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387 Dont Shoot, Captain, Hes Friendly! Part 2

 Opposite of the bridgehead's gas station, at the foot of the slope by the shore.

The four of them sneaked along the way and arrived at their destination.

They did not need to open their scopes to see the players by the bridgehead moving about in this position.

One of them said sternly, \"All of you stop shooting! We'll move together and kill him on the spot!\"

He then carefully moved to the top of the hill, opened his scope and then aimed at the bridgehead as he wanted to investigate what equipment the enemies possessed.

As he was aiming at the enemies by the bridgehead, one of the enemies turned around and looked at him!


In an instant, the bridgehead was filled with gunshots.


A sniper bullet whizzed toward him!

Blood instantly erupted on that person's head as he immediately fell to the ground.

\"Fiiddle knocked out CelestialBoy by headshot with Kar98K!\"

\"F*ck! They found us!\"

CelestialBoy was shocked as he crawled and ordered, \"Someone pull me up. Two of you move to the side and cover us.\"

One must admit that CelestialBoy had a very clear route of strategy. If they kept staying at the foot of the hill even though their enemies by the bridgehead had noticed them, they would have been in big trouble. This was because their enemies could have gotten closer to throw a grenade at them...


Gunshots began filling up the area as the war started spreading from the East Bridge's bridgehead to the hill by the shores.

\"Are you guys still in the sea? Swim quickly.\" Liu Zilang looked at their locations from the minimap and reminded them through the voice chat.

Misaka Mikoto did not need Liu Zilang's reminder as she quickly realized that the enemies that had been attacking them by the bridgehead had been ambushed the moment she heard the gunshots. Hence, she was leading Zhang Xiaotong to the beach.

However, they were swimming very slowly and had some distance to cover.

Liu Zilang watched the four players behind the slope go all out with the enemies at the bridgehead. He was very tempted to ambush them from behind and kill all of them.

However, there was one problem.

What would happen if they were all killed?

If the threat there disappeared, the players at the bridgehead might turn around and attack Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto again who had yet reached the shore.

It would be impossible for Liu Zilang to fight against four players without any cover while protecting Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong as they reached the shore.

Seeing how the four players in front of him were quite some distance apart and they were fighting intensively with the players by the bridgehead, Liu Zilang curled his lips as an idea flashed across his mind.

He put away the eye-catching green-black AWM and quietly moved toward them.

The viewers in the live stream were confused about his actions.

\"What the h*ll? Is he committing suicide?\"

\"He might as well take out a Frag Grenade if he plans to commit suicide. It's very easy to be taken out by charging in like that!\"

However, what happened next shocked all the viewers from both platforms.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang sneakily moved forward as he swiftly laid prone on the ground in between the two enemies.

\"Da da da!\"

He opened his scoped and fired at the bridgehead as well.

The player on his left seemed to have emptied his clip and was looking at Liu Zilang while he reloaded his weapon.

Liu Zilang then looked at him in the eyes indifferently.

They then turned around simultaneously and continued attacking the enemies at the bridgehead.

The viewers from both platforms had their jaws dropped!

'What the h*ll?'

\"These people are amazing. I guess good eye-sight is not compulsory to play competitively in this game!\"

\"What's wrong with that guy. Did he not see a huge person right in front of him?\"

\"I think there's only one explanation for this. Vic must have mixed himself into their squad since he was in the same area as the enemy's teammate in the minimap.\"

\"Hahaha. It looks like these people have taken Vic as their teammate.\"

\"Puhahaha. They've confirmed their gazes earlier. They're definitely allies. These people will soon realize there's a traitor among them!\"

\"Vic's infiltration is perfect! That's not right! I want to report! I want to report the streamer for grouping up illegally!\"

The viewers in Douyu were laughing uncontrollably.

As for the viewers from Twitch, they were incredibly shocked. Some of them who knew of Hua Xia's culture began stating something along the lines of \"Master Sun's Art of War\", \"The Thirty-Six Strategies\", and so on...

Then, the most famous PUBG streamer in Twitch - North America's best entry-fragger, Shroud joined his live stream as well.

He was casually scrolling through the front page out of habit before he started streaming and had coincidentally seen a foreign live stream which was the result of a collaboration between Twitch and Douyu. Curious, he entered the stream.

He was soon thrown in disbelief when Liu Zilang decided to fight together with his enemies. After recovering from the shock, Shroud could not help but laugh as he kept saying, \"Interesting\", \"It's so funny\", and something along those lines...

Liu Zilang's live stream had a sudden surge of foreign viewers due to Shroud discovering his stream by accident. Regardless of the language barrier, they soon found themselves attached to the interesting streamer, Liu Zilang...

As time passed, the viewer count of Liu Zilang's Twitch stream which initially was a hundred or two viewers started growing slowly.


Inside the game, Liu Zilang did not have time to care about anything else. Although he looked as calm as an old dog on the surface, he was extremely nervous!

He was very worried that the enemies beside him would scoff and attack him out of the blue. \"Who would've thought that a person like you was a traitor.\" After that, the enemy would then fire at him without hesitation.

Fortunately, the battle between the players by the bridgehead and the slope was incredibly intense. The four opened fire and threw a lot of Frag Grenades. The conflict was so intense that even the sky was engulfed in fire.

They were so into it that they did not realize that Liu Zilang had disguised himself among them.

What threw everyone into disbelief was that Liu Zilang, who had mixed himself in the crowd had successfully taken out a player by the bridgehead.

Perhaps the enemies saw the blood and Kill Notification simultaneously as one of them screamed out loud, \"Go go! One of the enemies has fallen. Let's smoke up and charge in!\"

Two Smoke Grenades were thrown toward the main road beside the bridgehead as the four charged in without hesitation!

At the foot of the slope, Liu Zilang who had injured someone by mistake was startled!

The viewers from both platforms were laughing uncontrollably when they saw everything!

\"Puhaha. They really did take Vic as one of their own!\"

\"This squad is definitely a random squad spawned by the system! How could they not have noticed Vic at all.\"

\"The entire squad has charged in. What are you still waiting for, Vic? Follow them!\"

Inside the game, SharkChili, Wang Qianqian was speechless as she watched from the observer's perspective. She felt incredibly ashamed of herself!

'Look at them. Look at me...'

This is what they call a true squad, an alliance!