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380 SharkChilli’s Plan, Parallel Live Stream!

 In any case, undoubtedly, Douyu was one of the single-line live streaming platforms in the country with the highest site traffic and popularity.

This meant that although \"Douyu's best streamer\" seemed like an ordinary title, it came together with an unbearable sense of responsibility and pressure.

Back then, 55.OPEN.Roger who used to be \"Douyu's best streamer\" had once mentioned on China TV, \"Do you want my wealth? If you want it, come look for it in Douyu, I'm leaving everything here.\" He had all the fame and wealth at that time.

Owing to that, countless people flooded Douyu. It caused a \"Douyu era\" to emerge in the live streaming scene.

One could imagine how difficult it was to become \"Douyu's best streamer\" since there were multitudes of competitors.

At most, Wang Qianqian's father was one of the many shareholders of Douyu, and he was unlikely to be one who had bigger shares.

It was not an easy task for anyone to mold \"Douyu's best streamer\", let alone Wang Qianqian who was only an insignificant super admin.

Therefore, when Liu Zilang heard Wang Qianqian's proposal, it did not matter if he wanted the title or not because he did not believe in her.

'You're just SharkChilli, do you think that you can fly to Heaven now...

'You think you're Captain Tomborg?'[1]

However, when Wang Qianqian heard Liu Zilang's question, she ignored him. She took a good look at him again and nodded satisfyingly.

\"I think you have the potential to be Douyu's best streamer!\"

Upon hearing her, Liu Zilang's face turned dark. He wondered, 'F*ck, we can't even hold a proper conversation now!'

Unquestionably, Wang Qianqian meant that he had the potential to die... Discontented, Liu Zilang responded, \"You have no proof at all, why are you slandering me!\"

As if refuting Liu Zilang, Wang Qianqian stared right into his eyes and then raised a finger in a serious manner. \"Firstly, you're handsome!\"

Then and there, Liu Zilang's face turned \"ashy\", and he had a deep sense of powerlessness...

This was because he could not find the right words to disprove what Wang Qianqian said!

Wang Qianqian smirked and then raised another finger. \"Secondly, you're detestable!\"

In a trice, Liu Zilang's face turned dark...

'I, Cobrander[2], am going to smash your head today!'

Despite that, Wang Qianqian could not be bothered about the change in Liu Zilang's facial expression. She raised her third finger as she remarked, \"Thirdly, you have excellent skills!\"

As soon as Liu Zilang heard this, he felt powerless again...

He took a deep breath and then exhaled before he said, \"Alright, even if those three points are justifiable, are you saying that they're enough for me to be Douyu's best streamer?\"

\"Of course not!\" Wang Qianqian shook her head flatly.

Liu Zilang wanted to punch someone.

\"You still need a chance!\" Wang Qianqian crossed her arms in front of her, snapped her fingers and then fixed her gaze on Liu Zilang again. \"A chance that distinguishes you from other streamers, a chance for you to stand out!\"

\"For example...\" Liu Zilang was bewildered.

\"You know of the overseas platform, Twitch, right?\" Wang Qianqian paused for a while before she continued, \"Recently, our platform had a strategic partnership with them. Some popular game streamers will be chosen and their live stream videos will be channeled to Twitch.\"

Of course, Liu Zilang knew about Twitch. It was one of the largest game streaming platforms overseas that had 50 million monthly views, and supported 28 countries and languages. It included both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Top-notch PUBG players such as Shroud who used to be in C9, chocotaco from TSM, and Guru G were streamers of the platform.

On the contrary, perhaps due to its audience, professional players from China rarely streamed live on Twitch. Instead, some streamers and professional players streamed on YY.

Hence, Liu Zilang was puzzled when he heard Wang Qianqian's reply. \"You're saying... A live stream on both sides at the same time?\"

Wang Qianqian nodded. \"Something like that but you're not signing a contract with them. You'll be officially cooperating with us and your gift earnings will be your part of the share.\"

Subsequently, Wang Qianqian grinned. \"You used to play professionally and have a substantial amount of fans overseas. As long as you can get control of the spectators from Twitch, that'll be the chance that sets you apart from other streamers on Douyu. It'll be a chance for you to be Douyu's best streamer!\"

When Wang Qianqian finished, she lifted her chin up like an arrogant white goose.

Once Liu Zilang heard Wang Qianqian's progressive analysis plan, he gasped and exclaimed in admiration, \"You're truly... full of tricks!\"

Wang Qianqian immediately went from being a white goose to a black goose.

She glared at Liu Zilang. \"I'm being serious with you. You're an adult now, why are you so light-hearted?\"

\"Yes, in the blink of an eye, we've grown up.\"

Liu Zilang looked up to the sky... the ceiling and then spoke leisurely, \"You're right, but I want to remain as the Attractive Section's chicken king, so whoever wants to be Douyu's best streamer can go for it!\"

\"Hmph, unambitious!\"

Wang Qianqian gritted her teeth and was resentful as it was not what she expected. \"You're Captain Dark, don't you have a dream or something you seek?\"

\"Qianqian, you've changed.\"

Liu Zilang turned to look at her before saying gently, \"Do you remember our promise under the cherry tree? You'll plow the fields while I water them, you'll herd the cows while I feed them. You're my imperial concubine! Why can't you support me?\"

\"Why is it that I have to plow the fields while you water them, and I'll herd the cows while you feed them?\" Wang Qianqian questioned him in return.

Quickly after, she realized that she was getting the wrong point. Her face was flushed red as she yelled, \"D*mn you! Who the h*ll is your concubine! Go to h*ll!\"

Right after she said that, she stomped out of his room and slammed the door behind her!

She was totally different compared to when she entered previously...

\"How's it that promises are so easy to forget, while you glibly accuse the heart as the denier...\"[3]

Liu Zilang sighed softly. However deep down, he was chuckling.

'SharkChilli, how dare you try to take control of me, the messenger of Star Peace?

'In your dreams!'

However, Liu Zilang was unaware that after Wang Qianqian returned to her room, she received a phone call.

She tried her best to remain calm as she replied, \"Yes, I've talked to him, he doesn't have any opinion on this and is very grateful for the opportunity. He'll be the first streamer to be promoted in this strategic partnership...\"

At the same time, Liu Zilang switched on his live streaming channel.

Once the followers of his live streaming channel received the push notification, they flooded his live streaming channel.

\"F*ck! You're still streaming live?!\"

\"Please, stop showing off, just get another chicken dinner tomorrow!\"

\"Is anyone here going to watch the competition live? If Vic causes any trouble tomorrow, we'll take him down. If worst comes to worst, we'll boycott his live streaming channel.\"

\"Vic is still a child, you're being too ruthless! Why don't you consider breaking one of his legs and giving him another chance?\"


Once Liu Zilang began streaming live, he took a look at his bullet screen and was speechless.

Concurrently, a few minutes into his live stream, on the new interface of Twitch's platform, there was a real-time live video of his channel...


[1] A mysterious dragonfly-type judgment robot from B-Robo Kabutack

[2] A cobra-type robot in B-Robo Kabutack

[3] A poem from Nalan Xingde's 'Long Gone Are The Days When We First Met'