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393 Xiaotong-chan’s In A Hopeless Situation!


The thunder-like gunshot roared as faint smoke could be seen coming out from the muzzle!

The sniper in the direction of Novorepnoye sighed as he missed his shot earlier.

Just as he pulled the bolt and wanted to fire another shot, the Level Two Military Helmet on his head shattered!

Blood was drawn as the magnum ammo's huge momentum gave a hard push to the player as he fell to the ground.

\"Vic killed DrinkAloneUntilDrunk by headshot with AWM!\"

The shot with an AWM had without a doubt scared everyone!

The players around the bridge immediately hid themselves the moment they heard the gunshot and saw the Kill Notification appearing at the top right of their screens.

'Are you joking!'

'Who would dare to reveal themselves with an AWM possibly pointing at them?'

Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong could not stay on the offense by the bridge for too long.

As time passed, the blue circle was about to start shrinking and they were not inside the Safe Zone.

\"Get in the car and prepare to get into the Safe Zone.\" Liu Zilang told them.

It was quite a distance away. Although they had been shooting happily at the enemies, the other had only taken one shot or two and did not die from it except for the one that had drowned to death.

The two reluctantly put their weapons away and hopped into the three-wheeled motorcycle when they heard Liu Zilang calling out for them.

The three then entered the Safe Zone from the bridge on the left. It was the last four Safe Zone. Perhaps it was due to the Safe Zone spawning at a weird location, a huge number of players had died off from the previous circle and there were only some twenty players alive in the game.

The Safe Zone was just by the sea and it was in the middle of nowhere. One could basically see no cover but the sea.

As the blue circle started shrinking, war ensued as the squads traveling on land encountered each other outside of the Safe Zone.

When the blue circle finished shrinking and the last third Safe Zone spawned, there were only fifteen players left in the Safe Zone.

\"Shifu. I think there are six players in the sea. We need to be careful.\" Although Misaka Mikoto did not kill anyone while she was attacking them by the bridge, she was able to count the number of players in the sea out of habit playing in the professional scene.

Hence, there should be six other players on land other than those in the sea if Misaka Mikoto was right.

Liu Zilang's squad was currently located at the shore, a location where they could attack those at sea and on land. However, this made them easily discoverable as well.

The disadvantage of not having a cover was apparent then. It would be fine if there was one person as he could just lay prone behind the three-wheeled motorcycle and use it as a cover.

However, there were three of them and everything would be solved if the game allowed them to overlap each other.

Misaka Mikoto, Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang would be at the bottom, top and middle respectively.

If this was not possible, the three-wheeled motorcycle would not be able to cover all three of them simultaneously.

There was still a minute and thirty seconds before the blue circle started shrinking. Liu Zilang looked around at the empty field and an idea popped into his head.

He hopped into the motorcycle and left a trail of dust by the shore behind him as he rode away.

Zhang Xiaotong who was hiding behind the motorcycle pouted as her \"cover\" had been taken away by Liu Zilang without any warning.

However, she smiled after a brief moment had passed by.

Liu Zilang had brought a boat back!

When Liu Zilang approached the beach, he pushed the boat to its limit as it cut through the waves and landed up on the beach.

\"We're good. We have a cover now.\" Liu Zilang snapped his finger as he smiled.

Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong screamed excitedly as they ran towards the boat and felt much safer than before!

As time passed, the blue circle started shrinking again.

A small area of the sea was still within the Safe Zone. Hence, the players in the sea were fine as they would not be able to hurt each other as long as they stayed in the water.

However, the players on land were anxious as they had to be alert of their surroundings while running away from the blue circle.

It was a spectacle on land as two squads entered the Safe Zone simultaneously and started fighting each other. Soon, Liu Zilang and the other two by the beach joined in the conflict as well.

The war started and ended abruptly.

The one under fire was a two-man squad as Liu Zilang and the other two by the beach had teamed up with the four-man squad. The two died furiously as they turned into crates.

The four-man squad found a slope and hid behind it.

By the time the blue circle finished shrinking and the next Safe Zone had spawned, Liu Zilang and his squad's location turned into a destiny circle.

There were 13 players left on the field and one could generally segregate them into three factions.

The four-man squad on land was the first faction and Liu Zilang's squad by the beach was the second faction. As for the six players in the sea, although they were not a squad and it was unsure how many squads were there in the sea, they could be considered as the third faction since they were on the same boat.

Among the three factions, although Liu Zilang and his squad seemed to have the upper hand within the destiny circle, they were not in the grand scheme of things.

This was because those on land and at sea would not be in the Safe Zone when the next Safe Zone appeared. Although the four-man squad would just need to travel further down a little bit to enter the Safe Zone, they were currently behind the slope and would have to face Liu Zilang's squad's attack the moment they walk across it.

Hence, Liu Zilang and the other two had become the obstacle they first needed to clear.

As for the six players in the water, they were the obstacles that Liu Zilang's squad needed to clear. This was because his squad's back would be exposed to them the moment they come ashore.

Under this active and passive situation, Liu Zilang's squad had to fight two squads from both front and back.

The boat was no longer a reliable cover. Liu Zilang did not need to instruct further because Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto already knew what to do.

That was to smoke up.

If they could merge into one with the smokescreen before the blue circle started shrinking so that the enemies front both sides could forget them... That would be the best-case scenario.

However, the truth was not as simple as they thought.

The four-man squad and the six players in the water instantly turned into bombers as they threw Frag Grenades at them.

Liu Zilang's heart sank as he hid inside the smokescreen as soon as he heard a clank.

\"Run out of the smokescreen!\"

He screamed as he immediately ran out of the smokescreen.

The two followed Liu Zilang tightly from behind as they heard him screaming.

However, Zhang Xiaotong was shot in the head the instant he got out and a huge amount of her health had been chipped off. She was so scared by it that she ran in another direction.

Since Liu Zilang was being pinched from both sides, he decided to cover Zhang Xiaotong without holding himself back. The instant he got out of the smokescreen, he took out his AWM, scoped in and fired a shot to a player's head in the sea.

Misaka Mikoto too held onto her trigger and knocked out a person in the four-man squad on the land.

However, it was clear that these two major powers were trying to take care of Liu Zilang's squad in the destiny circle as quickly as possible. They were bombarded from both sides as they were grouped up.

All in all, these two were merely people and not Gods.

Misaka Mikoto was knocked out after taking out two players.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang kept walking in a zigzag manner, crawled down, and jumped. His shots were as mighty as a dragon in between these stunts as he kept showing off all sorts of moves such as hop sniping, quick sniping, and flicking. It was so spectacular that the viewers watching the stream were utterly shocked...

Ultimately, he had taken out four out of six players in the water with his AWM and M4 before he was shot by a 98K.

He fell to the ground as his remaining health was taken away.

The instance Liu Zilang was knocked out, he turned his head around and looked at the remaining survivor inside the smokescreen, Zhang Xiaotong. However, all he saw was flashes and explosions coming from Frag Grenades!

Liu Zilang's heart sunk when he watched on...