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385 Loneliness Won’t Catch Me If Im Quick Enough!

 'Manipulating the results?'

If the driver was Zhang Xiaotong and she was driving straight toward him...

Perhaps there was some manipulation involved.

However, the driver was not Zhang Xiaotong but Misaka Mikoto who was not participating in the bet at all.

Furthermore, their vehicle did not ram forward but rather, it slid forward.

This made it look like it was more of a disaster.

Wang Qianqian who had been run over was utterly speechless.

\"All one needs to do is blindly bet on the bad outcome and you'll be rich. What an easy win!\"

\"The wind is rather strong today but I've never reached the balcony this quickly before!\"

\"Puhaha, you people sure are experienced in heading to the balcony!\"

\"Wait a minute! Doesn't the script look rather weird? Since SharkChili is opposing their result, why is she dead so fast?\"

\"Although everything looks logical and reasonable on the surface, I vaguely sense a mysterious force controlling everything!\"

\"Ah! Perhaps it's the mysterious energy from the East?\"

Liu Zilang trembled as he watched Wang Qianqian being run over in such a cruel manner. Misaka Mikoto's maneuver with the three-wheeled motorcyclewas on par with his!

He might have been flattened together with the enemy if the latter had ran toward him.

\"Sumimasen! Sumimasen! Sumimasen![1]\" Misaka Mikoto panicked as she apologized profusely.

She rushed toward Liu Zilang as she wanted to revive him first but Liu Zilang waved his hands and gritted his teeth. \"I can still hold on! Revive Xiaotong first!\"

Misaka Mikoto turned around and ran back upon hearing his words.

Liu Zilang's eye twitched as he watched on.

'Why can't this idiotic disciple of mine figure out that those were words of courtesy...'

Fortunately, his health was being drained rather slowly. Hence, by the time Misaka Mikoto had revived Zhang Xiaotong, she still had plenty of time to revive him.

As for Wang Qianqian who had been run over by the sliding three-wheeled motorcycle, it was obviously too late.

The three of them arrived at Wang Qianqian's crate with the very little health points they had left after they had all been revived.

After a moment of silence, Liu Zilang let out a dry cough. \"Uhm... Let me get out and settle the debt for the time being.\"

Wang Qianqian was speechless...

\"Sumimasen...\" Misaka Mikoto apologized once more softly.

Since it had already happened, Wang Qianqian did not pursue further as she was a generous person.

Liu Zilang who had finished settling the debt decided to add salt to the wound. \"Stop apologizing. This happened because she brought me up to this cursed vehicle. Consider this a lesson learned.\"

\"Bullsh*t. You were the one who entered the car together with me.\" Wang Qianqian refuted immediately.

Liu Zilang recalled and it seemed to be true that he was the one who was trying to snatch the car away from Wang Qianqian. However, he had failed to do so...

He was not able to get down from the car afterward.

Since Liu Zilang did not want to lose his dignity, he scoffed. \"What about you teaming up with another squad... How did it go? How's the feeling of getting killed by your own teammate?\"

Wang Qianqian's face turned red when she heard about herself teaming up with the other squad...

However, Wang Qianqian looked extremely annoyed when she heard that she had been killed by her own teammate... Not only did she have to suffer the attack from her fake teammate but she was run over by her actual teammate as well. Hence, Liu Zilang's words had hurt her feelings...

The game still had to go on even though Wang Qianqian had died.

The Sosnovka Military Base had a population of 0 at that moment. Hence, the three spread out and started scouring the area.

Soon, the first Safe Zone spawned.

The first Safe Zone in the match was located slightly to the right, covering the East Bridge and both of its bridgeheads. Since the Safe Zone covered the mainland and Sosnovka Island equally, it was hard to tell if the circle would shift toward the Sosnovka Island.

However, the Safe Zone was good news to Liu Zilang and his squad. They did not need to worry about running away from the blue circle and could focus on getting their feet in the Sosnovka Military Base.

When the blue circle was about to start shrinking, Liu Zilang and his squad arrived at the bridgehead on Sosnovka Island.

They had a full set of Level Three equipment by the time they had finished scouring the entire Sosnovka Military Base.

\"Shifu! Are we crossing the bridge?\" Misaka Mikoto asked as she looked at the Safe Zone on the map.

\"There's no need to rush. Let's decide when the next Safe Zone appears,\" Liu Zilang said calmly.

Then, the sky started roaring!

An airplane appeared.

The three raised their heads and saw an airplane flying from the south to the north. Before they were able to start their \"ritual\", it dropped an airdrop at the farm west of Mylta.

The three stared at each other as they confirmed the airdrop's location.

Liu Zilang hopped onto the motorcycle without any hesitation.

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto hopped into a UAZ that was parked beside it.

Liu Zilang kept telling them as he started the motorcycle, \"I'll scout from the front. If anyone ambushes us by the bridgehead later, you two should stop in the middle of the bridge. I need you two to jump into the sea if the situation becomes dire.\"

\"What about you, Shifu?\" Misaka Mikoto seemed worried.

Although Zhang Xiaotong did not say a word, she was quite worried as well.

However, all Liu Zilang did was smile back. \"Don't worry. No bullet can catch up to me if I'm fast enough.\"

Wang Qianqian who had become an observer as soon as the match started harrumphed as she heard Liu Zilang's words. \"There's his bullsh*t again.\"

Zhang Xiaotong bit her lips. She seemed to have something to say but she chose to keep her lips zipped.

Liu Zilang's motorcycle had started as he revved its engine to the maximum and bolted into the distance!

There was still no movement by the bridgehead when he reached the middle of the bridge.

'Is no one really here?'

Liu Zilang was slightly shocked but he remained cautious as there had to be someone camping by the bridgehead.

He continued accelerating further and moved in a zigzag manner in between. He kept using the abandoned vehicles on the bridge as cover to obstruct the enemy's view!

However, not a single shot was fired by the time he reached the bridgehead.

Liu Zilang stopped doubting himself as he turned to another direction and went full speed ahead!

However, the enemies hiding behind the abandoned vehicles revealed themselves as he reached the bridgehead!

'Not good!'

Liu Zilang's heart sunk as it was impractical for him to stop and fight back.

He had no choice but to keep his head low and keep moving as the engine roared!

\"Da da da!\"

Muzzles flashed endlessly as bullets whizzed toward him like a rainstorm!

However, his motorcycle's speed was indeed fast as it went past the enemies in just one frame.

Even so, Liu Zilang took a few bullets to the body as half of his health was chipped off.

What was more lethal was that there were bullets piercing through the air as they chased after his buttock!


[1] Sumimasen means I'm sorry in Japanese.