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401 Corpse Punishments Ultimate


\"Da da da!\"

On the west outskirt of Pecado, the revving of the motorcycle and the intense rattling from the guns had formed into a harmonious melody.

It was the prelude of the battle!

However, Liu Zilang who was carrying Shroud behind his back would not face a wave of bullets as he forced his ways towards them without Guru G and ChocoTaco covering them from the back.

The reason they dared to rush in towards the enemy outside of the boxing arena earlier was that there was only one enemy. However, it would be suicidal for him to rush in when he was facing three enemies.

Then, what was Liu Zilang doing?

He was trying to run over someone!

He was trying to run over the enemy that was crawling while covering his abdomen, where he had been shot, with his arm from the Pickup Truck by Grimmmz.

\"Oh! Sh*t!\"

The guy kneeling on the ground was shocked and kept crawling as he saw the motorcycle going away and then taking a turn and coming back for him.

However, the velocity was relative.

It would be impossible for Liu Zilang to miss a man crawling at the speed of a snail with his motorcycle coming at lightning speed.


The motorcycle sent him flying to the distance as he fell to the ground with his leg crossed before instantly turning into a crate.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang continued moving forward without stopping for a single second.

\"Running over with his motorcycle? To top it off, he ran away from the scene? I'm reporting him!\"

\"Tsk tsk! Do you know what despair feels like?\"

The three enemies were extremely furious as they peeked out and fired at Liu Zilang.

It was then a clear gunshot reverberated from afar!


One of the enemies who peeked his head out behind the car was shot and blood erupted out from his head and was knocked out in an instant.

\"MrGrimmmz knocked out Killaclova by headshot with Kar98K!\"

\"D*mn it!\" the man on the ground scolded softly and immediately warned his team. \"Be careful! Someone is ganking us at the front!\"

His two teammates reacted swiftly as they immediately hid and took cover behind the car.

\"Beautifully done partner!\"

Behind the motorcycle, Shroud let out a sigh of relief as he praised Guru G.

As Liu Zilang had his back faced behind the enemy while he was driving the motorcycle, this meant that Shroud was fully exposed to the heavy bombardments. He finally understood why Liu Zilang invited him to get onto the motorcycle. He initially thought that Liu Zilang respected him but now he believed that they were the best \"partner-in-crime\".

Now that he thought about it... What the f*ck!

This guy was obviously trying to use him as a \"Level Four Human Meat Shield\"!

He was truly a cunning fellow.

Shroud complained within himself.

Seeing Guru G was ganking the enemy from the distance, Shroud thought Liu Zilang was going to stop his vehicle and surround the enemy from another angle.

He did not expect Liu Zilang to turn around and immediately headed back towards the enemy instead.


Shroud was shocked!

However, he tried to calm himself down.

This was because as Liu Zilang was rushing towards the enemy, their roles had switched and Liu Zilang was now the \"Level Four Human Meat Shield\".

Shroud felt very safe as he realized the situation.

He was even prepared to instantly switch to the driver's seat and already had a direction in mind to escape to the moment Liu Zilang was knocked out.

However, Shroud soon realized something was not right.

Liu Zilang was heading straight towards the corpse he had just run over earlier.

As a professional player who played CSGO in the past, Shroud knew very well what posthumous execution meant.

That was why he was even more curious if it was the right time to punish the time.

The viewers watching the stream were getting excited.

\"GG! This guy is too cruel for intending to run over the enemy for the second time!\"

\"Got to do it while it's hot. I didn't know Vic has such a bad hobby!\"

\"What the f*ck! If I were the enemy's teammate, I wouldn't hold in my anger at all!\"

\"They're going to do something bad in difficult circumstances. Just thinking about it makes me excited!\"

The three enemies hiding behind the Pickup Truck could not hold it in any longer.

\"F*ck! Kill him!\"

After reviving their teammate, the remaining two then opened fire at Liu Zilang and his motorcycle!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

\"Clank clank!\"

Bullets whizzed towards them, piercing through the air as light sparked as the bullet came into contact with the metallic motorcycle. Liu Zilang had taken a hit in the body as well as blood erupted out from his body.

However, he unexpectedly chose not to evade and headed straight towards the corpse just beside the road.

The viewers in the live stream and the players in the game were beyond flabbergasted. They wondered just how much hate he had for him as he was willing to punish his corpse even in this circumstance!

However, some viewers were frowning as they realized something was wrong. Liu Zilang's intention did not seem to be as simple as punishing the enemy's corpse...

They were right!

Everyone was shocked the instant Liu Zilang run over the corpse at the side of the road!

There was a loud thud!

As if there was guidance from a mysterious force, the corpse defied gravity the instant Liu Zilang's motorcycle ran over it and flew high up into the sky.

'What the h*ll?'

'A curse from the dead?'

The players in the game had completely lost it...

This was actually an easter egg from PUBG's most realistic physics engine where the vehicle would fly high up into the sky the moment it ran over a corpse. Since no one had the time to actually run over a corpse in the game, not many players knew of this.

Meanwhile, Shroud had his mind blown as he watched the world spinning at the backseat of the motorcycle.

Everything he had done in the beginning was subjective, but what happened at the end was his objective.

They were indeed spinning about freely in the sky. To make the situation worse, they were heading straight towards the Pickup Truck...

The two hiding behind the Pickup Truck were flabbergasted the moment they saw the flying car.

\"Oh! Seriously!\"

The immediately raised their weapons up and fired at the flying car coming towards them!

However, they soon something was not right.

The motorcycle seemed to be landing directly above them!

\"Sh*t! Move!\" One of them shouted.

However, the third guy who had just been pulled up seemed to be slow to react as he was still crouching down and healing himself.

He had even raised his head confusingly when he heard his teammate's scream.

A black figure was approaching him.


\"Vic123 ran over Killaclova with a vehicle!\"

'What the f*ck?'

The two who had evaded to the side immediately raised their weapons before they had the time to care about their teammate that had been crushed to death. However, they were stunned what came crashing down was just a motorcycle!

'Where are they?'

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du du!\"

Intense gunshots came from above!

Liu Zilang had told Shroud to jump out of the motorcycle and fired at them when the motorcycle was at low elevation!

The two enemies reacted to it by before they were able to raise their weapons, they had been taken away by Liu Zilang and Shroud from above...

The local viewers' reaction was normal when they saw it as they were fans who had seen a lot of things. Hence, they had to act casual and said it was a basic move even though they were shocked by it.

However, Twitch viewers watching Shroud and Liu Zilang were in an uproar when they saw the never before seen stunt!