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378 Long Time No See, Wang Erya!

 Liu Zilang was thinking over his options whilst wincing at the predicament he was in.

Just then, a young girl pulling a wheeled suitcase emerged from the arrival hall. She was slick and tall, with a beautiful oval face. It accented with her small mouth and nicely sculpted nose. She was also wearing a pair of shades and had silky smooth shoulder-length straight black hair!

When the lady saw this girl, she got on her tiptoes and started waving her hand.

That girl was quite tall. After surveying the crowd quickly, she saw the lady waving. She then walked over with her suitcase in hand.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang unconsciously started to rub his chin. He thought to himself, 'Then this must be Wang Erya, right?'

After not seeing her for so many years, to think that doll-like little girl would develop through the Kawaii route in terms of her appearance. It was the complete opposite of what he had pictured in his head...

While Liu Zilang was in shock, the girl walked over to them. Removing her shades, she quickly greeted her mother.

The lady chuckled. \"Hehe, This is your Uncle Liu. You remember him, right? When you were young, he used to live right opposite our house. Hurry up and greet him.\"

\"Hello, Uncle Liu.\" Wang Qianqian politely greeted.

\"Over there's Ah Lang.\" The lady continued to introduce her company with a smile on her face.

Hearing this, Liu Zilang forced out the best smile he could as he nodded at the girl.

Out of the blue, a mobile phone ringtone started blaring out.

Wang Qianqian dug out her phone from her purse and then walking a few steps away from them, picked it up.

Seeing this, the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth started to twitch!

'This f*cking destroyed the whole cutesy atmosphere they had going on! What the hell!'

\"This child... I don't know where all her manners went.\" Seeing her daughter walk off, the lady started nagging. She then looked over to Liu Zilang with an apologetic look. \"I'm really sorry about this. Ah Lang, I hope you won't take it to heart.\"

Liu Zilang opened his mouth, and he was about to say that it was no big deal.

However, Liu Yigang, who was standing beside him, cut him off as he waved his hand in front of him. \"It's fine, it's fine. Maybe my son is just too ugly. Qianqian must've not been able to take it when she saw his face, give her some time to regain her posture.\"

'What the f*ck...'

Liu Zilang's face stiffened instantly!

Even the lady was dumbfounded. She laughed awkwardly as she said, \"Ol' Liu, it's not that I want to berate you, but how can you just put down your own child like this.

\"Ah Lang, don't worry about it. You're not ugly, you're actually quite handsome for a young lad.\"

Hearing this, Liu Zilang's face stiffened even more.

'I know you're trying to comfort me, but Auntie, why are you saying it in such a patronizing tone?'

A moment later, Wang Qianqian ended her call. Then, as she walked back over, she seemed to have given Liu Zilang an apologetic look.

However, Liu Zilang turned his head, completely ignoring her.

'This son of a b*tch is feeling pissed now!

'The kind that can't be soothed!'

Seeing Liu Zilang, Wang Qianqian was stunned. However, the corners of her mouth instantly perked up.

The lady at the side started her lecture, \"You lil' brat, why don't you even have some basic manners? Acting like you're so busy every day and every night... You can't be like that anymore when you're living in their house. Speaking of which, it's all your dad's fault for letting you go be that stupid Admin thingy...\"

\"Mom!\" At that point, Wang Qianqian suddenly interrupted her, \"I understand.\"


Hearing that, Liu Zilang was shocked. It sounded like some big shot position, could she be holding some position even higher than the executives in a company?[1]

He could not help but look over at Wang Qianqian once more, his mind was filled with self-deprecating thoughts.

He was pondering over whether that chick was really that amazing.

'After all, to be able to be an Admin that was managing the Executives of a company, she must have at least had a couple of hundred men at her disposal, right?

'Especially since a position in the managerial role was not something a person could just inherit, without the correct skillset, no one would listen to them.

'But wait a minute...

'Why does the word Admin sound so familiar?'

