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370 Beep: Student Card! Attack My Own Teammate!

 In the blink of an eye, the live streams of all the major platforms were bombarded with bullet screens.

\"6666! Can you even do that?\"

\"What the f*ck! He got onto the train without buying a ticket. Report him!\"

\"Beep: Student card!\"

\"GG! So the trick is to show your ticket after hopping in. Noted!\"

\"I'm not joking here but Vic's hand movement speed is so fast that it's a given he's been single for ten years!\"

\"What's worse is that Brother Benz and Azeael have yet to even realized that Vic is in their car. I think he's going to pull something in the car!\"

Inside the game, the UAZ grazed past the toppled vehicle as it continued moving forward.

Inside the UAZ, Brother Benz and Kim Doohwan changed their perspectives and looked behind. They were astonished.

\"Did you see any Kill Notification pop out?\" Brother Benz could not help but ask.

\"No.\" Kim Doohwan shook his head. \"That guy jumped just now and I'm guessing he's inside that toppled car right now.\"

Kim Doohwan harrumphed as his gaze turned cold. \"He's lucky, but he's still dead meat!\"

Just as he finished speaking, he heard a bang behind his head!

It was clear as day! Pleasing to the ear even!

Inside the game, a pitch that could resonate within anyone's soul was heard!

Kim Doohwan who was driving felt something hit his head as he was forcefully thrown out of the car.

It was a Pan!

\"A Ssi... What are you doing brother!\" Kim Doohwan was furious as he fell out of the car.

His first thoughts were that Brother Benz was up to something.

It was only logical for him because he had been knocked out by a Pan. Since Brother Benz was the only one in the car and it would be impossible for him to be hit with a Pan by someone from the outside...

There could only be one reason for it.

Kim Doohwan was extremely furious when he fell down but he had yet took a look at the Kill Notification!

Since no one was driving the UAZ, its speed started slowing down. Brother Benz who was sitting in the third seat looked at the Kill Notification on the bottom left corner of his screen as he was being scolded by Kim Doohwan.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Royad-Azeael by headshot with Pan!\"

'How's this my fault?

'Wait a minute... How did Vic use a Pan to knock him out?'

Realizing the situation, Brother Benz who was in the third seat switched to his first-person perspective immediately and turned his head around.

The two made eye contact.

He saw a man in black eyewear. His vague, messy beard on his face left an incredibly strong impression as if he was staring at a merciless killer.

'Wait... Why is this killer holding a Pan?'

'Holy f*cking sh*t!'

Brother Benz had his soul scared out of his body!

Before he was able to raise his weapon up, his face was slapped mercilessly by a black and tough Pan, instantly jolting his entire vision.


Another crispy clear noise sounded!

Kim Doohwan was still waiting for Brother Benz to get down from the car and save him as he kneeled on the ground behind the UAZ. However, the UAZ started slowing down and soon another person was thrown out of the car as he fell onto his knees.

The two turned soft and passed away on the spot.

\"4AM-Vic killed Royad-Benz by headshot with Pan!\"

Kim Doohwan was furious when he saw the Kill Notification!

'What the h*ll... How?'

He then saw Liu Zilang jump out of the jeep with a Pan in his hand as the latter hid behind the UAZ sneakily.

Kim Doohwan was extremely furious, and he almost vomited blood onto his screen...

On the commentary platform.

The three casters were beyond shocked.

They had never thought that it would be possible to jump into the UAZ even if they cracked their skulls. The ultimate fight against two devils that had been killing everyone along the way had instantly ended with just a Pan!

\"About this... Boss Su, I didn't see wrongly, right?\"

\"Yes. I think it's impossible for the three of us to have seen it wrongly. Vic has indeed killed the two players that have maintained the highest kill count in this match thus far with a Pan.\"

\"Contestant Kim has been rather unfortunate throughout Asia's Qualifier. He was run over twice by Vic on the first day of the tournament. When he finally got to kill everyone everywhere with Brother Benz during the Duos, he encountered Vic again and has been hit by the latter to death with a Pan in a car even though he had a weapon...\"

\"Hehe, this must be the first time that one of Asia's Top Sniper Gods has fallen so low. No one would believe this if they don't see it with their own eyes.\"

\"Yeah. Vic seems to be showing off his Pan in this match. He's batted a Frag Grenade as well as players. He makes it feel like we're playing a different game compared to him.\"

\"Huh? It seems like GodV is about to have some fun with XiaoJue! Now that Vic has entered someone else's vehicle, he's too far away from GodV, and he might not be able to support him!\"

\"Indeed. Oh! Cocoa is heading toward them and two of the IG players are going to fight against GodV. GodV is in extreme danger.\"

Inside the game, GodV was walking around the car to avoid XiaoJue and Cocoa.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Then, the sound of bullets coming from a distance whizzed toward him.


Two clouds of blood appeared on GodV's body as half of his health was taken away.

\"F*ck! I'm being ambushed!\" GodV was shocked. \"Come and help me out.\"

Liu Zilang immediately hopped into the UAZ after looting the crates upon hearing GodV's cry for help. He stepped on the pedal and rushed toward GodV. \"Hang on! I'm on my way!!\"

GodV's eyes twitched when he heard him...

'Am I in a situation where I'm able to control it?'

Perhaps Cocoa had informed XiaoJue of his health points as the latter decided to rush toward GodV even though they had been testing each other out behind the two vehicles earlier.

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy spoke as he watched the game, \"He's trying to take him out when he's weak! GodV's health is too low and unless there's a miracle, it's very unlikely that he'll win against XiaoJue head-on.\"

The truth was that GodV was shocked the instant XiaoJue rushed toward him!

'It's over!'

Then, a loud and clear gunshot reverberated the battlefield!


GodV hid behind the car!

He watched as blood spurted out from XiaoJue's head as the latter fell to the ground while rushing toward him!

\"IG-Wolves knocked out IG-XiaoJue by headshot with M24!\"

It was an accurate and lethal shot!

The viewers in the stadium were shocked when they saw it.

Although Shen Zeyan and CuoJue were in the same group in the match, XiaoJue was still a part of IG. This had become the classic example of what was termed as friendly fire!

Ms-Joy was astonished on the commentary platform and did not know what to say.

He shook his head and smiled wryly after a while. \"I guess I'm convinced of what you said earlier. When Master Ze gets serious... He'll kill his own kind too.\"