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398 Entry-Fraggers And The Grandmaster’s Geometry!

 Technically, raiding a building in FPP was much better than in TPP.

In TPP Mode, if players were to hide behind the window or the staircase, they would be able to see the situation outside without revealing themselves as long as they had the right angle. This would technically be equivalent to having an X-ray vision.

Defending with such a visual angle was overwhelmingly advantageous and the offensive party would not be able to hide anything. In an FPS game, what set the professional players apart from the others was who was on the offensive and who had died from it.

This was the main reason why the offensive party raiding the building in the tournament would often choose to retreat after being in a stalemate with the defensive party for some time.

However, it was different since this game was in FPP. Other than having a cover, the offensive and defensive parties would have the same equal standing when it came to TPP.

Since Liu Zilang and Shroud were not playing in the tournament right now, they decided to rush in with their weapon without concealing the sound of their footsteps.

\"Thud thud thud!\"

Liu Zilang and Shroud pitter-pattered as they arrived at the left and right staircases on the ground floor.

\"Da da...\"


A player above the staircase on the right opened fired for a brief moment before his \"casting\" was permanently interrupted by Shroud's attack.

\"Okay!\" Shroud shrugged as he said casually.

At the staircase on the left of the boxing arena, it was unclear whether the enemy did not realize that his teammate had fallen or he had no plan on coming down.

Although Liu Zilang could hear footsteps of what seemed to be from multiple targets, they refused to come down no matter the cost...

It was not just Liu Zilang who was feeling anxious about it. In fact, all the viewers in the live stream were extremely anxious as well.

'Come down if you have the b*lls!'

\"Aren't the players from Europe and America all Rambos? Why are they all chickening up above?\"

No one questioned why Liu Zilang did not rush up as all he had in his hand was just an SKS.

He would be fine if he was on the defense as the staircase was a narrow path. Hence, the enemy could only attack one by one and he could fight against them no matter what the enemy was holding.

However, if he were the only who took the initiative, he would be certainly facing two enemies at once and it was highly likely that he would be knocked out.

However, Liu Zilang would do it even though he knew what would happen before him...

This was because Liu Zilang was able to determine exactly what was going on above based on the footsteps.

In the game, the viewers from his live stream were astonished as he rushed up with his SKS!

The enemies above obviously did not think that Liu Zilang was daring enough to rush up to them. One of them was guarding the staircase while the other was facing his back against his teammate as the latter seemed to be intending to save his teammate that had been knocked out by Shroud.

The enemy by the staircase then encountered Liu Zilang right in front of him. They were so close that there was no need to take aim at all.

He immediately raised his Uzi and fired at Liu Zilang.

Uzi's firing rate was without a doubt much faster than SKS.

However, Liu Zilang was able to react much faster than his enemy...

One must not look down on this aspect in an FPS game as this difference could result in one surviving or dying in conflict.

\"Du du du!\"

\"Boom boom boom!\"

The weapon rattled intensely as the weapons' muzzles started spewing flashes!

If one were to not pay attention to the different tones the weapons were emitting, the rattling from Liu Zilang's SKS had practically merged with the enemy's Uzi.

This was what shocked the enemy!

Liu Zilang's SKS seemed to be able to match the enemy's automatic rifle's pace. To top it off, the damage that could be dealt with a single bullet from SKS was 32 points higher than of the Uzi!

The outcome was decided in an instant!

In the live stream, half of Liu Zilang's health dropped instantly as blood had erupted from his abdomen. The enemy who was literally beside him, on the other hand, had fallen in astonishment!

\"Vic123 knocked out Lolita with SKS!\"

A Kill Notification then prompted on the top right of his screen.

\"Holysh*t! The speed of his hand is unparalleled! Is he actually Daisuke Kato[1]?\"

\"2333 Daisuke Kato for the win. Is Lolita a female player from the west?\"

\"Uhm, are you saying that Vic, who is acting as Daisuke Kato, is constantly firing at a westerner? Sorry, I think I'm having perverted thoughts...\"

Meanwhile, in the game, the other enemy who was about to go and save his teammate reacted swiftly the instant Liu Zilang knocked out the enemy.

The alerted enemy immediately turned around and opened fire!

However, Liu Zilang locked onto his target at an unbelievable speed and fired at the enemy!

\"Da da da!\"

\"Boom boom!\"

The power of the SKS firing continuously was fully shown at such a distance.

Liu Zilang adjusted his aim slightly after scoping in and fired at the enemy.

However, his next shot landed on the enemy's green Level One Motorcycle Helmet and blood erupted from his head.

There was a loud thud!

The bullet shattered the helmet instantaneously. It seemed that the enemy did not fully restore his health from the previous battle as he was instantly knocked out from a shot to the head with an SKS, which dealt close to 90 points even with a Level One Motorcycle Helmet!

\"Vic123 killed Kikrea by headshot with SKS!\"

Meanwhile, at the staircase on the right, Shroud was planning to bait the last enemy out after knocking the enemy out with a shotgun.

He heard footsteps approaching him from the floor above.

However, after a round of intense gunshots, the enemy kneeling by the staircase had his limbs softened as he passed away.

It was then a Kill Notification appeared on his screen.

Shroud realized what happened and could not control his laughter. \"Beautifully done partner!\"

\"You too.\" Liu Zilang immediately praised him as well.

People from the West did not use any humble quotes unlike people from Hua Xia. Hence, Shroud smiled and accepted Liu Zilang's commend without saying anything back.

After all, getting praised by the legendary CaptainDark was not something everyone could achieve.

As Shroud crouched down to loot the crates, he heard a clank coming from the wall on the second floor.

Another clank soon followed after the first one!

Something had bounced towards Shroud's back.

Shroud who was in FPP turned around and an ear-deafening explosion pierced through his eardrum!

A bright light flashed as Shroud was blasted away!

\"IcedMidnight knocked out Shroud with Frag Grenade!\"

This sudden attack had him and his viewers from the live stream shocked. Where did the Frag Grenade come from?\"

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang could clearly see the trajectory of the Frag Grenade from his perspective. The Frag Grenade flew in through the window from outside before hitting onto the wall, deflecting at the staircase's handrail before ultimately landing behind Shroud...

\"Holysh*t... I didn't see wrongly, right? That Frag Grenade was thrown into the building from above and it fell all the way to the ground floor!\"

\"Are you telling me that's a Frag Grenade? This is definitely a grandmaster level's grenade!\"

\"2333. I think the Frag Grenade was intentional. We just don't know how the enemies' from the outside knew where he was.\"

\"Stop joking around. This is definitely a lucky throw. You can't determine the exact situation from outside just by ear, can you?\"

\"Wait up. This ID... Why is it so familiar?\"


[1] Daisuke Kato is a baseball pitcher.