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379 The Development Plan Of Douyu’s Best Streamer!

 'SharkChilli Wang Qianqian!

'So it's you!'

After finding out the truth, Liu Zilang almost wept...

'3 million fishballs!

'Just like that, they were all gone!

'Seriously, you could've thought it through, and I could've secretly controlled the outcome.

'After that, we could split the profit fifty-fifty. If that doesn't work, I would settle for thirty-seventy!'

When Liu Zilang thought about this as he looked at Wang Qianqian who was rather embarrassed beside him, he could not help but shake his head and sigh.

'A black sheep indeed!'


By the time they arrived home, Zhang Jingyi was still in the kitchen.

Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were seen moving around in the living room as they set up dinnerware happily.

The second they saw Wang Qianqian enter with her luggage, they were both startled.

However, Liu Yigang only picked up the remote control and sat on the couch. He had no intention of introducing her.

Clearly, he pushed the responsibility to Liu Zilang.

Right away, Liu Zilang pouted. He silently cursed at Liu Yigang but forced a smile as he explained to Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto, \"Ahem... let me introduce... this is Qianqian, she'll be staying with us for the time being. As for how long...\"

Subsequently, Liu Zilang cast a sidelong glance at Liu Yigang.

At that time, Liu Yigang who appeared to be completely immersed in his own world was about to switch the channel with the remote. It was such that he had completely ignored what was going on around him.

'The problem is, why are you so engrossed in switching channels?'

Liu Zilang hesitated and did not raise his question in the end.

Right then, Wang Qianqian spoke, \"I'll move out once I find another place.\"

Upon hearing her, Zhang Xiaotong's tensed up face became more relaxed. Thus, she nodded and greeted her, \"Hello.\"

On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto bowed and said affectionately, \"Hello!\"

Between the two of them, by the time Zhang Xiaotong moved into the house, Wang Qianqian had moved out long ago. Hence, they were not acquainted with each other, let alone Misaka Mikoto.

Comparatively, Wang Qianqian had watched the three of them in the same live stream before this and was aware of their relationship. Thus, she quickly greeted them with a smile without Liu Zilang's introduction.

At that moment, Liu Yigang who was on the couch uttered, \"Later, Qianqian can put her luggage in my room, which will be hers for now. I'll be leaving with your aunt after dinner.\"

Then, he turned to Wang Qianqian with a smile on his face. \"If that fellow bullies you, just call me. I'll come back to break his leg.\"

Right after he said that, he shot a look at Liu Zilang.

When Liu Zilang heard what Liu Yigang said, and noticed the look he was giving him, he was at a loss for words.

'What do you mean?'


After dinner, Liu Yigang ended his \"inspection\" that he carried out every now and then before leaving with Zhang Jingyi.

Although Liu Zilang sent them off with a reluctant look on his face, he sighed a long breath of relief when he entered his house again.

'Hehe, it really feels better when dad isn't around!'

Even though Liu Yigang was not a serious person, he loved acting like one.

With that being said, Liu Zilang had to act seriously too, and it made him feel uneasy!

Therefore, Liu Zilang was reluctant to be in the same room as Liu Yigang.

When Liu Zilang went upstairs, he noticed that the living room was dead silent. Hence, he decided to sit on the couch for some time. As soon as he felt bored, he returned to his room.

However, shortly after he returned to his room, someone knocked on his door.

Initially, Liu Zilang thought that Zhang Xiaotong or Misaka Mikoto was looking for him but it turned out to be Wang Qianqian.

She had changed into a white round-necked short-sleeved shirt, a pair of denim shorts that revealed her long delicate legs, and slippers.

She no longer looked embarrassed from being exposed by Liu Zilang that she was \"SharkChilli\". Instead, she appeared to be unusually calm and composed.

After opening the door, Wang Qianqian looked at Liu Zilang in the eye and then walked straight into his room. She looked around while her hands were crossed in front of her chest.

At once, Liu Zilang's heart sank.

'As expected... what's meant to come will come...'

Earlier on, Liu Zilang was confused. Even if one were to change from a kawaii look to having long black hair, as long as one never encountered a significant character change, one would not change much.

Back then, not only was Wang Qianqian a \"king's lady\" in that alley but she was also the spokesperson of SharkChilli the great villain. Her iron fists suppressed over ten children including Liu Zilang, the \"king of the children\", which silenced them even though they were indignant.

'For a girl like her, would she be anxious just because I exposed her SharkChilli identity?

'This doesn't seem real...

'Sure enough.'

As soon as Liu Yigang left, she returned to her true form...

After taking a good look at Liu Zilang's bedroom, Wang Qianqian commented, \"Tsk, tsk, it's still as messy as when you were younger.\"

Liu Zilang's face turned dark right away, and he replied snappily, \"Why are you here in Jianghai? You're not here to attack me, are you?\"

Seeing how Liu Zilang was not holding back with his words, Wang Qianqian became more direct.

She turned to look Liu Zilang in the eye and gave a straight answer, \"Because of you!\"

'Because of me?'

Liu Zilang was stunned.

With that being said, he was not foolish enough to think that there was an unforgettable relationship between them, such that she came all the way to seek true love...

He was only puzzled about what made Wang Qianqian travel all the way to find him.

Wang Qianqian seemed to be very pleased with Liu Zilang's reaction.

She stared straight into Liu Zilang's eyes and tempted him, \"Do you...want to be Douyu's best streamer?\"

'Douyu's best streamer?'

Liu Zilang was taken aback.

'A pirate king who doesn't want to be the Hokage isn't a good soul reaper[1]!'

Almost immediately, Liu Zilang replied firmly, \"No!\"

The elegant smile of Wang Qianqian's face froze right away. Evidently, she did not expect Liu Zilang to reply so firmly, thus she quickly asked, \"Why?\"

Liu Zilang answered calmly, \"That's a cursed position, I don't want to die yet.\"

Wang Qianqian choked when she heard his response, to which she replied irritably, \"Who told you that... don't worry, as long as I'm here, nobody can do anything to you.\"

Liu Zilang twitched his mouth.

Her tone reminded him of Sharkchilli who instigated a rebellion for him, Kabutack[2], to join her side.

\"However, I'm quite touched, just like I was in the past,\" Liu Zilang shrugged. \"I really just want to be the Chicken King of the Attractive Section.\"

Followed by that, he looked at Wang Qianqian and continued, \"Besides, if I really want to, how are you going to make it happen?\"


[1] Pirate king, Hokage (fire shadow), and soul reaper come from the manga series One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, respectively. This is a famous phrase that means if a person is given the chance to be in a certain position, but is reluctant to do it, he or she won't do well no matter what

[2] A B-Robot from B-Robo Kabutack, a Japanese TV series