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383 Shifu, Faster! Part 3

 The instant Liu Zilang heard his question, he turned to look at the person's shotgun.

He racked his brain and began weighing the pros and cons.

If Liu Zilang were to say that they had no teammates, the player might reveal his true intentions right away and blast a shot at his face.

Therefore, he responded, \"Yes! Of course, we have other teammates, they're following behind us. Do you have other teammates?\"

\"Oh, I see, we're a 2-man squad.\" After the player replied, he asked, \"Oh right, do your teammates have guns?\"

Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto left right after they had found a vehicle, hence, they did not have guns.

However, he could not reveal that.

It was important to strike a balance between tenacity and hardness, by which their opponents should at least have some misgivings about them. Thus, he needed to say yes even though the girls were unarmed.

However, his opponent did not respond in any way after hearing his answer.

Liu Zilang's heart sank. He looked at Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong who were following them on the map in their three-wheeled motorcycle. He sighed. \"Your Shifu has entered a black car, and we'll probably die. One of them has a gun, stop following us.\"

\"Ah! Shifu, have you been kidnapped?\"

Misaka Mikoto shrieked and then held her fists as she uttered, \"Shifu, don't worry, we're coming for you!\"

Just as Liu Zilang was about to say something, he heard a \"duang\" sound!

In the blink of an eye, he lost a substantial amount of health.

Liu Zilang broke out in cold sweat!

'F*ck me...he's making a move already?

'There's a basic law for kidnapping, can you follow the procedure?'

He turned to look and saw that the player beside him was staring at him with a black pan in his hand.

\"Brother...what...are you doing?\" Liu Zilang asked as he trembled.

\"Oh, I was testing the damage of the pan,\" The player answered leisurely as if he was not bothered at all.


The second Liu Zilang heard his reply, he roared!

'Why the f*ck did you not try it on your teammate!'

Nonetheless, given the situation, it was better for him to bend than to break.

Liu Zilang could only respond, \"Brother, your pan is really solid. It gives off a clear sound amd I can tell that it's a good pan. There's no need for you to try anymore.\"

When that player heard his remark, he asked, \"Did you lose any health?\"

\"I did, I did!\" Liu Zilang quickly added, \"Brother, how about you put your pan down. I'm afraid that I'll die if you wield it at me again.\"

\"Oh.\" That player gave a plain response and then put his pan away...

Once again, he held his shotgun up.

Liu Zilang's face turned dark instantly and was upset. However, he had no tears to cry and thought to himself, 'F*ck, it's better for you to change back to your pan!'

At that point, Liu Zilang was hopeless. On the surface, it seemed like the player was only testing his pan out but obviously, he only did so as insurance. It was to prevent Liu Zilang from escaping, whereby he could easily take him out by firing a shot with his shotgun.

Liu Zilang secretly whispered to Wang Qianqian through the YY voice chat, \"I think we can't flee anymore... what should we do?\"

Despite that, the car engine was too loud at that time and Wang Qianqian did not hear him.

Liu Zilang was absolutely frustrated as he said to himself, 'This foolish girl is clueless about the seriousness of this matter!'

Then, as he was about to repeat his words to her, Wang Qianqian said to the driver, \"Shifu (TN: Only in this context, the 'shifu' used is different from the 'shifu' used by Misaka Mikoto. Shifu is another way to address a taxi-driver), can you drive faster?\"

Liu Zilang was speechless.

Upon hearing her, the spectators in his live streaming channel were stunned as well. However, they quickly dissolved into waves of laughter.

\"Hahaha, this cracked me up. Miss Shark is really straightforward!\"

\"What a heavenly show! She was displeased with the player's driving speed, does she want to die so soon!\"

\"SharkChilli expresses, Shifu, can you drive faster? I'm running out of time!\"

\"A godly teammate indeed! With that being said, the naive Miss Shark is quite adorable!\"

\"Vic must be mentally crushed right now!\"

Clearly, Liu Zilang was completely baffled. At one point in time, he was so desperate that he wanted to jump out of the car without bothering about the consequences.

In spite of that, considering the fact that he had lost a lot of health because of the pan, he could only hold himself back from doing that.

Or else, should he really jump out of the car before Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong could arrive to save him, he would be \"run over for the second time\".

'Forget it, f*ck it!

Either way, he was going to die, so he decided to see if he could find another way out in Sosnovka Military Base.

Subsequently, Liu Zilang began talking to those players cheerfully as he attempted to influence them with his charm.

Unfortunately, apart from his \"despicable character\", he was not charming at all...


After crossing the ocean and hurdling hills, the red sedan car arrived at their final destination, Sosnovka Military Base.

\"Stop, stop, stop, just stop here.\"

Wang Qianqian sounded like she was asking a taxi driver to stop at her destination. She gave Liu Zilang a headache.

Once they stopped, she delegated jobs. \"You guys go search C Building, we'll be looting K Building, it'll be faster.\"

\"Alright,\" the player with the shotgun answered and then asked, \"Eh? Where are your teammates?\"

\"Our teammates are behind us, they'll be here soon.\" Liu Zilang tried to buy some time.

However, Wang Qianqian had left the car and was making her way to Duga.

Almost subconsciously, Liu Zilang glanced at the player beside him.

It was just as expected.

Right after Wang Qianqian alighted, he quickly stuck his head out and blasted a shot with his shotgun.


In a trice, bullets zoomed out of the barrel!

Blood was seen splattering out of Wang Qianqian's body. She then staggered a distance before finally collapsing to the ground with her hand pressed on her abdomen.

\"HuaXiaGoodTeammate knocked out SharkChilli with S1987!\"

\"Ah! Somebody's in Sosnovka Military Base!\" Wang Qianqian yelled!

Initially, Liu Zilang felt sorry for her but his face turned dark when he heard what she said. He only had one thought.

'Serves you right!'

At that moment, the driver giggled and ran over to her as he said, \"Missie, don't be scared, I'm here to save you!\"


Upon hearing the sound, Liu Zilang turned his head.

The player in seat number three pulled the trigger of his S1896, and placed another 12 gauge ammo into the gun's barrel.

Right then, Liu Zilang knew that he would not benefit from saying anything.

The instant the player pointed his gun at him, he switched to seat number two!


A muzzle flash lit up the car as a bullet hit the car window!

When Wang Qianqian noticed the muzzle flash and gunshot come from the car, she finally realized what was happening.

After being in a daze, she was furious. \"You... how can you kill your teammates! I, I, I, I...I'm going to report you!\"