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374 Dat Man Needs to Make a Special Appointment!

 Title Translator's Note: \"Making a Special Appointment\" is a netslang in Chinese forums to say that a person is holding a grudge. It jokingly refers to making an appointment with a person (usually a hitman) to deal with a target.

Seeing the \"Siscon\" finally being apprehended, all the players charging in suddenly felt as if they had cracked open a can of ice-cold coke. It completely refreshed themselves!

However, after they had finished refreshing themselves, they had to face the harsh dilemma reality presented to them.

'These comrades running toward the safe zone...

'Do we attack them or not?'


At that time, a flurry of shots could be heard nearby.

Hence, this dilemma instantly turned into a no-brainer.

'F*ck your mom!'

Instantly, a symphony of gunfire could be heard from every corner within the circle. As the area descended into a fiery war zone, one could hear occasional sniper shots that gave an accent to the melody.

After merely half a minute, the gunshots on the field started to decrease in frequency. They slowly died down.

From the observer's free-view camera, all the viewers could see were around seven or eight corpses scattered in the grassy plains.

This was the essence of FPS esports.

Especially in the final circle where players were forced into face-to-face confrontations, their movements and agility were very much irrelevant at that point. It was all decided without a single engagement.

Furthermore, to top-tier players, the fundamental requirement for fragging was headshots. If a player misses a headshot, the next millionth of a second could decide their fate.

On the commentary booth, the casters were commenting on the situation at hand.

\"What a devastating development here! Nearly ten players were instantly wiped off the map in an instant! Let's take a look... Including the three 4AM players inside the buildings, there are only six people left in the game!\"

\"That's right, the other three are IG's Master Ze, IFTY's Big Brother, and the Korean team KD Squad's Style. All of them are currently laying prone in the grass fields trying to heal themselves.\"

\"Yep, the three players outside are all at critically low health. If anyone were to fire their weapons, all of them could be taken down with a single shot each. Hence, we can imagine why it's more chaotic than the battles that took place a moment earlier.\"

\"That's definitely the case. As for the survivors in the current situation, all of them are undoubtedly the cream of the crop when it comes aim, reaction speed, and game sense. To us local viewers, our very own Master Ze and Big Brother need no further introduction, everyone should be extremely familiar with their capabilities.\"

\"As for Style, a lot of viewers might not know this player that well. Hailed as the \"Korean Style\"[1], he was ranked third in the Asian server leaderboards last season. He's also one of the Top Five Asian Players that our tournament organizers' showed off before the games started. Although he did not have much of a chance to show off his skills the last week, his individual potential is tremendous.\"


As the three casters were analyzing the remaining players left in the game, the second last safe zone was revealed.

This circle was right at the open plains in front of the log cabin. It was filled with foliage, without any cover in sight.

It could very well be considered the deciding circle. The duo that would get the chicken dinner in this match would most likely be decided in it.

Since it was the second last circle, the buffer period before the circle started to close in had also decreased. It had gone from the original one and a half minute down to a mere minute. Once the circle finished closing in, the next buffer period would decrease even more significantly to a brief fifteen seconds!

At that time, there was not anyone who dared enter the next circle. None of them wanted to turn into target practice dummies for the other players.

In other words, when the buffer period timer reached zero, not only would the players have to fight for their lives against the other survivors, they would also have to start racing against sudden death that would be rapidly closing in from behind them.

If they made a move, they would get shot to death; if they did not make a move and opted to shoot at other players, they would have to risk being killed outside the playzone.

Hence, in the final circle, it was a test of a player's adaptability and judgment.


One minute passed by within the blink of the eye.

The next moment, the surrounding area was enveloped by a neon blue radioactive barrier that was rapidly closing in toward its center.

At 4AM's seats on stage, the now-dead Liu Zilang did not try to whisper any advice to GodV.

He knew all too well how essential focus was in a situation where everything could change at any moment. For a teammate that was alive in the game, they did not need a backseat-gaming session by their teammates. They needed a clear and active mind, ready to act at any given moment.

At that time, gunshots suddenly rang out loud without warning!

\"Oh! It seems like Big Brother and Style, who were quite close to each other, have noticed each other. What's gonna happen in this engagement?\"

\"Beautiful! Big Brother's AK spray managed to finish off Style who was low on health!\"

\"But Big Brother has also exposed his location at this point, and Master Ze is going to take the shot on Big Brother! Now, there's only Master Ze and the three 4AM players left on the field!\"

\"Oh! Aluka and Cpt have charged out from their rooms! They've seen Master Ze and are now firing at him before even entering the circle.\"

\"That's the correct choice for them, it would be irrational for them to try to run into the circle first. The best choice for them is to finish off Master Ze, the only obstacle in front of them, before making their move.\"

\"Master Ze is being completely pinned down, there's no way he can move away from his position. The circle is closing in quick, with the damage of the circle this late in the game, it looks like it's a GG for Master Ze!\"

Seeing this scene, IG and Shen Zeyan fans in the live audience let out a huge sigh.

However, exceeding everyone's expectations, as Aluka and Cpt were spreading out and creating a cross-fire while they slowly rotated into the circle, additional gunshots were heard. Shen Zeyan was being pinned down at this time.


A flurry of gunshots rang out from behind.

Even the casters let out a scream of shock!

\"It's GodV! GodV has come in lethally from behind! Aluka and Cpt did not expect anyone to be left outside the circle behind them!\"

\"That's right, since Aluka and Cpt had been silent the entire time, when GodV fired, he had no clue that they were his own teammates!\"

From the observer's free-view camera, GodV's backstabbing spray was shown to have instantly taken out Aluka. He then instantly flicked his crosshair over to his right.

With Cpt and Aluka's attention all focussed on Shen Zeyan who was in front of them, they had no idea that there were people outside of the circle behind them.

With such sudden development, as soon as Aluka dropped to the ground, Cpt also reacted quickly.

However, since GodV managed to get fresh armor and a helmet after his prior engagements, Cpt was also dealt with swiftly.

Although he managed to see a few blood splatters as he turned around, it was not nearly enough to do any significant damage.

Thus, he dropped down right next to Aluka, turning into a crate...

\"4AM-GodV knocked out 4AM-Aluka with M416!\"

\"4AM-GodV killed 4AM-Cpt with M416!\"

Seeing this friendly fire Kill Notification, the viewers were shocked initially, before they burst out in laughter uncontrollably.

\"6666, V-chan is definitely showing off too much this round!\"

\"Bahaha, 4AM should be the team that has had the most infighting for the past two days. There have been all sorts of cleaning out their closets between them.\"

\"I'm guessing Aluka and Cpt must be devastated by this, seems like maybe they're going to have to make a special appointment tonight?\"

\"Aluka: Don't stop me Cpt, I'm definitely having a certain pig's head for dinner!\"

\"Cpt: Bro, I'm not stopping you, I just wanted to remind you to bring a meat cleaver.\"


At that point in the game, since Cpt and Aluka were dead, there were only GodV and Shen Zeyan left on the playing field.


[1] This nickname is written in Chinese, whilst his IGN is written in English.