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382 Top-up With A Code Of Conduct, Illegal Teaming? Part 2

 Liu Zilang had closed the quiz by then.

This was because he knew Zhang Xiaotong very well. 'That silly girl is too downright, she might actually top up gold.

'The problem is that you're dealing with Douyu's super admin, who knows where she gets her fishballs from...

'Besides, for all you know, she might be fishing for yours.'

Although Liu Zilang was against topping up gold, he felt that there was a need to \"top-up with a code of conduct\"!

For example, one could gift Liu Zilang a rocket or something and he could look for a chance to secretly take SharkChilli out. This was also known as pulling firewood out of one's stove!

Nonetheless, these acts must be performed behind closed doors, such that Liu Zilang could only cough to give signals.

Sadly, Zhang Xiaotong clearly lacked the ability to comprehend such things... When she saw that Liu Zilang had closed the quiz, she thought that he was taking sides with SharkChili. Thus, she scoffed discontentedly.


Then, the countdown timer in the spawn area ended.

Accompanied by the rumbling sounds of the airplane, the four of them entered the game.

The flight route of the match extended from the horizontal center, left of the map. It passed by Gatka, Rozhok, and Prison, before ending at the bottom of Lipovka. Overall, the flight route appeared to cut the map into half, horizontally.

With such a flight route, there were plenty of resource points on land. Correspondingly, this flight route meant that every spot would likely be occupied and those that jumped to big resource points would end up having a tough fight.

\"Where are we jumping to?\" Liu Zilang asked for their opinion.

\"Shifu~! Let's jump to a place with fewer players!\" Misaka Mikoto suggested.

\"I'm fine with anything.\" Wang Qianqian was not bothered.

\"Hmph, I'm fine with anything too,\" Zhang Xiaotong replied.

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched when he heard their replies.

'The two of them got along well when they met just now, why are they against each other now?

'Hah, girls!'

Instantly, Liu Zilang made his decision.

He marked a few spots at the West bridge's bridgehead where vehicles spawned and then cleared his throat. \"How about this, we'll look for a vehicle to get to Sosnovka Military Base. Let's split up, and inform each other if we manage to find one.\"

After hearing Liu Zilang's plan, the three of them had no objections.

Once they jumped off the plane, they split up around the bridgehead to broaden their search area. They did this in case they failed to find a vehicle the moment they landed.

As they descended to the ground, Liu Zilang took a look around them and noticed that there was another \"like-minded\" squad beside them.

Right away, Liu Zilang notified the others, \"Be careful, somebody's going for the vehicles too. If you can't get one, fly further. Don't let them run you down with a vehicle.\"

As soon as he finished, Wang Qianqian shouted in their voice chat, \"I see a car, it's there! It's there!\"

Liu Zilang noticed a player near them and quickly replied, \"Land faster, somebody's going for it too!\"

\"He won't get to it before I do!\" Wang Qianqian was confident.

Even though she was certain, Liu Zilang was worried. This was because from what he recalled, Wang Qianqian had always been so assertive since she was young. However, the ending was never positive.

When Liu Zilang thought about that, he swiftly changed directions and descended together with Wang Qianqian.

As for Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto, they found a three-wheeled motorcycle somewhere else, thus they did not follow them.

A brief moment later, the sound of parachutes being opened was heard.

Almost at the same time, Liu Zilang, Wang Qianqian, and the other player landed beside the orange sedan car.

\"Quick, get in!\"

The two of them immediately dashed toward the car like rabbits!

\"I got it! Haha!\"

Wang Qianqian shrieked.

However, the next second, she was dumbfounded.

This was because apart from Liu Zilang and herself, there was a third person.

Most importantly, she was in seat number two, Liu Zilang was in seat number three, and the driver who was taking control of the steering wheel was not from their squad.

All of a sudden, the two of them were stupefied.

Dissatisfied, while the two of them were deciding if they should leave the car, that player had stepped on the accelerator.

With that, there was no way they could leave the car...

\"GG! Vic and SharkChilli got on a black car!\"

\"Isn't that a hearse? Tsk, tsk...why do I have a bad feeling about this!\"

Seeing as the two of them failed to take control of the vehicle and had become their enemy's passengers, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel burst out laughing.

Many of them began making bold assumptions.

In the game, Liu Zilang tried to ask through the All voice chat, \"Brother, let's talk this out, can you let us out?\"

After asking twice, Liu Zilang was unsure if that player had turned off the All voice chat or he could not be bothered with him.

He never responded.

Soon, Liu Zilang gave up asking...

Right then, Wang Qianqian who was on the passenger seat quickly calmed down after the moment of shock.

She turned on her All voice chat and asked plainly, \"Brother, can you hear me?\"

\"Wah, it's a missie!\" A rather creepy voice was heard.

Straight away, Liu Zilang's face turned dark. He wished to punch that player in the face.

Unfortunately, one would at least need a weapon to hit another player in a vehicle. It was such that fists could not be used. Thus, he could only hold it in for and wait for Wang Qianqian to negotiate with him.

Since that player responded, Wang Qianqian continued to ask, \"Brother, where are you heading to?\"

\"Sosnovka Military Base.\" That player answered.

\"What a coincidence, we're heading there too.\" Wang Qianqian then proposed, \"How about we form a temporary team?\"

\"Form a team?\"

That player was startled for a while but quickly giggled and replied, \"That sounds great!\"

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words...

'Are you f*cking kidding me?'

At that moment, the sedan car was nearing the gas station at the bridgehead.

The player said, \"Wait a second, I'm picking someone up, I'll introduce you to my teammate.\"


Liu Zilang was taken aback.

Next, he turned to look and saw a player walking out from the gas station with a shotgun.

'F*ck me...he's going to kill us, isn't he?'

When Liu Zilang saw him, he could not help but whisper in their YY voice chat, \" about we use this opportunity to escape.\"

To his surprise, Wang Qianqian comforted Liu Zilang, \"Don't worry, we formed a team, he won't shoot you.\"

Liu Zilang was speechless.

'This chick is really gullible!

'You trust him?'

However, the player with the shotgun did not shoot them. Instead, he entered the car right away.

Followed by that, the driver drove toward the West bridge at Sosnovka Military Base.

Liu Zilang was totally stunned. He wondered, 'Since when did this game become so peaceful and friendly?

'Have I been too narrow-hearted?'

All of a sudden, the player with the shotgun asked, \"Brother, where are your other teammates?\"