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372 PUBG House-sharing, May the Heavens Bless the Four Angry Maidens! Part Two

 Aluka and Cpt who were hiding in the next room looked at each other, their faces were filled with shock and confusion.

'What's going on?'

In all fairness, the log cabin they were in was only a single story tall. There was no logical explanation as to why such a sound could be heard from above their heads!

'What the flying f*ck was that...'

Aluka and Cpt were utterly stunned.

Rewinding back time, the big screen on the stage showed a jeep being launched off a slope as it flew into the air. A moment later, it landed on top of the red roof of the log cabin. Though it started to skid backward a bit, at the end of the day, it managed to come to a stop thanks to its handbrakes.

Following that, another small yellow car was launched up the same slope and landed right next to the jeep.

However, since the yellow car had more speed, it did not manage to control its momentum nicely as it flew up. Hence, even when its handbrake was pulled, the car continued to slide forward.

At that time, the jeep started its engine once more and then moved diagonally toward the front of the yellow car. As the two cars adjusted themselves, both cars stopped and they ultimately created a \"V\" shape on top of the roof.

The next moment, Liu Zilang and GodV jumped off of their respective vehicles.

Seeing this scene, both the live audience and the viewers were dumbstruck.

\"F*ck me... Flying a car to the top of a building? How's that even possible?\"

\"Are Vic and GodV really preparing to set up shop up there?\"

\"The key issue is that Aluka and Cpt are downstairs, is that okay?\"

\"Hahaha, I'm gonna die from laughter... Can I have a moment of your time to talk about the PUBG House-Sharing Programme?\"

It was not only the viewers but even the three casters in the commentary booth were utterly stunned.

\"Tsk tsk... Aluka's pair probably has no idea that the people on the roof are Vic and GodV, right?\"

\"The two duos have not made their presence known throughout this match as of yet, so neither of them should know about each other. I think that Vic and GodV might not know that there are people right below them in the first place.\"

\"Then, do you mean that 4AM is going to have a 2v2 civil war next?\"

\"Hmmm... It's not that bad yet, the circle is about to move anyway. With the circle getting smaller and smaller at this point, there are more than twenty people left on the field. Later on, there's bound to be a lot more people who'll head over to this area. When that time comes, Vic and GodV will have to deal with the incoming crowd.\"

\"As for Cpt and Aluka inside the cabin, this type of building does not allow them to attack the players on the roof. However, if they come out of their nest, they could be easily ambushed and surrounded by the players around the area. Hence, I think the most intelligent choice for them is most likely to chill in their nice log cabin.\"

\"Yep, Sy's analysis is on point. I was thinking the same thing. As long as the two sides aren't frag-hungry, then before the next safe zone is revealed, 4AM will definitely not face each other.\"

The developments in the game went exactly as the casters prophesied.

Liu Zilang and GodV who were on the roof seemed to have no idea if there was anyone in the cabin below them. However, going down to confirm it was not ideal.

After all, it was easy for them to get down but it was not as easy for them to get back up.

As for Aluka and Cpt who were hiding in the cabin, at first, they were quite intent on getting the two guys down from the roof.

After all, no matter who it was, if two people suddenly appearing on their roof, no one would be able to sleep easy under such circumstances.

However, thinking about it from another perspective, in this kind of circle where they could be easily surrounded or ambushed, having two players stand guard on their roofs was equivalent to hiring two personal security guards.

With that thought in mind, Aluka and Cpt were no longer in a hurry to rush out. They quietly camped in their cozy little home.

Then, the circle started to close in.

As expected, a few teams running from the circle seemed to be interested in moving to the housing area.

On the rooftop, Liu Zilang and GodV had their handcrafted Jeep wall as cover. Hence, they feared nothing.

However, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped on top of the Jeep before making a tactical dive.

Seeing this, GodV's eyes twitched as he asked, \"Why are you climbing so high?\"

\"Better vision.\" Liu Zilang grinned.

The next moment, his tone changed. He warned, \"SE300, incoming motorcycle. Looks like it's headed for the bottom of Georgopol Hills.\"

GodV had also heard the motorcycle's roaring engine but his vision was completely blocked by the jeep. He could not get a good look at it.

However, on top of the jeep, the MK14-wielding Liu Zilang did not say a word. He just switched his gun to full-auto and started spraying down at the speeding motorcycle!


Instantly, intense gunfire blared out into the sky.

As the gun's muzzle spat fire, countless bullets were shot toward his target.

It was important to note that the MK14 was one of the few guns in PUBG, like the M249, that had a bipod. With a bipod, it allowed players who were prone to largely increase their stability when firing.

Under normal circumstances, being prone gave improved stability but when the target was moving at high speeds, the user would easily lose them from their sights.

However, not only was Liu Zilang prone on top of the jeep but the jeep was also parked on top of a roof. With a position like that, he had zero worries about losing his prey. Using his full-auto gun with an 8x scope, he fired as he controlled its spray pattern. It easily got things done.

With a firing rate of 0.09 seconds per bullet, twenty bullets were fired in the blink of an eye.

The player on the motorcycle never expected a person to be on the roof. After his Level-two armor vest got hit by three bullets, he was sent flying off his bike!

\"4AM-Vic killed GZZ-Para with MK14!\"

As the livestream viewers watched on, the chat went nuts!

\"Here it is! I just knew it... What's coming will come! As expected of Vic's fated gun!\"

\"Holy sh*t, that was f*cking sick! How can he control an 8x Siscon[1] so consistently? I feel like even if I was prone with one that's fully modded out, I wouldn't be able to use it that consistently!\"

\"Cough cough, to the brother above me. Pardon me for asking but are you a Siscon?\"

\"Of course I am. If not, what else would I be talking about if not Siscons?\"

\"Cough cough... Brother, I think you might've misunderstood...\"

\"Say no more, there's an honest guy here. Let's give him a quick death!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang was prone on top of the vehicle's roof as he furiously sprayed shots with his MK14.

A lot of people who had made it into the circle could not stop and catch their breaths. They died by his hand before they could do so.

At that point in time, the circle was quite small. Liu Zilang's MK14 did not have a suppressor, it was attached with a compensator instead. He was spamming shots as loud as New Year firecrackers. His gunshots attracted the attention of everyone in the area.

'Bro... Can we lay low a bit?'

Seeing this, GodV, who did not have a helmet could not help but cringe in his head. He was afraid that he would be needlessly dragged into a predicament and get shot down from the roof together with Liu Zilang!

However, the second last safe zone was then revealed. Seeing the circle's location, everyone was stunned!

That was because the safe zone miraculously included the small log cabin where the entire 4AM roster was. It even had it as its center point.

'What the f*ck...

'Has 4AM blessed by the Heavens this round?'


[1] As stated before, Siscon is the nickname for the MK14 in Chinese. Usually translated as MK in this novel, but in a similar way as before, to preserve the jokes, the MK will be translated as Siscon for this portion of the chapter.