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396 The Past Doesn’t Matter, Eagle Strikes In The Sky!

 \"Oh my God! Am I dreaming?\"

\"Victor! It's really Victor!\"

\"God! Is today Halloween? There are four monsters grouping together!\"

\"Attention to all players on the island. You've been surrounded by four monsters. Please drop your weapons and surrender!\"


Back in the FPS days in Europe and America, Liu Zilang was without a doubt the most famous player from the east. He was known as Captain Dark by many of his fans.

Shen Zeyan or Li Muqiu who were extremely well known in their own nation were no match for him.

Naturally, this was because Liu Zilang had obtained the Solo King title three times in a row in the PGL Professional Gamers League that was held in Sweden!

At his peak, he was also crowned as the most valuable FPS player in the world!

Countless of wealthy clubs in Europe and America wanted to recruit him with an extremely high price. Unfortunately, all of them failed to do so.

Now that the legendary player who had disappeared six months ago had appeared in the scene once more, how could these FPS viewers in Europe and America not be shocked?

In the game, the four of them had greeted each other and then started the game.

\"Never in my life that I'd imagine playing together with the captain.\" ChocoTaco sounded rather exaggerated.

\"I've watched that tournament myself. It's really unfortunate.\" Guru G shook pitifully. \"I have no word to describe Satan's amazing skill, but he just loves to pull tricks on people.\"

Even a player as skilled as Guru G sounded impressed and respectful when he talked about Satan.

Although they were known as the monsters in the world of FPS in Europe and America, there was still a difference in skill between them.

Take Shroud, Guru G, ChocoTaco, ResurrectiveSpawn, and ApolloGForest for example. Although they were the players that countless players wanted to be, they were merely as strong as the Twelve Titans in terms of Greek Mythology.

There were still Primordial Gods and First Gods.

The Satan that Guru G talked about was obviously in the First Gods bracket.

Liu Zilang's pupil shrunk as his expression changed the instant he heard the ID Satan.

He recovered swiftly and smiled softly. \"A loss is a loss. There's nothing to be unfortunate about since I'm not as skilled as him.\"

Guru G was startled as he immediately comforted him. \"Hey partner, don't worry about it. I heard that a few players from SKK had turned to PUBG as well. Maybe you'll get your chance to win it back. Good luck!\"

Liu Zilang was stunned when he heard the news.

He was not up to date with the international news ever since he retired. Hence, he had no knowledge about this at all.

ChocoTaco seemed to have recalled something as he asked, \"Oh right Shroud, Isn't C9 participating in Europe's Qualifier? How's SKK's results for the past two days?\"

Shroud's expression looked strange. \"SKK... isn't participating in Europe's Qualifier.\"

\"Why?\" ChocoTaco asked curiously.

\"They've been invited to play directly at the Jianghai World Tournament.\" Shroud sighed.

The two were stunned when they heard him.

Guru G clicked with his mouth after a while before he shook his head. \"That's Captain Carl for you. They indeed do have the qualification.\"

Liu Zilang frowned and slowly regained his composure when he heard Guru G's praise.

This was because he was no longer the same as six months ago. He was no longer the Victor of the past.\"

He only had one name.

That was Vic!

He had let go of everything in the past and there was nothing that could influence him negatively.

He could now lose with pride!

Sore losers were the kind of people who would never become a winner.


In the game, the lot had already boarded the buzzing airplane after waiting in the spawn area.

They had chosen to play in Miramar and they were playing in FPP (First Person Perspective) Mode, which Liu Zilang rarely played in.

However, there was nothing he was not used to since he was once a professional CSGO player.

Since the majority of the Asia players were more used to TPP than FPP Mode, many streamers and even tournaments mainly used TPP as their default setting.

Since the World Invitational Tournament was being held in Jianghai, the tournament would be held in TPP Mode as well. However, it might not be the same in the future.

As the airplane entered the Miramar desert, its flight route started from eleven o'clock in the west and moved all the way down vertically.

In this patch, Pecado was still the most loaded region in Miramar. However, not many people would go to it due to the flight route.

The four of them discussed for a while and all of them had decided to scour for resources in Pecado in the early game. However, their methods for reaching the destination were different. Liu Zilang and Shroud had chosen to find a vehicle the moment they landed whereas ChocoTaco and Guru G had chosen to glide towards it.

Liu Zilang swiftly found a motorcycle just beside the road outside of El Azahar as they dived straight down from the sky.

\"Shroud, come here!\" Liu Zilang requested as he picked up Guru G[1] the moment he found the motorcycle.

The difference between driving in FPP and TPP was huge as FPP was much more realistic and exciting.

Naturally, this meant that there was a higher chance of crashing as well.

After rejecting Shroud's request to be the driver, Liu Zilang carried Shroud and headed straight towards Pecado.

\"Holysh*t... Driving in FPP Mode looks extremely exciting! I'm going to try it next time!\"

\"Buddy above me thinks he's lived for too long. I almost vomited from motion sickness last I tried it.\"

\"Do you guys think Vic will die together with Shroud?\"

\"It's hard to say... Sigh. It's unfortunate Vic didn't open a bet or I could've earned a fortune.\"

In the game, it was only natural that Liu Zilang could not feel the viewer's wishes.

As he arrived at the at peak of the hill near Power Grid just behind Pecado, he could see other players arriving from the sky.

There were around four full squads excluding them.

Shroud laughed as he watched. \"Woah! I guess I worried for nothing. I was worried that no one will collect all the stuff for us.\"

Liu Zilang crooked his lips when he heard him.

Who would have thought that even though Shroud looked honest, he was able to trash talk.

As he was driving the motorcycle, a bunch of people appeared above him as they were all heading towards Pecado.

Liu Zilang did not seem to mind at all. He then sneered as he after he took a few glances at them. \"Hold on tight, our battleship is about to take off!\"

\"Huh?\" Shroud was confused.

Liu Zilang then stepped onto the pedal as he headed straight towards the bumpy hill. The motorcycle was like a wild dog free from its leash as it dashed straight towards the slope at the front!

The entire motorcycle flew in the sky the instant it left the slope!

The engine revved as Liu Zilang pulled a wheelie as the front wheel was aiming right at an enemy's back!

The guy in the parachute fell like a kite that had its thread snapped as he turned into a crate the instant he touched down...

He had literally turned into a crate the instant he landed!

The enemy that had just turned into a crate was devastated as he looked at the motorcycle that flew over his head.

After realizing what had happened, he was furious and gave them the middle finger as he shouted out loudly, \"WTF!\"


[1] I believe the author meant Shroud here as it would make more sense doing so.