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392 Attack On Onii-chan, Xiaotong-chans Enlightenment!

 Who would not want to fight against a legend if one were right in front of him?

Brother Kun was fired up all of a sudden as he cautiously looked at the other side of the bridge from behind the car.

He licked his lips and reloaded his weapon.

Although he had lost in terms of controlling his weapon's recoil with a x15 Scope earlier, he believed that it was merely probability. Hence, he decided to turn the tables with his next move!

What happened next had all the viewers' jaws dropped.

A bellow thunder-like gunshot clapped at the bridgehead the instant Brother Kun revealed himself!

It was as if thunder struck when a magnum bullet whizzed through the bridge as quick as lightning and pierced straight into Brother Kun's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

This very shot had entered his soul!


The huge bullet shattered Brother Kun's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet as he fell to the ground uncontrollably.

\"Vic123 knocked out StarsOffAsTheLegendaryKun by headshot with AWM!\"

Brother Kun was shocked as he kneeled on the ground. 'AWM? What happened to controlling the recoil of a x15 Scope?'

\"Don't move Brother Kun, I'm coming to save you,\" Brother Kun's teammate said instantaneously.

He and Brother Kun were taking cover behind the abandoned vehicles that were beside each other. Hence, he had to dash across the road if he were to save him.

In such a situation, the safest solution was to smoke up the area before rushing over to revive him.

However, Brother Kun's teammate gauged the distance and determined that as long as he was quick enough and agile, it was unlikely he would be shot by the sniper.

Hence, he did not think further and immediately rushed toward Brother Kun from his cover.

Liu Zilang raised an eyebrow the instant he saw a figure appear on the bridge.

It seemed that the enemy did not care about his existence at all.

He stopped breathing and scoped into his x15 Scope before aiming slightly further from the enemy's head.

Liu Zilang pulled the trigger the instant the enemy reached cover!


The shot was fired!

A magnum bullet was shot out from the muzzle.

At the bridgehead, Brother Kun let out a long sigh of relief as he saw his teammate approaching him.

Then, he saw with his very eyes, blood erupting from his teammate's head as he fell toward him.

Brother Kun's screen turned black and white instantly as he entered the monochromic post-death world.

'This man's marksmanship...

'Is he really that accurate?'

Everything then clicked in Brother Kun's head!

It was only then he recalled that the man was not known for his recoil control with the x15 Scope in PUBG. He was known for his terrifying sniping skills!

By the time Brother Kun was taken care of at the bridgehead, the blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone and the next Safe Zone had appeared.

The Safe Zone had shifted toward the left of the East Bridge on Sosnovka Island. Half of it was in the sea while the other half was on the island.

While Liu Zilang was fighting against Brother Kun and his teammate at the bridge, their gunshots seemed to have alerted players who were planning to cross the bridge.

Those squads on land had chosen to jump into the sea since they knew that there were two squads fighting each other on the bridge.

Those who found a boat would use it while those who did not have one paddled themselves across the sea.

Some had decided to take a longer detour through Novorepnoye and the West Bridge to enter Sosnovka Island. They were rushing there as fast as they could.

The only ones who were perfectly safe were Liu Zilang's squad who had crossed the bridge previously.

\"Shifu, what should we do now?\" Misaka Mikoto asked.

Although Zhang Xiaotong did not say a word, she looked extremely eager when she saw the players swimming in the sea.

Liu Zilang shrugged as he said, \"Aren't there a lot of people in the sea? You can fire at them at will.\"

Zhang Xiaotong was extremely excited upon hearing his words.

However, Misaka Mikoto was cautious. \"Won't that reveal our location? Aren't we getting a little bit overboard?\"

\"If we're discovered, so be it. It's fine, I'll cover you guys,\" Liu Zilang replied casually.

The two stopped wavering as they happily raised their weapons and went all out at the players in the water!

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

Misaka Mikoto was calm as she fired when she had a clear shot.

Zhang Xiaotong, on the other hand, seemed to have been influenced by Brother Kun's focus fire with the x15 Scope and the battle between Liu Zilang and Brother Kun with their x15 Scopes.

She frowned and stared at the sea as she kept pulling her pink mouse downward with her tiny hand. She tried her best to control her weapon's recoil with a 4x Scope!

While she was training with all her heart, the players swimming in the sea were in great trouble.

For Misaka Mikoto who would open fire when she had a clear shot, the players in the sea would dive into the water and come out from another spot when the water around them splashed about.

However, Zhang Xiaotong's shots were similar to that of a web. They rained down onto the sea when she tried to control her recoil with a 4x Scope. It was an area of effect attack and it did not matter if they dived into the water.

One player held his breath in the water for a long time to find a spot to surface when he was attacked by Misaka Mikoto.

Just as he was about to surface to catch his breath, he dived down again out of the fear of being shot in the head.

He ultimately suffocated to death in the sea as he ran out of air...

One could understand how frustrated the people underwater were in this situation.

However, Zhang Xiaotong pouted unhappily. She did not understand why they would rather drown to death than let her hit them.

However, her recoil control with the 4x Scope shocked all of her fans in her live stream!

They were ready to laugh at her when they saw her attempting to control her aim with the 4x Scope. However, they were shocked by her performance.

\"Holysh*t... Did she really succeed?\"

\"She's no joke. Who's better? Xiaotong-chan with her 4x Scope or Liu Zilang and his x15 Scope?\"

\"Ahem... I think... They're both excellent in their own ways!\"

\"Puhaha! The men above me are men of culture! Your comment sure is something.\"

\"Ding ding ding! Xiaotong-chan's class is about to begin. Lecture on recoil control with a 4x Scope. You'll definitely learn it if you take the course!\"

\"Emmmm... I'm uneducated so please don't scam me. Isn't she firing her shots blindly?\"

\"There's an honest man here. Everyone let's bully him!\"

Meanwhile, in the game, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were in sync as they fired at the swimming athletes in the sea. It was like a fireworks show during the new year on the bridge and this had naturally attracted other players within the Safe Zone.


A gunshot reverberated from the distance!

The rail guard beside Zhang Xiaotong sparked and it shocked her.

\"It's fine. Continue what you're doing.\"

Liu Zilang smiled as he tried to calm her down.

Zhang Xiaotong flushed as she acknowledged him softly before turning her head around to cast her \"net\"...

Liu Zilang smiled as he shook his head.

His gaze then turned cold as figured out the source of the attack!