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386 Don’t Shoot, Captain, He’s Friendly! Part 1

 \"It's over! He's going to die!\"

\"I heard that bullets won't be able to catch up with him since he's fast enough, right?\"

\"That's funny! This is the lesson for fooling around! You'll pay with your blood!\"

\"Stop struggling and continue watching the game from an observer's perspective. I want to see Xiaotong-chan's perspective!\"

Seeing Liu Zilang on the verge of death, raised the red flag and the viewers in the live stream started spamming the bullet screen.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang's motorcycle started trembling at high speeds.

'I'm known as the best in this game. I can't die here!'

The intense will to live on seemed to have resonated with him as the Pan on Liu Zilang's buttock started shining brightly!

\"Ding ding clank clank ding ding!\"

The bullets that were heading toward him either whizzed past him or clashed into his Pan. All he took was a bullet or two on his body.

The motorcycle then fell down into the wheatfield and disappeared from the enemy's sight.

\"Holyf*ck! We missed him! It's the legendary Pan Protection Technique!\"

\"GG! I'm sure the Pan rang seven to eight times, right? The reason Vic is still alive is because of the Pan!\"

\"I've reported that Pan! Why doesn't my Pan have such an ability?\"

After surviving with a thread of health and reaching the wheatfield, Liu Zilang hastily looked for a place in the housing area at the fork road to crouch down and heal himself.

He looked through the window from the floor above and looked at the airdrop that was giving out smoke in the wheatfield. It seemed to be untouched. He gritted his teeth and said, \"I'll f*cking kill you all when I pick up my AWM!\"

He went out to read the bullet screen of his live stream before he spoke arrogantly, \"All those Pans you people have are trash. Mine is the orange-grade Pan. It's soul-binded upon loot and it has an active skill called Shield of the *ss!\"

The viewers watching the live stream were utterly speechless when they heard Liu Zilang's words.

The enemies camping by the bridgehead were utterly speechless as well.

\"What the f*ck... we didn't kill him?\"

\"It's because of your useless marksmanship! You missed every shot!\"

\"Go f*ck yourself. I obviously hit him!\"

\"Yes yes yes. You indeed did hit him, on his Pan that is.\"

The four people by the bridgehead blamed each other. Since all of them had opened fire together and their bullets had flown everywhere, how would they know whose bullet was it that hit him?

They seemed to have realized the UAZ behind the motorcycle as they raised their weapons and fired at it while blaming each other.

They had been aiming at the UAZ for a long time but there was no reaction from it at all.

\"Where are they?\" One of them asked.

\"Did they run away?\" The other guessed.

\"Where could they have run to?\" Someone questioned in return.

\"Holysh*t! They've jumped into the sea!\"

The four reacted simultaneously as they rushed toward the railing to have a look!

Behold, they saw two players with Level Three Spetsnaz Helmets swimming in the sea.

The four took aim and fired at them.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Countless bullets rained down as water kept splashing about chaotically.

Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong had planned to get to shore secretly. However, since they had been discovered, their faces turned pale as they dived into the sea.

\"What should we do? What should we do?\" Zhang Xiaotong panicked.

\"It's fine! Shifu will come and save us soon!\" Misaka Mikoto said firmly.

Wang Qianqian who was watching the battle kept switching her view and laughed. \"Your Shifu is badly injured. I suggest you two swim as fast as possible!\"

\"Don't listen to her bullsh*t,\" Liu Zilang's voice came out of nowhere. \"You two stay in the water. Shifu is coming to save you.\"

As he finished speaking, he, who had fully healed himself, jumped out of the window and ran toward the airdrop in the wheatfield.

The distance between the two was not far as Liu Zilang arrived at the airdrop in the blink of an eye.

The airdrop was still giving out viscous red smoke and it looked like it had yet been touched by other players.

Liu Zilang then opened the airdrop nervously and excitedly.


\"X15 Scope!\"

\"Extended Mag!\"

\"20 magnum bullets!\"

\"Holysh*t! Vic is able to find an AWM with that attitude of his? Are you serious?\"

\"No joke! This airdrop scores at least ninety-five points!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang was extremely surprised as well.

Most of the AWMs that he obtained in-game were snatched from other players, be it in a public game or a tournament. He rarely obtained an AWM directly from an airdrop.

In a few tournaments, his main firearm supplier seemed to be Kim Doohwan...

As he looked at the AWM in the airdrop, he immediately took off the 98K from behind his back and replaced it with the black-green ultimate sniper rifle, Extended Mag, and x15 Scope.

He then looked to the south with his predatory eyes and raised his eyebrow!

'Camping by the bridge?\"


Before Liu Zilang was able to give out murderous aura, a vehicle was heard revving on the hill north of Mylta.

The car came closer and closer and it was obvious that it was heading toward the airdrop that was giving out seductive smoke.

Liu Zilang was unsure how many people were approaching him. Since the airdrop had blocked him from his enemy and he had made sure that his enemy had not spotted him, he instantly made the rational decision to lay prone on the ground before starting to crawl slowly to the back.

The viewers started teasing him for playing extremely safe.

On the other hand, the viewers in Twitch thought that Liu Zilang was a man of steel when they saw Liu Zilang escape death's grasp by flying out of the bridge. They were then attracted by his funny and interesting actions when he started crawling. This had ultimately attracted many viewers.

Naturally, if Liu Zilang were to find out that many foreigners were watching his live stream at that moment, he would have taken out his AWM instantly. After all, he could not let his Hua Xia pride down!

Then, the players driving from the north of Mylta arrived. There were two cars and there were two players in each car. It was a full four-man squad.

After the squad got down from their vehicles, one of them hurriedly looked at the airdrop and vented his frustration out loud, \"F*ck! It's been looted! Which f*cker has such a quick hand.\"

It seemed that someone wanted to reply him as gunshots could be heard from the bridgehead.

The squad was startled as they immediately sprung into action.

They knew the principle of not alarming their enemies. Hence, they abandoned their cars after driving a short distance to the front.

However, what they did not know was that while they were trying to sneak around to prevent players from the bridgehead from spotting them, someone was trailing them tightly from behind like a shadow.