunshot could be heard in the game.

Guru G did not even have the time to react before his helmet shattered as he faced against the south with his 98K.

He groaned and fell to the ground!

At the same time, a Kill Notification appeared on the top right of the screen.

\"Mr. Lu knocked out MrGrimmmz by headshot with SKS!\"