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371 PUBG House-sharing, May the Heavens Bless the Four Angry Maidens? Part One

 GodV and XiaoJue were in tears when they saw it with their very eyes.

While XiaoJue held in his tears of anger, GodV was tearing uncontrollably as he was very touched. Unfortunately, he did not have any spaghetti that was fresh out of the kitchen or he would have let Shen Zeyan a taste of his masterpiece.

GodV did not go out of his way to kill XiaoJue when the latter had fallen.

He did not have a helmet. Although Shen Zeyan had shown signs of being friendly with him, GodV was not sure if he would change his mind a second later and attack him...

Meanwhile, Cocoa who had an eye on GodV was speechless when he saw everything. He was on the verge of collapsing.

Never in his dreams did he dream of a sniper hiding in such a place.

To top it off, the sniper was Shen Zeyan who was from their squad as well.

Although Shen Zeyan might not know that player was actually XiaoJue before he opened fire, the Shen Zeyan Cocoa knew would end up doing something similar to reality...

Cocoa was frustrated over the issue when he heard a car coming from behind.


'Why did they come back?'

Cocoa opened his scope and frowned as he realized something was weird about it.

Although the car seemed to be the car from earlier, the driver... seemed to have been swapped.

The most obvious difference was that the number of players inside the UAZ had been reduced from two to one.

'Wait a minute... Where's the other one?'

'Is this some sort of strategy? A person drives while the other covers him from the back?'

'What a crafty enemy!'

Cocoa became extremely cautious.

Since Liu Zilang had taken out two players with a Pan and there was no indication on the battlefield except for Kill Notifications, he did not add one and one together. He thought that the player in the UAZ was not from the other squad.

Liu Zilang stopped and jumped out of the car as he pulled himself closer.

He was confused when he realized Cocoa did not open fire.

However, this did not affect the overall situation much as Shen Zeyan's shot had shaken the entire battlefield.

Liu Zilang and GodV were pincering their enemy, Cocoa at the center from the front and back. They were in an incredibly favorable situation.

Naturally, this was only so if Shen Zeyan did not ambush them.

However, they were bound to be disappointed.

After all, Shen Zeyan did not care who it was. He would open fire as soon as someone dared reveal himself.

Each of the three of them had been shot by him once within a matter of ten seconds.

\"Tsk tsk. Master Ze's being Master Ze. I'm incredibly impressed with his marksmanship that covers every spot!\"

\"This is way too aggressive. Isn't he afraid of annoying the three of them until they decide to team up and kill him off?\"

\"Master Ze: I'm not naming anyone, but the people here are trash!\"

Inside the game, Shen Zeyan's disturbance had prevented Liu Zilang and GodV from surrounding Cocoa.

As time passed, the blue circle around them started shrinking again.

Soon, the blue circle merged with the Safe Zone and the third last Safe Zone appeared.

Unfortunately, the three of them who were at the edge of the previous Safe Zone were no longer in the Safe Zone. To make it worse, it looked like quite a long journey.

The countdown before the blue circle started shrinking was one minute and thirty seconds. The blue circle would start to hurt and their plan to stay outside the blue circle and heal up was no longer sustainable.

Hence, Liu Zilang and GodV were shaken by this.

Since they did not have any hatred toward Cocoa, there was no reason for them to trap each other to death.

Naturally, they would still trap him to death if the conditions allowed them.

Since the circumstances did not allow them to do so, they were willing to take a big step back and see him again in the final circle.

After working it out, the two talked in the voice chat before smoking up the area toward the car.

They had no other choice. If they did not smoke up the area, no one would dare hop into the car while Shen Zeyan was aiming at them.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

The smoke started dispersing slowly as the entire area around the car was covered in a smokescreen.

\"We can see that GodV and Vic have chosen to run away from the blue circle.\"

\"Indeed. This is one of the strategic choices. Since there are around 27 players alive in the game, I believe they don't need to trap each other to death.\"

\"Hehe. Honestly, no one would try to trap each other to death in such a situation other than Guru Qiu and Nighthawk.\"

\"No no no. I believe there'll be another pair after this match, which is Vic and contestant Kim. However, I'm not clear on what Vic's standing is in this situation. If it were contestant Kim... I'm sure he would try to trap him to death if he were to encounter Vic in the next match.\"

As the casters teased about on the commentary platform, Liu Zilang and GodV hopped into the car and headed toward the Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone had shifted to somewhere in between the Ruins and Georgopol Hills. Although there were no big housing areas within the circle, there were a few small wooden houses that were spread out. The bushes and trees were extremely dense while the ground was uneven. Hence, it was easy to find cover there.

GodV watched Liu Zilang as the latter drove straight into the Safe Zone. He could not help but ask, \"Where are we going?\"

\"We're going to occupy that wooden house.\" Liu Zilang marked it on the map.

GodV hesitated. \"There's... someone there, no?\"

Liu Zilang laughed. \"Let's go have a look at it since we won't be able to drive after this circle. The housing area is in the center. Why don't we make a bet that it'll be within the destiny circle?\"

As the two spoke, the wooden house with a red roof and yellow wall appeared beside the road in front of them.

Liu Zilang immediately pressed down on the pedal and headed straight toward the wooden house that was by the slope. He screamed at GodV who was behind him, \"Wei-chan! Come on!\"

GodV did not know what Liu Zilang was up to but he immediately acted as soon as he heard him.

However, what they did not know was that there were indeed people inside the wooden house by the road.

It was not just anyone else. They were Aluka and Cpt who had come from the housing area in Gatka.

The two stopped their car far away and hid inside the small wooden house. They had also thrown a first aid kit on the ground before hiding inside like silent campers.

As it was one of the few housing areas within the Safe Zone, Aluka and Cpt had enough reason to believe that someone would definitely drop by.

They were right.

They did not wait for more than thirty seconds before they heard a car revving outside.

\"They're here! They're here!\"

Cpt sounded excited.

Aluka hushed. \"Don't move and bring out your shotgun. Hehe, we're going to open the door and surprise them.\"

The two were imagining their enemies' faces the moment they opened the door...

Then, they heard a clank on the rooftop!