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373 Everyone’s Happy, Have You Heard of the Heavenly Circle?

 \"Holy f*ck! It's a heavenly circle!\"

Seeing the safe zone, 4AM was ecstatic.

The observer had cut over to the live cameramen to show a close-up of the four in a \"family photo\" on the big screen. All four of them were grinning from ear to ear.

\"GGWP, this must've made the Four Angry Maidens extremely happy!\"

\"V-chan please stop smiling, if you smile more, the pig head won't sell anymore.\"

\"It's not fair! I can forgive 4AM for teaming up in duos, but this circle is too damn much!\"

\"I wanna know how the other contestants feel, they must be crazy tilted right now!\"

In PUBG, the safe zone had always been the king-maker in a lot of matches. At the end of the day, it was not a myth to say that the heavens could decide to give someone victory.

In this duo match, all four 4AM players were in the Heavenly Circle. Hence, regardless if Liu Zilang and GodV or Cpt and Aluka got the chicken dinner, it would still count as a chicken dinner to 4AM.

Seeing this, a lot of 4AM fans in the arena started to cheer. It was as if 4AM's dinner was almost ready to be served.

By the time the third circle ended, there were only fifteen players left on the field.

As expected, in the last wave of the circle closing in, there had been a huge number of casualties that occurred across the playing field.

Up next, if there were any players who felt like pussies[1], it was the perfect time for them to do some closed-door cultivation and watch the big boys fight from the sidelines. When the appropriate time came, they would come out of hiding and get a KS or last hit. By the time the circle shrank, another huge bloody battle would break out once more.

They could probably get some easy pickings. They would anger the masses and get focus-fired on due to their advantageous location.

However, Liu Zilang was obviously not a cowardly, pussy player.

Not only was he not a pussy, but seeing this heavenly circle, he wanted to get on the roof to laugh out loud.

At that point in the game, Liu Zilang had gotten down from the roof of the car. However, he was camping behind the car, utilizing Shen Zeyan's patented \"Hold down LMB\" shooting[2]. Once he saw anyone, he would one-shot them with his Kar98k or spray them down with his full-auto MK14.

After a brief minute and thirty seconds, the circle started closing in again. In the end, Liu Zilang had shattered the helmets of countless players. There was even one poor soul who got knocked out twice, only to get revived by his squadmate.

After some time, the moment the circle started to move again, multiple smoke grenades were tossed out from the bushes and the slopes around the small log cabin. Then, multiple figures started making their way through the smoke.

In an average match, the people who charged into the safe zone would most likely send each other their regards, greeting each other with a friendly nade or two.

However, since Liu Zilang had pulled too much aggro this round, when it came time for the players to get into the safe zone, there were dozens of nades bombarding the cabin that Liu Zilang and company were in.

On the rooftop, Liu Zilang was drooling over the thought of those players coming into the safe zone. Just as he was ADS-ing on his gun, preparing to go on a rampage, he was completely stunned by his what happened.






The last one was from a player who did not have a frag grenade, but they did, however, have a couple of Molotov cocktails.


As the glass shattered onto the floor and alcohol splashed everywhere, the entire roof burst into flames.

On the other hand, Aluka and Cpt, who were both in the cabin, heard the loud \"thuds\" that were coming from all directions. The two instantly started to panic!

'F*ck me...

'Did we get discovered?

'Even then, it shouldn't be this bad, right!!'


As an ear-piercing explosion rang out, it seemed like it was a sign...

The next moment, sparks were flying everywhere as the dust in the surrounding area was knocked up into the air. A flurry of intense explosions proceeded outside the cabin!

With the Molotov, the entire cabin seemed to have descended into hell.

\"This... Are you telling me this is a Heavenly Circle?\"

\"GG! This is literally more Hellish than a Hellish Circle!\"

\"666, this series of nades is too brutal. Hopefully at least two of them can survive this.\"

\"Vic's a sly and crafty person, he should be fineeeee... I think?\"

At that time, in the midst of all the explosions, a person on top of the roof suddenly leaped off!

Unfortunately for him, right before he landed on the ground, a loud explosion occurred right under his feet. It caused a loud \"boom\".

Instantly, a huge shockwave knocked him back from beneath.

Right before that person landed, he was knocked back up onto the fiery depths of the rooftop, instantly cremating him on the spot...

\"IG-Wolves knocked out 4AM-Vic with Frag Grenade!\"

\"5Peaks-Hero killed 4AM-Vic with Molotov Cocktail!\"

Seeing the killfeed, the viewers were completely wide-eyed!

'What the sh*t... Is this a collab?'

\"666666, what a show-off!\"

\"GG! GG! It's a GG for Dat Man!\"

\"Master Ze is starting to show off a little too much, if it wasn't for his nade just now, Vic might've gotten away.\"

\"Master Ze: You think you can just pull a hit and run? Get back here!\"

\"Speaking of which, V-chan is still alive! He was quite decisive this round, I think I saw him jump down a lot earlier.\"

\"2333, so much for bros forever.\"


In the game, Lu Zilang who got knocked back up as he was jumping down was completely distraught. He had never expected to die in Shen Zeyan's hands in such a manner. It was a complete and utter disgrace for him!

Looking at his screen, now in spectator-mode, he saw GodV's position and could not help but ask, \"V-chan, when... When did you jump down.\"

GodV, who was crouching on the ground whilst using a bandage, coughed dryly. \"I just got down.\"

\"Really?\" Liu Zilang was obviously suspicious.

At this point, GodV suddenly started to complain, \"Why isn't your crate dropping down? I want to loot your helmet.\"

Hearing this, Liu Zilang frowned as he rolled his eyes.

'Do you think I don't wanna drop down?

'Do you f*cking think I have a say in this?!'

With those thoughts flooding his mind, Liu Zilang cringed at this development. He started to harbor a minor grudge against Shen Zeyan...

However, at that point in time, Shen Zeyan was stunned after seeing the killfeed.

In reality, Shen Zeyan was where Liu Zilang and GodV were earlier in the match.

However, there was one key issue - he did not have a car.

Thus, in the last two circles, Shen Zeyan had been walking alongside the circle, barely making it into the safe zone in time before going prone to heal.

It was the same exact situation just now.

After he had gotten healed fully, the next circle had started to close in. Then, a group of people suddenly started storming the safe zone, tossing smokes everywhere. Hence, Shen Zeyan silently followed the crowd.

The next moment, he saw a group of people of tossing nades at the small log cabin.

It was like when someone sees a group of people on the road looking at the sky, they would most follow suit.

Similarly, Shen Zeyan had casually tossed a frag grenade.

Then, that casual frag grenade had destroyed Liu Zilang's only escape route.


[1] Original Chinese word was in Chinese was \"B-shu\", which is the transliteration of \"B*tch\", but that doesn't necessarily bring out the connotation of cowardice that is associated with the English word \"B*tch\" in the Chinese demographic.

[2] The technique of holding down the LMB then aiming, for weapons or characters who have a slow fire rate giving the player enough time to aim before the next shot. EG: The Revolver in CS:GO or McCree's LMB in Overwatch.