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391 15 VS 15, The Ultimate Battle!

 Brother Kun was a skilled PUBG streamer.

He was extremely skilled, had a humorous personality and was loved by his fans.

However, Brother Kun had injured his arm in an offline exhibition performance while trying to control the recoil of a gun with a x15 Scope. Hence he had no choice but to stop streaming and rest to recuperate.

Witnesses said that they saw Brother Kun flick the mouse so hard that the mouse was flicked from the table to the ground. His arm was injured due to the large movement.

Brother Kun was known as the man who put his life on the line to control his recoil in the streaming community!

However, this was just his secondary skill. Brother Kun was the best due to his devouring ability.

'He starts off as the legendary Kun, and devours everything in its path!'

The reason Brother Kun was able to control his recoil even with a x15 Scope was that he had devoured many newbies in his games and had become really good at it.

Although the word devour sounded rather fictional, it was actually a learning and comprehension ability whereby he would gain insight for every player he killed.

Hence, Liu Zilang had to put on his guard against such a player.

As the bullets rained down at the bridgehead, piercing through the smokescreen chaotically, half of Misaka Mikoto's health had been chipped off as she took two bullets to her body.

In such a critical situation, Liu Zilang's first reaction was to raise up his AWM. He wanted to take out Brother Kun who was attacking them with his M4 equipped with a x15 Scope.

However, Brother Kun disappeared from Liu Zilang's x15 Scope's sight the moment he scoped in.

That was because... Brother Kun had crouched down!

Brother Kun who was hiding behind the abandoned car crouched down the moment Liu Zilang opened his AWM's scope!


The viewers in the live stream inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

'His instincts are extremely frightening!'

Liu Zilang was secretly shocked as well but his objective was to stop Brother Kun from attacking so that Misaka Mikoto could revive Zhang Xiaotong without any worry. Liu Zilang did not care further as the enemy seemed to have realized he was in danger and hid.

Just as he was about to put down his weapon, Brother Kun who was at the other side of the bridgehead stood up!

\"Da da da!'

The gun rattled as it started raining billers again!

However, Misaka Mikoto had pulled Zhang Xiaotong up by that time. The two ran out of the smokescreen and hid behind an abandoned car.

Liu Zilang raised an eyebrow as he watched the enemy show off his recoil control skill with a x15 Scope

Hence, he took off the x15 Scope on his AWM and placed it onto his M4.

The viewers in the live stream were shocked as they knew what he was trying to do!

\"X15 Scope on an M4... Are you serious! Calm down.\"

\"It's here! It's here! I knew it. What will come will eventually come!\"

\"Hehehe, do you think Vic will injure his arm by controlling his recoil?\"

\"Chill out! Didn't Vic show off his recoiling technique in a tournament with an MK and a x15 Scope? He should be fine with an M4, right?\"

\"You don't get it! The MK is Vic's main weapon. The M4 might be a problem for him.\"

\"I'm new here. Why is the MK Vic's main weapon?\"

\"Ahem. It's a long story. Make a card first if you're new...\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang did not have the time to pay attention to the bullet screen of his live stream.

He equipped the scope and fired at the empty floor on the bridge so that he could get the feel of it.

Liu Zilang's gaze lighted up out of the blue!

He tilted his head, opened his scope and held onto the trigger as he fired at the bridgehead.

\"Da da da!\"

The gun rattled as bright flashes of light were seen coming from its pitch-black muzzle.

Through the headcam, the viewers in the live stream could see Liu Zilang moving his squeaky clean hand while holding onto the mouse. He was moving it down calmly.

However, he did not pull it down to the ground. The moment he reached the end of the table, he moved his mouse back to its original position.

He rinsed and repeated until he finished a magazine of bullets!

Liu Zilang then let go of his mouse and stretched his wrist.

However, the viewers in the live stream were not paying attention to this detail at all.

They were looking at the standoff between Liu Zilang and Brother Kun's recoil control skill with an M4 equipped with a x15 Scope.

Liu Zilang was incredibly aggressive as he had shot Brother Kun in the head and forced him to take cover!

The local viewers watching the stream were calm since they had seen Liu Zilang control an MK's recoil with a x15 Scope. Hence, it was logical for him to be able to do it with an M4 as well.

However, the viewers watching on Twitch were in an uproar when they saw Liu Zilang's inhuman technique.

Many of them held onto their heads in front of the computer as they were in total disbelief!

'He's able to land a headshot... What incredible luck!'

It was not just the viewers in the live stream, Shroud was so shocked as well that he jumped out of his chair as he watched Liu Zilang's stream.

'Controlling the rifle's recoil... with a x15 Scope?'

Shroud was without a doubt a very talented player and the best player in North America. This was because he had been in touch with FPS games since he was seven.

Shroud would not be surprised if all he did was control the recoil of a weapon with a x15 Scope.

Theoretically speaking, everyone could do it with enough training against the wall as long as they were not disabled. However, it was another story when it came to accuracy and locking onto the target.

However, Shroud was able to see what Liu Zilang had done with his sharp senses. The latter had displayed an inhuman ability to control his recoil with extreme precision while maintaining high accuracy.

The headshot Liu Zilang landed was definitely not by chance.

It was chance!

In other words, Liu Zilang had increased his probability of landing a headshot to the maximum by controlling his recoil while adjusting his crossfire on his target.

According to Shroud's knowledge, the number of players, even among the best in Europe and America who could achieve such a feat could be counted with two hands.

'When did Twitch sign such a god-like FPS player?'

'Who's this anyway?'

Shroud frowned in front of his computer as he slid deep into his thoughts.

However, everything clicked in his head when he took a second look at Liu Zilang's ID.

His eyes shrunk as if he has recalled something incredibly terrifying!


Huya TV, inside Brother Kun's stream.

Brother Kun laughed and commented as he crouched down behind the abandoned car to heal himself up, \"That guy at the other end of the bridgehead is pretty good. He has total control of his recoil with his 4x Scope.\"

He then looked at the bullet screen sent by the viewers watching his stream. His expression changed as he was shocked by what he read. \"He's holding a x15 Scope while controlling his recoil as well? How's that possible?\"

After he read the bullet screen, Brother Kun let out a long sigh of relief and started smiling again.

\"Oh! So he's the legendary FPS player Vic who revealed his identity in yesterday's Asia's Qualifier! No wonder! I knew it...\"

Brother Kun thought of something interesting as he spoke. Excitement could be seen written all over his face.

Since he had been \"devouring\" newbies all this while, his progression was extremely slow.

However, a golden opportunity had been placed right in front of him. If he were able to \"devour\" this enemy at the other end of the bridgehead, how much would he progress?