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381 Unspoken Rules? Part 1

 In the living room, Zhang Xiaotong's bedroom door was left ajar.

Misaka Mikoto bent over as she peeped through the gap. The second she saw Wang Qianqian stomp out with her slippers, she whispered to Zhang Xiaotong who was absent-minded, \"She's out! She's out!\"

\"Really?\" Zhang Xiaotong became focused right away and then turned her head as she scoffed. \"Hmph! Let them be, I can't be bothered about him.\"

Misaka Mikoto chuckled. \"I told you, Shifu is a good person, he wouldn't do something like that.\"

As she said that, Zhang Xiaotong went into Liu Zilang's live streaming channel and noticed that his bullet screen was flooded with comments. He was playing duo with a person called \"SharkChilli\" and there was an \"unspoken rule\"...

'SharkChilli? Unspoken rule?'

Zhang Xiaotong furrowed her brows as she pondered. She then recalled that SharChilli was the one who lost 3 million fish balls in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel!

Right then, a lady's voice could be heard in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel.

\"Are you there, are you there?\"

\"I'm here, why must you follow me?\"

\"Hmph, say it again?\"

\"Forget it, forget it, I'll add you!\"

The instant Zhang Xiaotong heard their conversation in YY, she was shocked!

'It's that girl! He must've been threatened!

'No, I must not let her get away with it!'

As Zhang Xiaotong thought, she quickly reached for her phone and began typing on it.



On Liu Zilang's desk, his phone vibrated.

When Liu Zilang saw the WeChat message, he was startled.

It was a short message from Zhang Xiaotong that only had three words.

\"Add us too.\"

Liu Zilang immediately realized that she clearly meant herself and Misaka Mikoto.

'Why are they getting themselves into this too?'

Liu Zilang could not help but shake his head.

Earlier, as soon as he logged in to the game, Wang Qianqian sent him a message as Douyu's super admin and requested that he added her into his squad.

When it happened, Liu Zilang was unsuspecting and did not hide the message away from his spectators. That was why they had been saying it was an \"*sshole deal\" between the two of them.

Especially when the spectators in his live streaming channel heard SharkChilli's voice in YY, they became extremely agitated.

\"I'm shocked! Douyu's most mysterious super admin, SharkChilli, is a chick!\"

\"F*ck... super admin sends a back end message to play a duo match with a streamer, that's a first!\"

\"I got it, I got it. It turns out that back end messages can be used for chit-chatting!\"

\"Do you guys notice the dirty *sshole deal behind this? There's an insider! There's definitely an insider!\"

\"GG...the super admin is Vic's sugar mommy, isn't she!\"

\"Shut up! You're not allowed to speak of Ah Lang like that! Is Ah Lang like that?\"

\"Brother, honestly, are you that oblivious about this?\"

\"If Vic gets closer to the super admin, will there be videos of them in his live streaming channel?\"

\"Hey, can you pursue something else? Anytime, anywhere... I have a bottle of Nutri-express[1]!\"


Upon seeing the bullet screen of his live streaming channel, Liu Zilang experienced a headache. He felt that his followers had wild imaginations!

Coincidentally, Zhang Xiaotong sent him a message at that time.

Initially, Liu Zilang could not make sense of why the two girls were keen on joining him. Later, he realized that it would be better if he let Zhang Xiaotong join him too.

At the very least, Zhang Xiaotong was also a Douyu streamer. If she joined him, nobody would continue saying that he had made an *sshole deal with SharkChilli because he was playing duo with her.

Therefore, soon enough, Liu Zilang added Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto into his squad when they came online.

In their YY channel, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto greeted Wang Qianqian.

Nonetheless, for some reason, none of them expressed that they actually knew each other. Hence, it was as if it was their first encounter.

Liu Zilang let out a dry cough and said, \"Get ready, we're about to get rolling.\"

Once the three of them heard Liu Zilang, they indicated their readiness for the match.

After a few days of preparation, the Miramar map had officially become available online. Even so, it was not open for manual selection. It was such that the map would be chosen at random, and both maps had the same probability of being selected.

Once Liu Zilang's squad was ready, their screens changed. They then appeared on an island which was the spawn area of the old map.

In their voice chat, Liu Zilang noticed that the three of them were unusually silent. There was quite an awkward atmosphere.

In order to liven up the ambiance, he said, \"That, uh...I'll go set up a quiz.\"

Right after he said so, he began typing on his keyboard.

Subsequently, three questions appeared on his live streaming channel.

\"Will we get chicken dinner this match?\"

\"Will I get more than 15 kills in this match?\"

\"Will SharkChilli survive until the end of this match?\"

\"Come, come, come, place your bets! Xiaotong and the others, go take a look at it too?\" Liu Zilang said cheerfully in their voice chat.

The moment the quiz was out, his spectators began placing their bets.

For the first question of whether they would win chicken dinner, there was a notable inclination of votes.

It was without a doubt that Liu Zilang's skills were evident, and he was worthy of the titles \"Chicken King of Douyu's Attractive Section\", and \"Human-implant Hack\". In the offline qualifier that numerous professional players took part in the day before, he was given the title the \"Solo King Killing God\". This validated his skills perfectly.

Unfortunately, this time, he was playing in a 4-man squad.

Misaka Mikoto was not an issue at all. Though she tended to be clumsy during matches, she was a professional player from SST.

The ones were a problem were Zhang Xiaotong and SharkChilli whose skills were still unknown...

With that, after the bets were placed, as compared to those who voted \"Yes\", there were many more people who voted \"No\".

Nevertheless, for the second question, the votes were one-sided. Most of them felt that as long as Liu Zilang did not pull any strings from behind the scenes and did not encounter unpreventable incidents such as being bombed by the red zone, his skills would allow him to acquire 15 kills in a random matchmade game.

For the third question of \"Will SharkChilli survive till the end\", there was a rare scene whereby two rich voters voted \"Yes\" and \"No\" respectively.

One was Zhang Xiaotong who bet 1 million fishballs on \"No\"; the other one was Wang Qianqian who opposed her by betting 1 million fishballs on \"Yes\"!

As for the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel, many of them bet \"No\" since they were fans of Zhang Xiaotong but there was also quite a number from the \"super admin gang\" who bet \"Yes\".

Despite that, overall, Zhang Xiaotong's magnetism in Douyu was impressive.

Not long after, there was an obvious inclination for the third question whereby more people voted \"No\" instead of \"Yes\".

Upon seeing this, Wang Qianqian immediately bet another 2 million fishballs on \"Yes\".

Adding to the scale!

Zhang Xiaotong pouted her lips and scoffed. She then reached for her phone to top up more credits...


[1] A popular saying for when one sees or watches sexually explicit materials, or just had sex, they'll need to drink a bottle of Nutri-express to 'recharge' because their health can't keep up