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369 Unsheathe The Sword For Battle As One Flies Up The Horse! Part 2

 On the commentary platform.

\"Oh my God! What's going on? Are they recording an intensive high-speed car chase?\"

\"We can see that the one in the buggy is the lone wolf fable from the Vietnam squad VIPER. He's being attacked by two people from behind and he seems to be in a predicament as one of his tires has been shot.\"

\"Indeed. The yellow sedan and UAZ at the center are IG's XiaoJue and Cocoa. They seem to be under attack and their health doesn't look good either. They're being chased so badly that they can't stop their vehicles.\"

\"The moving canon at the back seems to be Brother Benz and contestant Kim. They're the only squad that is able to attack while on the move. The rest aren't able to fight back as they're the ones driving the vehicles!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang, GodV, and Shen Zeyan who were in the midst of conflict saw the row of cars coming from the south.

Liu Zilang and GodV were startled.

Shen Zeyan was hiding with his M24 behind the grassy slope not far away from them. He, too, frowned as he watched on.

Meanwhile, the squads did not realize what they had gotten themselves into.

The buggy driven by the Vietnam squad was driving straight toward Liu Zilang and GodV.

'Wait a minute brother... What's the meaning of this?'

'Are you giving your head to us?'

Liu Zilang and GodV were extremely happy even though they were confused earlier.

It was obvious that this player was panicking and did not have the luxury to choose where he was heading. Hence, they decided to act accordingly.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

No discussion was needed as Liu Zilang and GodV raised their weapons simultaneously. The MK and M4's muzzles started spitting out fire.

\"Da dada!\"

In the blink of an eye, countless bullets rained on it.


The Vietnam player was in a state of panic. His buggy's tires had been flattened, and he could not outrun the enemy. Not to mention, he had no cover even if he were to stop the car.

When he saw a vehicle at the edge of the Safe Zone, he acted as if he was a drowning man reaching out to a rice straw as he rushed toward the car. He planned to steal it.

However, he did not expect this rice straw to turn into a bat as it smashed his head mercilessly.

\"Ding ding clank clank ding ding!\"

Sparks flew everywhere as bullets came in contact with the buggy's metal frame. Blood erupted here and there on the driver's body as well.

In the blink of an eye, the man was shot down from the car.

\"4AM-Vic killed VIPER-fable with Mk14!\"

Seriously. The reason why Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz who were chasing after them from behind were not able to shoot them down was because their vehicle was swaying too heavily. Hence, they could only approximately aim.

However, Liu Zilang and GodV were shooting him firmly. How was it possible for them to not kill him?

The Vietnamese player was rather naive.

GodV was frustrated when he saw the Kill Notification. \"What the f*ck. Why's it your kill again.\"

\"Thank you for giving me the chance!\" Liu Zilang laughed.

He was over the moon as he had managed to kill another player. It was obvious that he did not know how angry Kim Doohwan was as he was in the vehicle at the back!

Meanwhile, XiaoJue and Cocoa who were driving the UAZ and yellow sedan in the middle changed directions immediately and began heading toward Liu Zilang and GodV as well.

\"F*ck! You're crazy!\" XiaoJue screamed.

However, Cocoa looked extremely calm as he spoke, \"Our car will explode if this keeps on. Trust me, we'll make a beeline toward them! I'm sure they won't dare pop their heads out!\"

\"You're trying to use them to help us take care of the two behind us.\"

\"What other choice do we have? I refuse to believe that the two will choose to perish together with us.\"

Cocoa's analysis was pretty clear even in such a critical moment. They were unlike the buggy earlier that was totally shocked by the bombardment.

The reason the Vietnamese buggy was attacked was because it would not cause Liu Zilang and GodV any trouble even if it rushed in. Hence, they were able to attack him without worry.

However, these two were different.

They had a yellow sedan and a UAZ.

At that distance...

And speed...

The place would definitely turn into a crash site if their enemies dared stand in their way!

This was one of the reasons why Cocoa dared to risk it.


Liu Zilang and GodV started to panic as they were about to fire when they saw the two cars heading straight toward them!

'Holysh*t... is that really necessary?'

'There are around thirty players left in the game. It's not the time to perish together yet.'

Liu Zilang and GodV stopped attacking immediately as they evaded to the side.


Cocoa's yellow sedan grazed Liu Zilang and GodV and crashed into their vehicle. The car's speed reduced drastically as it moved forward a little bit further before coming to a complete stop. Only then did Cocoa decide to jump out of the car and start healing himself.

It was obvious that Cocoa was using Liu Zilang and GodV as a line of defense to take care of the enemy chasing him.

However, what he did not know was that the players in the car that had been chasing after him from the hill south of Gatka had changed targets!

When Kim Doohwan noticed the two vehicles rush toward Liu Zilang, an idea popped in his mind as if he had realized something!

'That's right!'

'I'll let you know what it feels like to die in a car crash!'

Kim Doohwan spoke, \"Brother, are you ready?\"

\"Ready for?\"

Brother Benz was busy reloading his weapon in the third seat.

Kim Doohwan did not reply. Instead, all he did was took a deep breath.

He stepped on the pedal as he followed XiaoJue's UAZ that was in front of them before heading straight toward where Liu Zilang and GodV were!


'What the f*ck... again?'

Liu Zilang and GodV who had just evaded a car crash wanted to retaliate back at Cocoa.

However, they realized there was an even larger UAZ heading toward them!

Liu Zilang and GodV were in trouble.

They did not have much time to think. XiaoJue's UAZ was extremely close to them but according to IG's intel, XiaoJue's driving skills were not as great as Cocoa's.

Not only did he miss crashing into them, but he toppled Liu Zilang's vehicle and managed to stop his car.

However, time did not wait for them as Kim Doohwan's UAZ was coming next.

Meanwhile, Brother Benz peeked his head out from the third seat and started firing at them with his M4!

The UAZ in front of them was getting bigger and bigger...

In such a life or death situation, Liu Zilang reacted swiftly as he headed straight toward the yellow sedan that had been toppled over by XiaoJue.[1]

'That's right. Although the vehicle has been toppled over, one can still enter it.'

As long as he could get into the car, he could avoid getting run over!

However, Liu Zilang had never imagined that GodV would have had the same thoughts as him as well.

It was important to note that GodV was trying to enter the car from the same side and hopped in before him.

Liu Zilang was blocked from entry and the UAZ was fast approaching.

It would be too late if he did not enter the car right away!

He was in an extremely critical situation. He jumped to the side and kept spamming F!

The UAZ came crashing in as Liu Zilang vanished into thin air!

'Was he... sent flying out into the distance?'

What happened next had everyone gasping loudly as they could not believe what they saw through the caster's perspective.

They were all in disbelief!

Liu Zilang had miraculously appeared inside the UAZ that was about to crash into him. He was in the same car as Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz.

'What the h*ll... Is this Railway Guerillas[2]?'

'Theirs was a train and all he has is a UAZ!'

At that instance, it was not just the audience in the stadium that was shocked, millions of viewers from all the major official live streams were in disbelief as well!


[1] It seems that the author has made a mistake here and it should be Liu Zilang's car instead

[2] Railway Guerillas is a TV show from China.