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390 Starts Off As A Legend, Earning PUBGs Admiration!

 \"We... should be fine.\"

One of them was worried even though his eyes were glued ot the equipment that was on the ground.

The other player looked at the crates and came up with a reason. \"My guess is that two squads brawled on the bridge. The end result was that the last man standing realized that all of his teammates had died and he no longer wished to play. Hence, he decided to take out all of his items and quit the game.\"

\"Such players do exist.\" The other player nodded as he listened but he immediately questioned back, \"How do you explain his corpse then?\"

The two became quiet after the question was thrown out in the open.

Soon, the player that analyzed the situation looked around and found an explanation. \"I know what happened!\"


\"He must have bombed himself to death when he finished placing his stuff. That explains why there are eight crates on the bridge.\"

\"That must be it! GG! You're quite smart for an idiot!\"

\"I'm honored. Wait a minute, why do I feel like you're not praising me?\"


The two analyzed and finally found the \"truth\" they believed in. Perhaps it would be better to say they had convinced themselves.

Hence, the two ran toward the bridgehead and started looting everything.

While the two were looting happily, three clanks could be heard near them!

Someone seemed to have thrown something at them!

The two who were looting were startled!

'F*ck. An Ambush!\"

Just as they raised their heads up, their vision turned white and their ears kept buzzing strongly.

Three Stun Grenades exploded at the same time and placed their graphics cards to the test.

\"Quickly! The flash duration seems to have shortened in this patch.\" Liu Zilang rushed them as he was outside of the rail guard.

He was standing when he spoke.

Since the climbing mechanic had been patched into the official server, the three climbed over the rail guard and took out Pans from behind their butts in unison.

\"GG! They're up to something again!\"

\"Vic is too cruel. He's not giving his enemies a quick death.\"

\"These two at the bridgehead must feel devastated. This isn't a secret shop, it's a scam shop!\"

\"Duang! Duang! Duang!\"

The sound of the Pans rang as panic gunshots were heard as well.

Liu Zilang fought against the enemy alone with his Pan as he jumped and smacked it down onto his enemy's head.


Meanwhile, the enemy being chased by Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto was suffering as the two ladies were hitting his back while chasing him around.

They ultimately killed their enemy right before the latter regained his sight!

\"Phew! That was close!\"

Misaka Mikoto rested her palm on her chest as she let out a sigh of relief.

Liu Zilang looked at the enemies that had been smacked to death by them. Their eyes were wide open and they seemed to have died without knowing what had happened.

It was the very first time in his life that he felt bad for them.

After all, he was a kind man.

He would have shot them and taken them out instantly if he knew it would come to this...

Meanwhile in his live stream. Douyu's crowd was fine as they were immune to Liu Zilang's cunning personality.

Some of the viewers in Twitch, on the other hand, could not accept it as they had never seen such crafty play before. All sorts of messages along the lines of \"What the f*ck\" were spammed in the bullet screen.

Shroud who had entered the stream out of curiosity laughed his *ss off his chair as he opened his stream and watched Liu Zilang's stream together with his viewers.

Although Liu Zilang's rating in Twitch started increasing slowly due to Shroud's influence, it was no way comparable to his popularity in Douyu where his minimum view count was in the millions.

Many viewers in Twitch had been attracted by the interesting eastern streamer and had decided to subscribe to him.


They had finished killing the squad inside the game.

Liu Zilang's squad was not too greedy.

Although it felt refreshing to use such a method for the very first time, it would not feel like they were playing with actual players if they wanted to win the game in such a matter...

Fortunately, the two players had sent a three-wheeled motorcycle to their doorstep.

Liu Zilang sat in front while Misaka Mikoto held onto his waist from behind him. On the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong sat at the side even though she was stuck within the excitement of hitting others with a Pan. The family of three... No, the squad of three then swiftly headed toward the bridgehead on the other side of the bridge.

The red sunset shone onto the wavy sea as the evening blue sky was filled with many big puffy clouds.

The sea wind blew on the bridge as the three seemed to be driving back home on their motorcycle. The entire scene looked extremely peaceful and quiet.

Just as they were about to reach the other side of the bridgehead, the silence was shattered by an intense chain of gunshots!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

In the blink of an eye, bullets were heading toward them like a thunderstorm from behind!

Before Liu Zilang could react, Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting at the side was shot multiple times on her body and was knocked out.

\"StartOffAsTheLegendaryKun knocked out Xiaotong-chan with M416!\"

Fortunately, they had arrived at the bridgehead as Liu Zilang stopped the vehicle.

He took out a Smoke Grenade without any hesitation and gave an order while he threw it out, \"Pull her up Misaka, I'll smoke the place up.\"

Since Zhang Xiaotong had fallen once when she was in Sosnovka Military Base, it would take too much time to let her crawl to cover. Since the enemy was shooting at her, she might be killed if she were to be shot. Hence, there was no choice but to save her on the spot.

Misaka Mikoto realized how critical the situation was as she immediately nodded her head. \"Okay.\"


Liu Zilang threw the Smoke Grenade onto the road of the bridgehead. Smoke started spreading and soon covered up Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto from plain sight.

Hence, the firing stopped from the other side of the bridgehead.

Liu Zilang then let out a sigh of relief.

However, an even more intense chain of gunshots rattled as countless bullets whizzed across the smokescreen!

Obviously, the pause earlier was the enemy reloading his weapon!

Liu Zilang was alerted when he heard the rattle.

It seemed that there was more than one player by the bridgehead. However, one of them had caught everyone's attention because he seemed to be holding onto his trigger as he fired automatically.

The enemy would was using at least a 4x Scope in order to fire automatically at such a distance. To top it off, he was able to focus all of his bullets into such a small area...

The player seemed to be extremely skilled!

Liu Zilang had yet again underestimated his enemy but many viewers from the live stream seemed to have realized something.

\"He starts off as the legendary Kun, and devours everything in its path! This man... He's Brother Kun!\"

\"Huh? Didn't Brother Kun say that he's done with streaming?\"

\"I've checked earlier. Brother Kun has started streaming again in Huya! Do you know what's the most terrifying thing of all?\"

\"Just spill it out and cut the suspense!\"

\"I've just came back from Brother Kun's live stream. He controlled his weapon's recoil, an M4 equipped with a x15 Scope to take down Xiaotong-chan!\"

\"Holysh*t! Controlling the recoil of an M4 with a x15 Scope? That's terrifying!\"

\"Honestly speaking, I have yet to see someone able to control his recoil with a x15 Scope other than Vic!\"

\"Brother Kun for the win! He's probably killed a lot of newbies to get here.\"


Misaka Mikoto who was saving her teammate in the smokescreen started bleeding as she was hit by the bullets that pierced through the smokescreen.

Liu Zilang raised his eyebrow as he took a peek at the bullet screen.

'Brother Kun?'