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375 Your Time is Up!

 At that point in time, it was no longer realistic to try to rush into the circle.

Previously, Shen Zeyan was pinned down with no escape route whereas GodV's painstaking plan of executing a backstab had delayed him from entering the circle.

At this point, even if the two of them made a truce and agreed on not shooting or interfering with each other as they charged straight into the play zone, neither of them would be able to make it.

There was no choice!

The damage outside the circle was just too high at this point.

Hence, the instant GodV saw his kill notification on Cpt, he was at half-health due to taking damage from the circle. He made a tactical dive and started to bandage himself before gritting his teeth and stabbing the syringe from a First Aid Kit into his chest.

As the live audience looked on at GodV's constantly decreasing health bar, the atmosphere of the arena turned tense. Everyone was glaring intensely at the screen.

'This kit...

'Will it make it in time?'

Soon, right as the First Aid Kit casting countdown timer hit its last second, GodV's health dropped down to the magic pixel.


Everyone's hearts sank.

However, at that time, a miracle occured!

Right before the cast bar for the First Aid Kit was complete, the last tick of the bandage's effect kicked in, forcefully raising his health up slightly before the next tick of damage hit him.

The next moment, the First Aid Kit finally finished casting as his HP instantly shot back up.

\"Oh my God! I thought GodV was done for!\"

\"That was way too close for comfort, I can't believe he managed to get that First Aid Kit in. Looks like the luck of the survivor[1] is real!\"

\"Master Ze is also spamming his consumables, it's now down to who has more meds left! Can the observer please show us how many meds these two players have?\"

As the casters requested, the observer showed the two players' inventories on the screen.

At that time, Shen Zeyan had four kits left while GodV also had four kits left.

Other than that, the two had varying numbers of drinks and bandages.

However, at this level of circle damage, other than First Aid Kits, there was literally no other type of healing item that could keep up with the damage.

At that moment, both the live audience and the livestream viewers could not help but stare straight into the screen. Their breathing seemed to have sped up.

Four First Aid Kits was quite a lot, but under such circle damage, as soon as a player finished using one kit, they had to instantly follow up with their next.

In the blink of an eye, the two players had finished up all four of their kits. In their last struggle before death, they both started spamming whatever bandages they had left!

\"Tsch! Tsch! Tsch!\"

Their health was dropping rapidly!

Who was going to die first?

At that moment, the observer cut over to the cameramen, showing close-ups on the two players' faces.

GodV's forehead was filled with small beads of cold sweat.

On the other hand, Shen Zeyan, as usual, only had a stone cold pokerface.

The two sides of the screen was contrasted like ice and fire, each side gave off completely different auras to the viewers.

The next moment, Ms-Joy suddenly shouted out, \"Oh! Someone dropped!\"

The next moment, the live audience could not help but let out an audible gasp!

Liu Zilang who was seated next to GodV, patted his partner on the shoulder.

On the commentary booth, Sy loudly cheered, \"And the winner is Master Ze! Master Ze survived till the end! Congrats IG!\"

Instantly, both the live audience and the livestream viewers shifted their attention onto the big screen on stage.


\"Team Rank: #1!\"

\"Kill: 11 players!\"

\"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!\"

Seeing this, the live audience members erupted into cheers. As for the 4AM fans, after a dejected sigh, they also started to cheer as well.

At the end of the day, it was still a Huaxia team that got the chicken dinner. They had loss against the superstar-level player Shen Zeyan.

After the first duo match ended, during the intermission, the observer displayed the statistics and analytics of the last match on the big screen.

It was mainly stats like \"Headshot Rate\", \"Kill Count\", \"Damage Dealt\", and other more trivial ones like \"Longest Distance Traveled\".

Needless to say, although Liu Zilang received strong criticism from the surrounding players for his target practice session in the Heavenly Circle, he was pushing his stats up like crazy.

On the big screen on stage, Liu Zilang was leading by a longshot in the \"Headshot Rate\" and \"Damage Dealt\" category.

In the \"Kill Count\" section, with his twelve frags, he was also seated on the very top of the leaderboard. It sent chills down the spines of all the audience members and viewers watching!

Dat Man...

He was still Dat Man!

However, when the \"Longest Distance Traveled\" statistics came up, the live audience members burst out in laughter uncontrollably.

The Pig Emperor Evermore, who had been killed by Liu Zilang's \"grenade tennis\", had once again shown his amazing ability in dominating the statistics leaderboard...

He had successfully earned the title \"Running Man\"...


After the brief post-match intermission, the following matches were carried out.

In the second and third match, the flight path was not as crap as the first match. There were plenty of resources available for everyone.

In the second match, they decided to drop at the less populated Lipovka before initiating \"Project: Great Voyage\" - going out to sea to collect an airdrop and then finally entering the city from Upper Georgopol.

However, in the end, they did not get great results. They ended their run with a Team Rank of #17. Furthermore, since they were stuck out at sea the majority of the time, their kill count was quite different from their last match.

In the end, the winners of the round were Tyloo's Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang.

When it was time for the second intermission, GodC called over Long Shenjue and Liu Zilang. The three of them started to take a look at the previous match's footage.

In the end, Long Shenjue came to the conclusion that the two's playstyles were not suited for such \"Great Voyage Strats\". They were doing so well before, suddenly changing their playstyle would no doubt easily lead to their downfall.

Take the second match for example, under Liu Zilang's suggestion, GodV tried to run over people with his vehicle. However, unexpectedly for them, they were surrounded by two or three teams whilst driving. They were instantly sprayed down by their opponents. When Liu Zilang dived out from the jeep, he was hit in the face by the still moving jeep. This caused him to be crushed under its wheels.

Hence, in the third match, Liu Zilanng and GodV humbly accepted the advice and once again bared their fangs at the Military Base.

As it goes to show, Long Shenjue truly lived up to his moniker of being \"Asia's Number Two Commander\"!

In the sense that he was not Number One...

In this match, since a lot of the lower-ranked teams had lost all hope, they opted for frag-focused tactics. Hence, a lot of people hotdropped at the Military Base.

Liu Zilang and GodV chose to drop at the K buildings. However, before they managed to pick up a gun, they were greeted by a player holding an S12K. That player was spamming shots at them.

At the end of the day, although they did not get a reverse chicken dinner, since they had such a great showing in the first round, such kind of performance was embarrassing for them.

If everything went as planned, someone would have to make a special appointment with Long Shenjue at night too.

Luckily for them, in the end, 4AM's Cpt and Aluka performed quite well. They saved some face for 4AM.

After the three matches, the trashtalk in all the major streaming channels went wild!

\"Holy sh*t... What a f*cking noob? Why the hell did I even bet my fishballs on them?!\"

\"Tsk tsk, I already told you that Solos and Duos are two completely different things. Although this bugger Vic's fragging potential leaves nothing to be desired, I feel that these two bastards are just simpleminded musclebrains!\"

\"2333... To suck this much at Duos... I kinda don't want to imagine how their squad games will look like in the future.\"

\"I feel like Vic isn't suited for the pacing of this kind of game. After all, PUBG and traditional FPS esport games are two completely different beasts.\"


With dejected sighs echoing throughout the halls, Kim Doohwan, who was on his seat on stage, smiled cheekily as his eyes started to glimmer.

'Looks like the gap between us isn't as big as I imagined!

'Your time is up, my time is now!'


[1] There's a saying in Chinese that goes \"After a person survives a huge disaster, they're bound to have some luck due to themselves.\"