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394 The World Has Their Eyes On You! Part 1

 On the beach.

Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto knelt on the ground as they looked at each other in the eyes.

\"Shifu!\" Misaka blinked pitifully as she screamed out loud.

Liu Zilang stirred his heart as he tried to brew out his emotions.

However, blood erupted out of his head before he was able to speak. He was sniped by someone on land.

\"Holysh*t! Did you really have the need to steal someone's kill like that?\"

Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he was unhappy for the people in the sea.

Misaka Mikoto had her faced stained with blood as she turned into a crate along with Liu Zilang as the players at sea were attacking the players on land...

The two ultimately died even though they had knocked out six players.

However, Misaka Mikoto had knocked out two players from the same squad and did not have the chance to finish them off before getting killed.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had knocked out four players in total but he only had two headcounts. The remaining two players were still alive as their teammates were still around.

Hence, the situation was dire, or should one say very dire.

This was because other than Zhang Xiaotong, the other two squads were a full four-man squad.

Zhang Xiaotong's rate of survival plummeted the moment the smokescreen near the boat dispersed.

The blue circle was shrinking as the countdown started.

Since the people on land and at sea saw that Liu Zilang and Misaka Mikoto did not die immediately, they knew that there was probably another player hiding behind the boat inside the Safe Zone. Hence, they were extremely cautious when they entered the Safe Zone.

When the smokescreen dispersed, the two squads that were eyeing the smokescreen were confused. There was nothing but a boat in it and not a single soul could be seen.

The boat's position was rather strange as well as it had been flipped over by the Frag Grenade.

'What's going on... Did he run away?'

The two squads were stunned as they looked at the flipped boat and looked at each other in the eye before reacting to each other's presence.

They were each other's greatest threat.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du du!\"

The entire place was filled with intense gunshots. It was as if they were celebrating the new year with all the fireworks as it rattled endlessly.

Since they did not have any cover in such a small Safe Zone, only two words could be used to describe the entire situation - extremely tragic.

Misaka Mikoto and Liu Zilang who were originally worried about Zhang Xiaotong were dumbfounded when they watched from Zhang Xiaotong's perspective and from the observer's perspective!

All Zhang Xiaotong could see was darkness and light leaking at the bottom. The boat that had been toppled over had covered her like a tortoise's shell.

When Zhang Xiaotong was shot in the head, she immediately laid prone on the ground just beside the boat to heal herself.

Who would have thought that the boat was blasted and covered her before she finished healing herself...

It was the final circle. The gunshots rattled intensely and bullets were flying everywhere!

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaotong was hiding underneath the boat quietly. It was a paradise.

An anxious and dangerous fight in the final circle?

Such a thing did not exist!

The viewers in the live stream were dumbfounded. Their jaws had almost dropped to the ground.

\"Holysh*t! Has Xiaotong-chan activated her defense system?\"

\"GG. Now that's what I call a real Warship Girl!\"

\"This is how a human perishes. Xiaotong-chan is extremely lucky!\"

\"Poor Vic and Menhera. They could have stayed together as a family.\"

\"Do you think Xiaotongchan will get the chicken dinner?\"

\"It's... quite impossible, right? Perhaps she still has the chance if she stays low until she gets the runner up.\"

\"Xiaotong-chan isn't Master Roshi. She wouldn't carry a tortoiseshell and run away from the blue circle when the next Safe Zone spawns.\"


The bullet screens were moving quickly in the live stream.

Just as the message \"Unless...\" appeared, then came a loud explosion!

Zhang Xiaotong's game froze.

\"Winner Winner. Chicken Dinner!\"

Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were stunned for a moment before they cheered excitedly when they saw the words appearing on their screens!

This chicken dinner came too quickly and unexpectedly for Misaka Mikoto or even Zhang Xiaotong herself!

Liu Zilang too was shocked as he tried to cover it with his coughs.

If Liu Zilang's guess was right, based on the explosions of the Frag Grenades and the gunshots, the remaining players outside who threw the bombs had been killed by guns and those who opened fire could not evade the grenade in time.

It was not scary to get the chicken dinner, but it would be awkward for the loser.

SharkChilli Wang Qianqian who had been watching the entire match as an observer since she died early in the game was even more shocked as she was utterly speechless.

'T-t-t-this... luck is unreal!'

'Look at them and then look at yourself...'

Wang Qianqian had lost it as she felt another round of humiliation when Liu Zilang worked together with his squad to fight off the others!

In Liu Zilang's live stream on Twitch, the number of viewers that were shocked by it was no fewer than the local viewers as all sorts of emotes were spammed in the chat at the side.

\"Woah! Unbelievable!\"

Shroud sat up as he raised both of his hands and screamed in disbelief.

He was only browsing around for PUBG streams before he started his game so that he could warm up the crowd while waiting for his friend. He did not expect to encounter this stream at all.

Furthermore, Liu Zilang's entire performance in that match had him learn a thing or two of the game.

Whether it was fighting alongside with the enemies or landing a headshot while controlling the weapon's recoil with an x15 Scope, everything he did, personality or maneuver wise, reminded him of a certain someone he knew.

'Is it really him?'

Shroud pondered as a message popped out in his game.

ChocoTaco said, \"Ready? Go go go!\"

ChocoTaco was also a famous and skilled streamer on Twitch. Although he was not highly ranked, he was once ranked first in North America. He was truly an infamous God-killer tier player.

The reason Shroud had yet to enter his game after he opened his stream was that he was waiting for him while being absorbed by Liu Zilang's stream.

Shroud saw the message and casually responded back \"okay\" and he soon received an invitation from his friend.

After he joined the squad, there was another player called Grimmmz in the squad other than ChocoTaco. He was also known as Guru G.

The three greeted each other as Shroud asked in the voice chat, \"Where's Justin? Is he joining?\"

\"Oh! He's going to his aunt's farm and wouldn't be online today.\" Guru G smiled as he replied.

\"Come! I think it's more than enough for the three of us to face everything.\" ChocoTaco laughed.

Shroud had no comment about it as he clicked ready.

As North America's best entry-fragger, it would be the same for him even if he was playing on a one-man squad in a public game.

However, Shroud seemed to have recalled something and canceled from being ready.

\"What's wrong?\" ChocoTaco asked curiously.

Shroud let out a mysterious laugh. \"I recalled a new partner, and he seems to be a streamer from the same platform as us too.\"

\"Uhh... Wait a moment guys. Let's see if I can contact him.\"

ChocoTaco and Guru G were curious as they watched Shroud trying to keep it as a surprise for them.

'A new partner?'