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388 PUBGs Judicator, Vic May Be The Ultimate Winner!

 Seeing his \"teammate\" charge into the front line, Liu Zilang was afraid that these \"teammates\" of his would catch on and attack him even though he really wanted to head up and help them.

The reason he was able to mix in with their big loving family without getting caught at the foot of the slope was that the big loving family was too focused on attacking the enemies by the bridgehead. Furthermore, they were all in the same line and he had perfectly overlapped his position with the enemy's teammate in the minimap. This was also a reason why he was able to mix in so well with his enemies to fight the other squad.

However now that everyone had spread out, he would be an idiot if he were to raise his weapon and charge in.

Instead of insulting the enemy's intelligence, it would be an insult to his intelligence instead.

He would probably be shot to death like an idiot while he was halfway through!

The squad who had charged in after smoking up the area realized something was wrong as one of them asked out of the blue, \"Who was the one that killed the enemy earlier? Why didn't the Kill Notification appear?\"

It was total silence in the smokescreen as no one responded at all.

They looked at the ID and realized that there was someone else attacking the bridgehead!

However, it would be hard for them to swallow the fact that someone had in fact attacked the bridgehead alongside them earlier from the same place.

Meanwhile, they just assumed that someone nearby had their eyes on the bridgehead as well. They became extremely cautious but never in their dreams would they have expected that very man to be watching them quietly from behind.

The players by the bridgehead were not dumb. They knew what was going on the moment they saw the huge smokescreen on the main road.

As they revived their teammate at the back of the abandoned car, two of them started firing at the smokescreen. They would occasionally throw in a few Frag Grenades to fish them out.

With PUBG'S Third Person Perspective mode, the attackers would always be placed at a disadvantage. Hence, it was a dangerous move for them to smoke up and charge in without any cover.

The squad at the slope by the shore wanted to take the opportunity when their enemies were a man down. However, they had underestimated their enemy's defense.

The lot was dodging left and right in the smokescreen as blood occasionally erupted out from their bodies. They did not dare stand still and heal up as they were afraid they would get blasted away by a Frag Grenade.

It was then they vaguely realized their smoke-up-and-attack strategy was missing something...

What was it that they were missing out?


A bellow thunder-like gunshot clapped from behind!

Blood erupted out from an enemy's head while he was totally in the zone, attacking from behind the abandoned car with his head tilted. The enemy fell to the ground in an instant!

Suddenly, everything clicked in their heads as they realized what they were missing!

'That's right!'

What they were lacking was a sniper covering their backs!

A Kill Notification then appeared on the top right of their screens.

\"Vic123 knocked out TDKK by headshot with AWM!\"

The four of them in the smokescreen were stunned when the gunshot and the Kill Notification appeared simultaneously.

'Something's not right!'

'Why is this player located at where they came from?'

They looked at his ID and he seemed to be the player who had killed the enemy earlier.

Perhaps he was a friendly?

Regardless, they had no time to hesitate in the middle of the road as they would have no place to retreat the moment the smokescreen dispersed.

They had no other choice.

They decided to charge in and take care of the players by the bridgehead since that squad was a man down. They would decide what to do after that.

The four in the smokescreen soon came to an agreement as they rushed toward the bridgehead while throwing Frag Grenades.

Meanwhile, the player that had been knocked out by Liu Zilang and his M4 was revived. However, he was forced to defend for himself since another player had been knocked out.

None of the players by the bridgehead dared reveal themselves the moment they realized that there was a terrifying AWM aimed at them.

The lot in the smokescreen arrived at the bridgehead swiftly.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du du!\"

Gunshots reverberated the entire bridgehead in the blink of an eye.

At the slope by the shore, Liu Zilang was using his AWM equipped with a x15 Scope that he had picked back up as a high definition camera. He observed the situation by the bridgehead.

He could clearly see every single action from both parties with his x15 Scope.

\"Huh? The player on the left is bad with his rifle. Attack him! Attack him! Sigh, another one has fallen!\"

Liu Zilang shook helplessly as he aimed and fired at the squad on the right!


Another bellow gunshot growled.

\"Vi123 knocked out Foxland with AWM!\"

From his perspective, the player with an AK on the right had taken the opportunity to move ahead when they were in the lead. However, he was shot by Liu Zilang and fell to the ground.

Liu ZIlang reloaded his weapon as he muttered, \"Everything's balanced now. Please continue.\"

Just as the enemy on the left was about to make a comeback in a 2 against 1 situation, Liu Zilang took aim again and fired at one of the players on the left!


\"Vic123 knocked out WeiPlusWood with AWM!\"

'What the f*ck!'

'What happened to being a friendly?'

The squad on the left was flabbergasted!

'That b*stard doesn't favor anyone at all!?'

The viewers in the live stream were silent for a brief moment before they burst into laughter.

\"Beep: Your friend PUBG Judicator, Vic is online!\"

\"PUBG's first and most powerful judge is now online. This sexy judge will judge everything right now and then!\"

\"Ah Lang is a really strict one, considering he opens everyone's skull if they oppose him!\"

\"23333. He's the strictest judge I've ever seen.\"

\"I finally know what he's up to. Vic is really an *sshole. He's attacking which side has the upper hand and he's going to make both squads suffer at the bridgehead.\"

\"What a shocker! Vic will be the ultimate winner if both squads by the bridgehead suffer extreme losses!\"

It was proven that both parties could not suffer great losses simultaneously as all of them would turn into crates.

Two players remained by the bridgehead as they tried to outplay each other. Just as one of them had finally taken out the other, a bullet whizzed toward him before he could catch a breath and pull his teammates up.

\"Vic123 killed Retard by headshot with AWM!\"

The sea breeze blew as what was left on the bridgehead were eight crates.

Coincidentally, Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong had finished bathing in the sea.

They rushed toward the bridgehead as they intended to help Liu ZIlang out when they saw Liu Zilang's Kill Notifications and heard all the ruckus by the bridgehead. However, everything had ended by the time they arrived.

The two ladies were in disbelief when they saw all the crates by the bridgehead!

Misaka Mikoto held her hands together excitedly as she said loudly, \"Sugoi! Shifu!\"

Zhang Xiaotong at one side was dazed as she asked, \"Did you... kill all of them?\"

Liu Zilang snickered as he replied calmly, \"The road to h*ll is much shorter than you'd imagined.\"

\"Ahem...\" Wang Qianqian could not help but let out a dry cough or two as she watched from the observer's perspective.

Liu Zilang smiled wryly as he had forgotten that someone was watching him and immediately added on, \"Of course, we need to play smartly in certain situations.\"