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368 Unsheathe The Sword For Battle As One Flies Up The Horse! Part 1

 It was just as the two had predicted.

By the time the third blue circle started shrinking, a large number of players had been taken out.

Liu Zilang and GodV crouched inside the toilet beside the road outside of the blue circle. Perhaps they could not feel the intensity of the battle just by the Kill Notifications that appeared at the bottom left corner of their screens.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the third Safe Zone, gunshots and explosions reverberated everywhere as players died one after another. Some had fallen, some were abandoned, some were alone, and some had been straight out annihilated together with their teammates as the blue circle began to shrink. There was a very small number of squads that managed to successfully revive their teammates and lived on...

On the commentary platform.

\"Gasp! This is so unfortunate. Although we predicted long ago that a huge number of players will be wiped out during this phase, I didn't expect it to be this intense.\"

\"Indeed. I think it's mainly because the Safe Zone has spawned in Gatka. Since Gatka has a huge empty field as well as small patches of housing areas, conflicts occur easily when players try to run away from the blue circle. This results in a lot of deaths.\"

\"You're right. Now that the third blue circle has merged with the Safe Zone, the next Safe Zone covers the ruins and North-east of Gatka. There are currently 37 players left on the battlefield. This means half of the players have been wiped out.\"

\"Huh? Wait, is someone trying to run away from the blue circle?\"

As Sy raised his tone, the caster's camera shifted toward a sedan at the outskirts of the third Safe Zone.

\"Holysh*t! Isn't that Vic and GodV?\"

\"GG! They have decided to run from the blue circle now... They were most likely outside the blue circle from the very beginning.\"

\"Have they been blessed with the passive king's technique from the Pig Emperor? These two sure are something!\"

\"Perhaps this is the legendary Kun's Devour[1]? Have they turned into the new passive kings after killing the Pig Emperor?\"

Since there were many players left on the field, and since many fights had broken out when the third blue circle started shrinking, it was impossible for the casters to focus on everyone.

Hence, the viewers in the live stream were talking about them when they saw Liu Zilang and GodV outside of the blue circle...

Inside the game, GodV was driving while Liu Zilang was sitting on the third seat behind the car. The two of them were moving carefreely outside of the blue circle.

Liu Zilang muttered as he looked at the Safe Zone in front of him, \"Do you think we'll encounter someone if we enter now?\"

GodV halted the car after hearing Liu Zilang's words.

Liu Zilang was startled.

GodV started healing himself as he said seriously, \"Better be safe than sorry! Let's enter after we heal up.\"

Liu Zilang pondered for a while and agreed. He then used the medkit which he had used to bait the Pig Emperor to heal himself back to full health.

The two hopped into the car together and headed toward the Safe Zone located North-east from them.

As the reached the edge of the Safe Zone, GodV observed from aside and began slowing down.

The reason he slowed down was so that he could jump out of the car at any given moment.

The entire area was quiet. When the two entered the Safe Zone, it looked like the entire place was deserted.

GodV and Liu Zilang were lowkey happy about it when they realized the situation.

They were lucky. They had entered a deserted area.

The two got down from the car and hid behind it. They raised their heads as they gulped down energy drinks to max out their boost meter.

As soon as GodV restored his health, he looked around for any movement and saw a head behind a grassy slope not far away from them.

They both stared at each other for a second.


The sound of an M24 reverberated as a bullet whizzed toward him!


GodV's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet which had half its endurance left shattered on the spot as his health plunged.

He was on the verge of death!

That shot took away 99 health points!

'What the f*ck!'

GodV was shocked as he immediately hid at the side of the car and panted. \"Some... someone sniped me. Behind the grassy slope in direction W250.\"

Liu Zilang was getting excited as he had yet to fire a shot after obtaining two sniper rifles.

Liu Zilang was itching to spring into action the moment he heard the enemy's gunshot and started camping behind the area with his 98K.

'Hey kid... I'll give you another chance!'

Just as that thought flashed across his mind, a figure appeared on the hill far away from him and instantly disappeared!


Another shot was fired and Liu Zilang's head erupted in blood. His screen shook violently.

He crouched behind the vehicle and took a long sigh of relief. He was shocked.

'It was an instant snipe!'

'The enemy's shot... was an instant snipe!

The reason he did not have the chance to pull the trigger was because he was hit in the head by the enemy's instant snipe.

GodV looked at Liu Zilang's bare head and the little amount of health he had left. He took a deep breath and said, \"Even you're no match for him? That guy sure is something.\"

Liu Zilang did not say a word even though he heard GodV's words. Instead, he used a first aid kit to heal himself.

He was overconfident and that was the reason why he was caught off guard by the enemy's attack. After all, no one would reveal their head when two top-class snipers were having a snipe-off.

It was basically not asking to be killed?

Even so, the enemy's extremely quick and accurate instant snipe was an incredibly tough feat to achieve.

As Liu Zilang pondered, he stared at the quiet grassy slope from behind the car and curled up his lips.

'Could it be you?'


Meanwhile, on the commentary platform live at the venue.

\"Oh my God! Master Ze has encountered Vic and GodV. Please talk it out, Hua Xia squads must never fight among each other.\"

\"Heh, that doesn't seem logical. Master Ze not only attacked them, but he also shot the two of them in the head. However, they weren't knocked out so both of them probably don't know who they're facing at the moment.\"

\"Hmmm... this may be a problem since they don't know who they're fighting against. Oh right Boss Su, did you guys have any special communication codes back in the past in Se7en? At least Master Ze will be able to let Vic know who he is.\"

\"Heh. We honestly don't have any special communication techniques. However, since it's between Ah Lang and Zeyan, I'm sure they'll realize without communicating at all.\"

\"They'll realize without communicating at all? I don't get it. Why are they fighting then?\"

\"You know Zeyan's personality. He has never turned a blind eye in any game, and he'll do his best within the rules. He'd still attack GodV and Liu Zilang without a second thought even if you were to tell him that he'd be the winner even without killing them. He'll kill them for the sake of killing.\"

\"Heh, you're right. He would probably attack his current teammate, so there's nothing much to say about an old comrade.\"

\"We're in hot waters here. No matter who gets annihilated in this fight, it'll be a big blow to our Hua Xia squads.\"

The three casters discussed worriedly on the commentary platform.

The caster's camera then shifted to the south of Gatka.

In an instant, the sound of intense gunshots and a car revving could be heard!

Inside the game, one could see through the big screen that there was a UAZ chasing after another UAZ and sedan.

To make it worse, there was a buggy at the front doing a zig-zag maneuver.

'What is this... a Hollywood blockbuster?'

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were astonished.

The players inside the UAZ at the back were Brother Benz and Kim Doohwan.


[1] Kun is a Chinese mythological fish that spans thousands of miles long and would transform into a legendary bird, Peng