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395 The World Has Their Eyes On You! Part 2

 Since Shroud did not have a way to contact Liu Zilang, he could not just invite him from the game itself.

Hence, he had contacted Twitch's admin in charge of PUBG's section. Since Liu Zilang's stream came out of nowhere, an admin should know a thing or two about what happened behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, after Liu Zilang had his first chicken dinner, Zhang Xiaotong ditched him for her best girlfriend for Duos as she wanted to see if her skill had improved.

She would not have any \"gaming experience\" when the humanoid hacker Liu Zilang were to play together with her.

She was so excited that she had forgotten about her initial intention to keep an eye on Liu Zilang.

On the other hand, Wang Qianqian refused to leave at all as she followed Liu Zilang tightly. However, before the two had clicked the ready button, Wang Qianqian received a call.

Liu Zilang heard the ringtone through the voice chat but he did not think much of it as he opened up his stream and started chatting with his viewers.

Wang Qianqian soon finished her call on the phone.

She sounded excited as she said hesitantly, \"Ah Lang, I have something to discuss with you.\"

\"What?\" Liu Zilang immediately warned her after asking her. \"I don't have any more fishballs.\"

He suddenly recalled the fact that Wang Qianqian died the moment the game started and had lost over 3,000,000 fishballs. Since Wang Qianqian had contributed 6,000,000 fishballs to his stream, she was one of those people in the older generation who had given a lot of land away to the poor.

Wang Qianqian was annoyed when she heard what Liu Zilang said.

She let out a dry cough to clear her throat. \"It's not that. Someone is going to send you an invitation later so that you can party with them.\"

\"I'm not going to party with anyone. I don't have the time.\"

Liu Zilang rejected her on the spot as he said frustratingly, \"Bringing you alone along is already too tiring for me.\"

He thought that Wang Qianqian's best friend had called her and wanted to use him as free labor.

Wang Qianqian seemed to have realized that Liu Zilang had misunderstood her and explained the situation to him immediately. \"Don't worry about carrying them. They're very good. They're all highly-skilled players!\"

\"Highly-skilled?\" Liu Zilang snickered. \"How good are they?\"

\"Uhm... About three to four stories high? Wang Qianqian hesitated for a moment. \"Shroud... Have you heard of him?\"

\"Shroud? Sounds familiar...\" Liu Zilang had yet to catch on.

\"He's a streamer from Twitch...\" Wang Qianqian kept reminding him.

Liu Zilang was shocked the moment he heard the word Twitch. \"Holysh*t. SharkChili, did you sell me off to someone else already?\"

\"Huh? How do you know?\" Wang Qianqian asked.

Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he looked extremely irritated.

They understood each other very well since they had known each other since young. Liu Zilang knew Wang Qianqian would sell him off someday but he did not expect that day to arrive this quickly.

Although he had rejected Wang Qianqian at the front, he did not mean it at all. He knew that it would greatly benefit him, but he just did not want to dance around SharkChili's palm as he recalled a certain childhood memory of his.

Wang Qianqian knew Liu Zilang very well as well. Although he would always complain about everything, he did not mean to reject her proposal as well as she sold Liu Zilang off when she was on the phone.

This was why Wang Qianqian sounded embarrassed when she asked how he found out about it.

She played it cool. \"About that... This is actually a decision made by the upper levels. This has nothing to do with me at all...\"

Liu Zilang harrumphed to show that he believed her.

'As if!'

Wang Qianqian continued being nice. \"I think this is for the better. You can still increase your popularity even if you can't become the best in Douyu.\"

\"Don't you... want to experience the world-has-their-eyes-on-you experience again?\"

Liu Zilang paused as he became extremely irritated. \"If I really wanted that, can't I just change my name to Vic777?\"

Wang Qianqian was speechless...

Regardless, since someone had crossed two platforms to search for him, Liu Zilang still had to comply as he was not an arrogant person.

Liu Zilang soon received an invitation after Wang Qianqian left the squad.

He looked at the ID and clicked confirm.

His character then appeared in a four-man squad.

Since he had deactivated his microphone when he was on the phone with Wang Qianqian, the viewers in Douyu were rather frustrated when they saw SharkChili leaving the squad.

However, when Liu Zilang accepted the invitation and join the new squad, the viewers in the livestream were in such disbelief that they had to rub their eyes to confirm what they had just seen.

\"Shroud... Guru G?\" Holysh*t, am I seeing this right?\"

\"There's ChocoTaco too! Since when Vic hooked up with these monsters.\"

\"These four are going to play a pub game? What's left for the rest?\"

\"Is the game going to end the moment they join a match? Isn't the chicken dinner already theirs?\"

\"Hold up, I think I saw Vic's stream in Twitch earlier as well.\"

\"Are you serious? Is Vic an international player now?\"

\"Hehe, you're new right? Since when Vic wasn't an international player?\"

In the game lobby.

\"Hello and Sorry for inviting you out of the blue.\" Shroud smiled and greeted him before praising him exaggeratively. \"You're really good!\"

\"Hehe. Thanks.\"

Since Liu Zilang had competed outside of the country in the past, he was still able to converse without any issue even though his English was not very good.

\"Hai, Vic123? I believe we've met in the game before.\" Guru G started recalling back to that game.

Liu Zilang, on the other hand, knew which game it was as he smiled and reminded him. \"On the bridge.... A 98K from 800m away!\"

\"Oh! I remember now!\"

Guru G clapped. \"You're the one... who killed me with your flying car.\"

He sounded embarrassed as it was not something he should be proud of.

\"I didn't you two had such a past.\" ChocoTaco laughed as he turned towards Liu Zilang. \"Nice to meet you.\"

\"Me too!\" Liu Zilang smiled.

Shroud hesitated for a moment but he ultimately asked him, \"Hey partner, your name is extremely familiar. Can I ask if you know who Victor is?\"

Guru G at the side butted in. \"Victor? Oh! Do you mean Victor Liu?\"

\"Is that Captain Dark?\" ChocoTaco sounded curious as well.

When they finished speaking, Liu Zilang smiled and gave them a straightforward answer. \"Oh! Sure! That's me.\"

The three were startled when they heard his response.

\"You're... Victor Liu?\"

Guru G sounded extremely shock.

\"Of course.\" Liu Zilang laughed. \"Is there a need to impersonate him?\"

The three had basically confirmed Liu Zilang's identity. Liu Zilang did not have the need to lie since they would know when the game started.

However, the Twitch viewers in these people's streams watching from overseas caused an uproar when they heard the news!