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400 Guru G’s Challenge, Ten Shots Per Second!

 'You city people are all good players!'

If Shroud was a citizen of Hua Xia, he might have said something along that line as he knelt on the ground.

Unfortunately, he was not.

Hence, Shroud was beyond flabbergasted when he saw the Kill Notification below the staircase. His throat dried up as two words formed in his head.

'What the?'

Liu Zilang did not explain anything as he headed towards him swiftly and pulled him up.

\"Wow. You guys are alive!\" ChocoTaco was in shock as he hurriedly came to help clean up the corpse.

Shroud shrugged as he crouched down and healed himself while looking at Liu Zilang looting the crates. He was at a loss for words.

He let out a sigh in his heart as he was impressed with the guy who was able to compete against Satan back in the days.

This Eastern man's strength was beyond his imagination!


After looting the crates, the four of them had found weapons, gathered together and started clearing up Pecado. According to the number of deaths in the boxing arena, there should be at least a squad left in Pecado.

The viewers in the live stream started spamming the bullet screens as they watched these four players patrolling the area.

\"Run! Run quickly! Don't turn back!\"

\"Do you want to know more about The Great Escape 60 Stars Hell?\"

\"Now that these four players have gotten their weapons. I don't think it's just Pecado, the remaining seventy players on the map should just give up the game.\"

\"The guy above me is exaggerating. If there's a certain someone in this game, I'm sure he can save the world.\"

\"I know! Let's summon Buddha now!\"

The remaining squad in Pecado seemed to have realized it.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they found out through the gunshots and Kill Notification with Shroud's name in it. This was how they found out that there was a monster in Pecado.

Hence, the squad immediately found a car and left Pecado the moment they finished scouring the red building.

If they realized that there were Guru G and Liu Zilang other than Shroud in Pecado, they might even abandon the red building as well.

They would not even bother honking their vehicle before they left the area...

\"Hey partner, shall we compete?\"

Grimmmz held onto the 98K as he asked Liu Zilang cheerfully through the voice chat.

\"What do you want to compete in?\" Liu Zilang casually asked as he looked at the Safe Zone on the map.

\"Let's see who can hit those people out of their car.\" Grimmmz adjusted his zeroing distance and aimed at the vehicle leaving Pecado as he spoke.

If the squad in the vehicle leaving Pecado heard Grimmmz's words, they might be extremely agitated.

'Who do you think you are. Aren't you basically bullying us if you're using us as living targets...'

Unfortunately, they could not hear Grimmmz's words at all.

He did not wait for Liu Zilang to agree. He curled up his lips, opened his scope and fired at the car leaving Pecado!


The gunshot sounded clear as the sniper rifle's bullet flew out of its muzzle!

Before the lot in the car could react, the player sitting in the third seat was shot in the head and fell out of the car as blood was drawn.

\"66666! Guru G is amazing! His sniping is extremely accurate!\"

\"Good luck Vic! Don't embarrass us! Attraction Section Chicken King for the win!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang smiled after hearing what Grimmmz said as he knew that Grimmmz was still hanging onto the headshot he hit from eight hundred miles away.

However, their encounter this time were as of allies.

Since it would be impossible for Grimmmz to attack his own teammate, he had no choice but to come up with this competition.

Hence, Liu Zilang raised his SKS as well.

He scoped in and took aim!

\"Boom boom boom!\"

In a blink of an eye, rapid gunshot reverberated through the area!

Liu Zilang seemed to have taken only a second to peek out and drain the entire clip which had ten ammo in his SKS that was not equipped with an Extended Mag!

Not a single Kill Notification popped up on his screen. It seemed that Liu Zilang did not hit a single person with all ten of his bullets.

Grimmmz was smiling when he realized it and said, \"Hey partner, I'm sorry but it looks like I win this time.\"

However, Shroud at the side tried to hold in his laughter and said, \"Really? Scope in and have a closer look.\"

Liu Zilang had already quietly put away his weapon.

Grimmmz was confused and had a bad feeling about it when he heard Shroud's words.

He was right.

He was stunned the instant he scoped in. He let out a short sighed and started smiling wryly.

This man... was crazy!

When Grimmmz scoped in, he could clearly see that the car in the distance seemed to be anchored. The two back tires were flattened and the rims were grinding chaotically against the ground as sparks could be seen everywhere...

This meant that Liu Zilang had flattened two tires in the ten shots fired by Liu Zilang when he peeked out for one second.

This would mean that he had terrifying skills!

If it was Grimmmz, he would be able to flatten tires with an SKS as well.

However, he believed that he could only flatten one tire if he were in the same situation as Liu Zilang. It was not for the lack of adeptness that he could not land a shot at the second tire.

He simply did not have enough time.

He did not have enough time to take aim at all.

When one was to fire ten shots rapidly in a second, the skill required in order to instantly pull their line of fire to the next tire after flattening the first one was extremely high. One would need to be as accurate as a machine.

Of course, Liu Zilang was not a machine.

Hence, Grimmmz sighed as he looked at Liu Zilang and his SKS equipped with 4x Scope beside him.

He was someone who joined the world of FPS halfway through and had never personally experienced the golden era. He was now fully convinced that this Liu Zilang from the East indeed had talent everyone would be envious of.

When the Douyu viewers saw Liu Zilang flattening the enemy's tires with ten shots in one second, they were extremely excited after recovering from their shock.

\"Hahaha. It's the tire flattening streamer. Subscribed!\"

\"I'm sure that retreating squad must be extremely frustrated right now. They can't even leave, are these people really humane?\"

\"Haiya! This is annoying! I shouldn't have gotten into that plane earlier!\"

\"I want to know more about the tire-flattening devil. By the way, who won?\"

\"It's a fact that Vic lost if in terms of killing the player but I believe Vic is the winner in terms of marksmanship.\"

\"This Vic is really crafty! He can be so complicated when it comes to hitting a car!\"

As viewers from Hua Xia, the viewers watching the live stream were extremely proud of themselves when they saw that Liu Zilang had triumphed over Guru G of the West very calmly and wisely.

In the game, the enemy had stopped moving.

Liu Zilang brought Shroud along as he drove the motorcycle towards the enemy.

'Shit!' The enemy squad kept saying that in their minds after two of their tires were punctured and they immediately got down and hid at the front of the car the moment they heard a motorcycle coming towards them.

The three of them were seeing red as they raised their weapons since they had nowhere else to escape.

'F*ck you!'