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399 Art Of Concealing Weapons!

 In the game, Liu Zilang and Shroud were both shocked by the blast.

However, Liu Zilang and Shroud were stunned when they saw his ID.


This ID was extremely familiar to those old-timers in the world of FPS.

As one of the Twelve Titans in the FPS world of the past, he was now in Fnatic's PUBG squad. He was also known as the Midnight Devil.

That was because the thing he loved to do most was to carry other girls in the game in the middle of the night after finishing his training... His strength must not be underestimated. Although he was slightly weaker than Shroud, he was still a world-class professional player.

They were relieved as they finally understood why the enemy was able to throw the Frag Grenade at such accuracy.

Liu Zilang and Shroud knew full well that if they were the one who threw the grenade, they might be slightly off target as this required some luck and intuition.

However, they could more or less guess the situation inside the boxing arena to a certain degree.

It was obvious that IcedMightnight's luck and intuition were very good.

Footsteps could be heard approaching from outside the moment he was knocked out.

\"Hey partner, why are you down?\"

ChocoTaco at the tall blue building teased as he asked, \"Do you need any help?\"

Shroud was irritated when he heard him.

He would not be able to help him even if he wanted to.

\"I think there are three of them!\"

Shroud ignored him and listened to the footsteps before he said out loud, \"Why don't you go ahead. I'll take my revenge when I see him in the future.\"

However, Liu Zilang seemed to have not heard Shroud at all. He did not even rush towards Shroud to pull him up. Instead, he immediately headed towards the crate beside him and looted the AK!

He switched and reloaded his weapon!


As the footsteps approached, two players appeared on the staircase at the right!

Liu Zilang had just finished reloading his AK the moment the two enemies rushed in!

\"Du du du!\"

\"Da da da!\"

The muzzles flashed endlessly in an instant!

Liu Zilang who had only half of his health left did not care if he would come out alive from this since it was a two against one.

However, while he had accepted his fate whether he would live or die, those two rushing in were more than ready to die as well.

Perhaps the two were extremely eager to rush up to him as the moment Liu Zilang had encountered one of them, the other had her aim at her teammate's head when she wanted to attack Liu Zilang...

Shots were fired!

The enemy at the front was knocked out instantly as the nervous enemy at the back was in Liu Zilang's point-blank range.

\"Du du du!\"

After a chain of firing, the enemy fell to her knees and Liu Zilang did not lose health from the very beginning until the end...

\"Crystal knocked out Jessey by headshot with AKM!\"

\"Vic123 knocked out Crystal by headshot with AKM!\"

The viewers watching the live stream were shocked!

They knew how capable Liu Zilang was. While some of them knew that Liu Zilang was capable of creating a miracle and kill the enemies, they did not expect that one of them had killed their own while the other was killed by Liu Zilang...

It was out of everyone's imagination!

\"Attack my friend... to protect my enemy?\"

\"Hahaha. I guess there are traitors in the west as well!\"

\"Of course! The imperialists who live in the abyss of misery are constantly seeking enlightenment. They should be able to get into the cult now.\"

\"I think these two are ladies just by looking at their names. Hehehe, I'm sure they're extremely frustrated right now.\"

Liu Zilang did not expect this would happen as well but he did not stop moving.

Since Shroud heard footsteps from three people but there were only two right in front of him.

Where could the last one be?

\"Be careful! He's coming in from the left!\" Shroud who was facing Liu Zilang's back screamed!

Liu Zilang immediately turned around but he was within the line of fire since the first floor to the boxing arena did not have any cover.

It would be too late for him to jump down or head outside!

IcedMidnight was not as incompetent as these two newbies and Liu Zilang had reasons to believe that he would be killed before he was able to take two steps away.

In an extremely critical situation, Liu Zilang did something no one could have imagined.

He immediately took a step back and laid prone on the ground!

\"Da da da!\"

IcedMidnight was smiling. He was like a cat trying to catch a mouse as his muzzle was following Liu Zilang's every movement.

However, the gunshots halted instantly as his smile froze.

Liu Zilang was seen laying just behind Crystal he had knocked out.

He turned around together along with his body as he disappeared from the enemy's line of fire. He looked exactly like those secret agents in the movie...

As Midnight Ladies' Devil, IcedMidnight could not lay hands on his ladies, he had no choice but to cease fire.

The viewers from the live stream were incredibly shocked by Liu Zilang's shameless act!

\"Holysh*t! Is that even alright?\"

\"Using a girl's body as a cover. Vic's shamelessness has reached a new low!\"

\"A new low? I'm sorry! Since when Vic draws a line in anything he does?\"

\"The buddy above me has made the perfect summary! Let's see what the enemy is going to do.\"

Naturally, IcedMidnight was not happy about it.

He had never encountered an enemy like him before...

No. This seemed to be one!

He looked at his familiar ID and Shroud's, and his hand trembled as he held his mouse when he realized who he was!

It was him!

IcedMidnight screamed through the voice chat after realizing who he was. \"Crystal, to your right! Move to your right.\"

\"Huh?\" Crystal was startled as she laid still on the ground and immediately moved to the right afterward.

What made everyone in the stream and in the game speechless was that Liu Zilang was stuck to her like glue.

When Crystal nudged, Liu Zilang who was lying prone on the ground nudged as well...



Shroud covered his abdomen and slowly crawled down and at one point he had even thought of dying to get it over with...

As a western player who played extremely boldly, Liu Zilang's cunning and sneaky fighting style had blown their minds!

After nudging here and there, Crystal realized that Liu Zilang was sticking to her without any sign of giving up at all.

She was speechless and extremely tempted to turn around and ask if he was a man...

The instant she turned around, gunshots were fired intensely!

\"Pew pew pew!

Crystal felt cool air breezing underneath her stomach as if something was flying across it.

The viewers in both streaming platforms were completely astonished as they did not believe what they just saw!

The instant Crystal moved her body to the side, Liu Zilang who was lying prone on the ground reached out one of his hands underneath Crystal's body and opened fire!

While IcedMidnight was hesitating if he should throw a Frag Grenade, Liu Zilang had shot him multiple times from underneath her body.

His body turned soft as his head fell to the ground...