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377 Dad, Please Stop INT-ing!

 Title Translator's Note: It is a play on words since it's the Chinese term for INT-ing is \"Lang\", which is the third word of Liu Zilang's name and his pet name. INT-ing is a reference to the gamer slang 'intentional feeding', popularized by League of Legends streamer Tyler1, who was once infamously known for intentionally feeding when he did not get his way. Nowadays, the phrase is often used, alongside the more generic \"feeding\", when someone is playing badly, trolling and griefing. In real life, it is also jokingly used when someone is intentionally getting into trouble or intentionally making things more difficult.

How was he gonna explain?

An apprentice?

Why did it sound even dodgier that way?

Liu Zilang was stunned and was pondering over what to say. Wu Xiubo... No, Liu Yigang, who was seated on the sofa, gave him a kick, \"Where's the introduction.\"

'F*ck me!'

Liu Zilang frowned.

He was pissed that this old man of his did not try to save him some face in front of complete strangers.

However, as he panicked and said, \"Errrm... That... Xiaotong, hurry up and introdu...\"

Before he could finish, he felt another kick on his shin.

As the saying goes, \"No one knows the Son except the Father.\"[1] Liu Yigang turned his head over, glared at him and angrily said, \"I asked YOU to introduce her.\"

Zhang Xiaotong, who had originally planned on helping Liu Zilang to become his scapegoat, sneaked a peek at Liu Zilang after she heard Liu Yigang's words. Instantly, she turned around, not saying a word.

At that time, Zhang Jingyi angrily rolled her eyes at Liu Yigang. Warning him she said, \"Ask questions nicely. What kind of father kicks their child like that?\"

Then, she took a good look at Misaka Mikoto, before revealing a warm smile that was as sweet as honey. \"What a beautiful young lady! Ah Lang, dear, do you mind introducing her to auntie?\"

Hearing how Zhang Jingyi phrased her words, Liu Zilang started to feel bad if he rejected her request. Back then, when he ran away from home, if it was not for Zhang Jingyi supporting him secretly, he would have starved to death in Se7en's training base if he solely relied on the pocket money his dad gave him.

Hearing her words, he walked back in between the two with his bag on his back before coughing wryly. \"Errr... I'll formally introduce you guys, this is my old man and my auntie. Misaka, you can understand, right?\"

\"Mmhmm.\" Misaka Mikoto nervously tugged onto his sleeves, nodding almost like a chick trying to peck on food. Then, she bowed and said, \"Nice to meet you Uncle! Nice to meet you Auntie!\"

Liu Zilang coughed once more before continuing, \"This is Misaka Mikoto, my...\"


Hearing this, the smile on Zhang Jingyi's face got even wider. On the other hand, Liu Yigang, who was still sitting on the sofa watching the TV, remained motionless. However, his ears seemed to have perched up a bit.

\"Cough... My apprentice.\" Liu Zilang seriously nodded and said, \"Yep, that's all to it. She's just temporarily staying over at our place for a few nights.\"

Hearing the word \"apprentice\", although she had no idea about the full implications of the term, Zhang Jingyi's smile stiffened.

It was obviously a lot different than what she had expected.

On the other hand, Liu Yigang glared daggers at him. His stone-cold glare gave off the implication that he was utterly disappointed in his son's maturity.

However, after the introductions, the two elders still gave a passionate greeting to Misaka Mikoto, welcoming her into their home.

Seeing that, Liu Zilang could not help but let out a huge sigh of relief. He threw a comforting look over at the still-frantic Misaka Mikoto who was staring at him. Then, he hurriedly ran to his room to keep his bag.

When he came back out, Zhang Yingyi was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto seemed to have also returned to their own rooms, leaving Liu Yigang alone on the living room couch.

Liu Zilang looked over at the food placed on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Lightly catching a whiff of the food, he chuckled cheerfully. \"Smells delicious!\"

He said as he hopped onto the sofa.

However, Liu Yigang threw him a glance and said, \"Don't start eating first. Make yourself a bit more presentable, you're gonna accompany me to go fetch Wang Erya later.\"

\"Wang Erya?\" Liu Zilang was confused.

\"Your Uncle Wang's baby girl down the street from the past. Have you forgotten about her?\" Liu Yigang had a half-smile on his face as he let out a \"tsk\".

\"You had quite a good relationship with her when you guys were young. You even often brought her back home saying she was part of your harem?\"

Hearing this, the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth twitched, he was left completely speechless.

Back then, he was still young and immature. Being hailed as the \"King of Children\" on the streets, he loved to spend time playing with the girls in the neighborhood.

