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397 The Happy Motorcycle!

 In comparison to the rage displayed by the enemy, Shroud who was sitting at the backseat, and his viewers were beyond shocked!

\"Oh my god! This is unbelievable!\"

\"This is a stunt-bike! He really is CaptainDark!\"

\"Isn't that too cruel? I feel like this game is going to lose one player permanently.\"

\"Is he really playing the same game as us? Why doesn't my motorcycle have this feature as well?\"

\"Yo buddy above me, you're not the only one who thinks that way!\"


Since Shroud and his Twitch viewers had already watched Liu Zilang play a game, they had seen Liu Zilang's \"creativity\" and thought that they had fully understood him.

However, it was only then they had realized that everything they had seen previously was just the tip of the iceberg.

This man was truly as creative as the sky spanned.

In this situation, when a typical player saw someone flying over his head, their first reaction was to compete with them to see who could reach the city and find a weapon first, no?

Liu Zilang was different. Without any hesitation, he drove his motorcycle up and crashed into them, throwing them down to the ground instead...

This guy was merciless!

As compared to Shroud who was hosting a friendly and cultured stream, the local streaming platform, Douyu which Liu Zilang was hosting his stream was filled with question marks when his viewers watched on.

\"Is that the happy motorcycle??? Is it starting now???\"

\"Red alert, Vic is going to pull a stunt in front of these foreigners!\"

\"Beep: Shroud's friendliness +666!\"

\"2333. Can you people be not that gay!?\"

In the game, Liu Zilang was like a merciless driver as he drove straight towards Pecado after running over the man. Meanwhile, they heard an intense conflict in the boxing arena.

\"Hey partner, where are we going?\" Shroud asked as he sat at the back.

Although Pecado was not large, it was not small either.

Players by the boxing arena had already found weapons and they had definitely alarmed the enemies as they drove towards them. Perhaps even the teammates of the guy Liu Zilang had killed earlier were searching for him.

It was not like they could not enter the place since they could park their motorcycle and sneak into it.

If they decided to do so, it would be because of pride and ego.

They would be fighting bullets with their fists if they were to encounter an armed enemy before they could do anything inside.

Guru G and ChocoTaco who were gliding at high altitude had arrived at their destination as well. They had landed on the rooftop of the blue-based four-story building in Pecado and had started scouring the place from top to bottom.

Liu Zilang stopped hesitating and suggested instantly. \"Let's head to the casino.\"

Although Shroud did not mind, he felt an itch in his heart when he heard gunshots coming from the boxing arena.

Just as Liu Zilang passed by the boxing arena on his way to the casino, a player ran out of the boxing arena through the side door.

He looked extremely atrocious as he carried the weapon behind his back. He was most likely a deserter after his teammates were killed.

Liu Zilang smirked as he immediately changed direction and charged forward.

\"Partner, are you nuts?\" Shroud was shocked.

He could still accept it if he were using some other vehicle to run him over, but to use a motorcycle where the enemy could simply evade by a slight jump was...

Before he ran over the player, there was still a probability of being knocked down by the enemy when the distance between them became extremely close as well!

Since Shroud and Guru G did not have many smurf accounts such as Brother Kun to improve from the weaker ones, they had been playing the entire time with only one account. This meant that the players they would be encountering were not stupid.

That seemed to be the case.

Although the player that escaped from the boxing arena looked like he was in a sorry state, he was still able to react immediately the moment he heard the motorcycle.

The moment he turned around and saw a motorcycle coming right towards him, he turned pale and scolded before pulling out the SKS behind his back. \"Sh*t!\"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shots were fired as the bullet exploded out from the muzzle!

Liu Zilang started moving his motorcycle left and right as he drove it in a totally irregular and unpredictable manner.

The two were not far apart and it was extremely exciting as the motorcycle rushed in at full speed!

Liu Zilang sneered as he got close.

'Are you trying to run over me with that motorcycle?'

The motorcycle was the vehicle with the least surface area in PUBG. Hence, it would be extremely difficult to run over an alerted player no matter how fast it was.

They could easily evade the motorcycle by simply jumping away.

Which was what would most likely be happening...

In the game, the enemy stopped firing when Liu Zilang was right at his face and jumped to the side!

In a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang drifted his motorcycle and it drifted horizontally.


The player looked like a clown when he made the jump. He looked like a total fool.

He widened his eyes in disbelief as Liu Zilang's drifting motorcycle had kissed his body and slammed him out of the way!

He flew from a trajectory in the sky and ultimately landed on the wall behind him and fell down feebly as his legs crossed, neck tilted to a side and died on the spot!

\"Vic ran over Killer!\"

The Twitch viewers caused another uproar as all of them were praising his unbelievable driving skills.

Shroud opened his eyes widely in disbelief. His mouth was opened slightly and did not know what to say.

He was sitting just behind him. As the first and closest witness to this accident, he had thought that Liu Zilang would graze past the enemy and miss him by a hair.

He did not expect Liu Zilang to start drifting and send the enemy flying at the most crucial moment...

Even a strong player like Shroud was incredibly impressed with Liu Zilang in terms of his car stunts!

He was literally a stunt-car driver!

Liu Zilang did not think much of it in the game.

He stopped on his side as he looked at where the enemy flew before heading over there.

Liu Zilang arrived together with his motorcycle by the time the enemy had fallen from the wall.

\"What gun do you want?\" Liu Zilang asked as he got down from the motorcycle.

\"Huh?\" Shroud was confused before replying, \"Oh! The S1897 will do.\"

Liu Zilang picked up the SKS in the crate and looked at the boxing arena as he smiled. \"Hehe. Looks like we can go back there now.\"

Shroud was excited as he quickly crouched down and picked up the shotgun.

He looked at the motorcycle and gave in to his curiosity. \"Hey, partner... where did you learn how to drive like that.\"

He thought that Liu Zilang had come in touch with games such as GTA 5, Need for Speed or something similar.

However, Liu Zilang kept moving forward and responded with three words without looking back.

Gongshu Driving Academy.