As Liu Zilang was pondering, the lady looked at her watch. It seems like she had a flight to catch a bit later tonight.

\"Ol' Liu, then, I'll entrust Qianqian to you guys.\"

\"No worries, no worries. You can rest easy on your flight back. Oh right, about the shares we talked about...\"

\"Hehe, you cheeky bastard... No worries! I'll definitely tell Ol' Wang about it when I get home.\"

\"Now look at you, pleasure working with you... It just happened to appear in my mind...\"


Hearing their conversation, Liu Zilang's mouth started to twitch uncontrollably.

'This old man is really getting more and more... How do I describe it...'

With that out of the way, Liu Yigang brought the two of them back home.

On the backseat of the car, Liu Zilang stared out the window. Suddenly, he seemed to have an epiphany.


'Huh! Wasn't there a bunch of admins on Douyu?'

Previously, he was a prey of preconceived heuristics. He knew that Uncle Wang was a businessman, so the moment he heard the word \"Admin\" he related it to a managerial role inside a company's structure.

However, when he thought about Auntie Chen's tone, something definitely seemed off...

'Is she an admin on a certain livestream platform?'

With that in mind, Liu Zilang unconsciously shifted his focus as he sneaked a peek at Wang Qianqian who was seated beside him.

Then, he thought of an idea. He asked Liu Yigang who was driving the car a question, \"Err... What kind of business does Uncle Wang do in Jianghai?\"

\"Why are you asking that?\"

Liu Yigang, who was focussed on driving, took a look at Liu Zilang from the rearview mirror. He lazily answered, \"Frontier Technology Development, Web Data Analytics, Massively Multiplayer Social Media... Screw it, you're just a brat with barely any academic background. You won't understand even it if I told you, try to learn some stuff from Qianqian in the future.\"

Holding back his anger, Liu Zilang prodded further, \"Livestream platforms?\"

\"Huh? Even you know about that?\"

Liu Yigang had a dubious tone in his voice as he turned around to look at Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang frowned. 'It was something even a secondary school student like Zhang Xiaotong would f*cking know, okay? Only you're old *ss would think of it as some sort of new high-tech thing...'

However, suddenly, a lightbulb appeared in Liu Zilang's mind. A few keywords had drifted into his brain.

'Jianghan? Livestream platforms? Douyu? Admin?'

The next moment, Liu Zilang jolted up!

He turned his head over toward Wang Qianqian, unconsciously saying under his breath, \"SharkChili?\"

Hearing this, Wang Qianqian who was silently sitting next to the other car window trembled.

She opened her eyes wide as she glared at Liu Zilang.

Then, she immediately waved her hands. \"I'm not! Stop your stupid nonsense! What Chilli?!\"

As soon as she finished, she quickly turned her head and looked outside the window.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched...'Could you be any more obvious?'

When he was streaming the previous night, he was originally quite curious about why SharkChili was always hanging around on his stream. No matter what, she would appear at first notice. She was more of a mod than an admin at that point.

He was thinking to himself about whether or not Douyu admins had that much free time? Were they just chilling around his streams whenever they had downtime?

In the end, with all of those things connecting together in his head, that name appeared in his mind. Then, he accidentally said it out loud.

Never would he have expected his wild guess to be true!

With that in mind, Liu Zilang could not help but make a complicated expression...

This was because he had remembered something from his childhood days. Back when he and his friends were watching a local cartoon, he and his group of brats were partaking in a roleplay session. The role that he gave to Wang Qianqian, if he remembered correctly, was none other than Shark Chili...

Back then, their main goal was to defeat the evil forces led by Shark Chili!

Never would he have expected that after so many years, she would have turned into Shark Chili...


[1] The word for Admin or Administrator here is , which is usually short for , though it is also used as the term for the admins on streaming sites like Douyu and Twitch. Translated literally, it would be Super Manager. On the other hand, company executives are usually called , which is short for . Translated literally, it would be High-level Manager.