Wang Erya was Ol' Wang's precious daughter from next door. Her real name was Wang Qianqian. In the past, the chick was known as the \"Venu of the streets\", with her doll-like appearance. Hence, Liu Zilang gave her the title of \"Street Beauty\" and declared her as the first in his harem.

Just two years after that, Uncle Wang had to move from Jianghai over to Jianghan due to his business. At that time, she was also sent overseas and the two did not keep in contact.

After so many years, the past was painful to reminisce...

He never expected his old man to have him go pick up Wang Erya. He did not know what to do.

\"You still keep in contact... With Ol' Uncle Wang?\"

Liu Zilang prodded further.

\"Stop your blabbering,\" Liu Yigang spat back. \"Just do as you're told. Hurry up and go do something about that hair of yours, it looks like a bloody bird's nest. How the hell did I end up with a son like you?\"

After he finished, he let out a loud sigh as he looked over at Liu Zilang with disdain.

Instantly, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched. He thought to himself angrily, 'Will I be there only as conversation material?'

However, since he had not met Wang Erya in such a long time, Liu Zilang was quite curious about what that brat looked like after so long.

Since his old man had ordered him, there was no point in going against it. He quickly went to his bathroom and styled his hair a little.

After that, he looked at the mirror as he said proudly, \"What a f*cking handsome beast. Not to toot my own horn but I must be the most handsome man in Jianghai!\"

When he was done, he turned around and walked out. He brushed past Liu Yigang as he walked out.

Liu Zilang originally thought that he was going to use the toilet, but when he turned around, he realized that Liu Yigang was there to look at the mirror.

He saw that Liu Yigang had taken off his glasses, and was moving both his hands through his hair from the front to the back. Then, he put his glasses back on and nodded while haughtily saying out loud, \"What a handsome man. Not to toot my own horn, but I must be the most handsome man in Huaxia!

\"Sigh... What a waste...\"

Liu Zilang, who had not walked far from the washroom, could not help but frown. It was as if he almost fell headfirst from the cringe.

'This old man... Does he know no shame?!'

It was quite early, so there was no rush for dinner.

After Liu Yigang greeted Zhang Jingyi who was in the kitchen, he brought Liu Zilang and headed out. Driving his car, he went straight onto the Jianghai-Xindong International Airport highway[2], hence the speculation that it might be referring to the former. Since or Xindong is a province in Guangzhou, it is also valid to think that the author might be referring to the latter. However, neither seem to be correct, since both would take hours to reach from Jianghai by car, with the former taking nearly a day, and the latter taking a couple of hours.).

After around thirty minutes of driving, the two reached the entrance of Xindong International Airport.

Once they parked their car, Liu Yigang brought Liu Zilang into the airport. Just a few steps into the airport, they saw a trendy-looking middle-aged lady in shades standing there.

Seeing Liu Yigang and Liu Zilang, the lady took off her shades and walked over with a smile on her face.

When Liu Zilang saw the lady, he could vaguely recognize her face. However, he could not remember much at that time.

Then, he turned around and saw Liu Yigang with a serious look on his face. He revealed a slight smile on the corners of his lips, almost as if he was like a bottle of mature and refined wine ready to be enjoyed.

Seeing this, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched...

'Dad, please stop INT-ing!

'Speaking of which, did you think it was appropriate to bring me for something like this? Did you think that your amazing son won't report you? Or that maybe Auntie Zhang can no longer hold a knife?'

As the lady walked closer, she laughed embarrassedly. \"Ol' Liu, I'll be troubling you this time. This must be Ah Lang! Ohh, you've grown so tall!\"

Hearing his name being mentioned, Liu Zilang's face revealed a nervous smile as he replied, \"Thank you, Auntie.\"

On the other side, Liu Yigang was sporting a warm smile as he said in a charismatic manner, \"The pleasure is ours, CEO Chen. We all lived in the same neighborhood in the past anyway. What's more, Qianqian and Ah Lang were quite close when they were young. Since we have a vacant room over at our place, Qianqian can live there as long as she wants.\"

'Live there as long as she wants?

'Wait a minute... What did you mean by that?'

Liu Zilang was utterly dumbstruck, he felt like he had somehow dug his own grave.


[1] Not a reference to the bible, but rather a reference to the book Guanzi by Chinese philosopher Guan Zhong. Though, I found this line more fitting as a localization.

[2] This might be a made-up place by the author. In fact, Jianghai does not actually have an airport. The two possible places that the author might be referring to are Nantong Xingdong International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. The author is using or Xindong International Airport, which can be seen as a typo for or Xingdong International Airport(in Jiangsu, not Jianghai