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366 The Toilet Duo, The Revering And Scaredy-cat Personality

 \"Royad-Benz: 3 Kills!\"

\"Royad-Azeael: 7 Kills!\"

It was the third Safe Zone but the two of them had ten kills. Their kills accounted for a third of the total number of kills in the match thus far.

Evidently, they killed everyone they had encountered along the way.

The teamwork between them was extremely astonishing!

The audience in the stadium could not help but worry for the squads from Hua Xia.

On the commentary platform.

\"Heh, he truly fits his nickname 'Grim Reaper' ! We can see that Azeael is currently in the lead with 7 kills. IG's Master Ze comes in second with 6 kills and the third and fourth place goes to Big Brother A+ and Aluka respectively where they have a total of 5 kills each. The rankings further down have yet to be decided as the number of kills of the players are the same.\"

\"I heard that participant Azeael was traumatized by yesterday's match due to his unsatisfactory performance during the tournament. I feel bad for him but he's performing well today.\"

\"Indeed. Our title Solo King Killing God holder from yesterday, Vic, has received quite some attention from our caster's camera. However, his kill count is lower than the rest and it looks like he has not yet started killing others.\"

The three casters were analyzing the battlefield on the commentary platform when the caster's camera shifted out of the blue to Liu Zilang and GodV.

The audience in the stadium and the live stream viewers were shocked when they saw what was shown on the big screen.

The two were hiding inside a toilet just beside the road. They had turned into the \"Toilet Duo\".

As compared to Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz who had been working together to massacre everyone on the hill, the difference was incredibly drastic.

\"Holysh*t... Brother, why are you doing this at such a critical time! Are you taking the toilet as a brothel?\"

\"It's fake! That's definitely not Vic! Vic would've torn the entire place apart with his MK. Why would he crouch down in a toilet?\"

\"GG! It looks like the only hope from Hua Xia is Master Ze, Guru Qiu and Nighthawk...\"

Two Kill Notifications appeared on the bottom left corner of the screen. It was shown on the live stream.

\"Tyloo-Nighthawk died outside the Playzone!\"

\"Seven-Lech died outside the Playzone!\"

When the third Safe Zone spawned, the two of them were battling each other outside of the second blue circle until they ran out of bullets.

The two decided to die outside of the blue circle rather than let the opposing party blow off their heads!

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were speechless when they saw the two Kill Notifications...

'These people aren't reliable at all!'

It looked like Master Ze was the only one that could be relied on in the match!

The caster's camera patrolled around and focused onto Liu Zilang and GodV who were still crouching in the toilet.


There was nothing interesting going on around them.

However, what happened next shocked everyone. They could clearly see a squad rushing into the blue circle with a motorcycle heading toward them.

It was the Korean squad's Pig Emperor, Evermore and his friend Merald!

In the match, Evermore had insisted on the idea of not entering the Safe Zone until it was the final circle. After scouring for a lot of healing items, he brought his teammate, Merald out of the blue circle and hung outside it.

They had started driving their motorcycle when the third Safe Zone spawned.

The advantage of doing so was that they could directly head toward the Safe Zone at the later stages of the game. They did not need to keep moving around whenever a new Safe Zone appeared and they could avoid encounters and conflicts as well.

If nothing went wrong, they could wait it out outside the third blue circle, skipping the fourth Safe Zone and entering the fifth one directly.

This was Evermore's ultimate passive strategy!

As the passive king, Evermore was fearful and cautious toward even a toilet in such a place. One could say that he was afraid of three things in the game.

The red zone, the blue circle, and the toilet.

When Evermore saw the toilet the moment he got into the blue circle, the first thing he did was turn around and head the other way. He did not even stop for a minute to heal himself up.

However, when he turned around and was about to leave, he took a peek and noticed a shining medkit that was bathing in the sunlight on top of a little table at the entrance of the toilet!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Evermore pulled the emergency brake. His motorcycle stopped abruptly, so much so that he was almost thrown off it and would have turned into a crate.

Merald who had been sitting behind him was shocked and said rudely, \"A ssi... what are you doing? Let me drive if you don't know how to.\"

Evermore replied confidently, \"You're still worried about my driving skills. Let's head to the toilet before we leave.\"

\"Toilet? What if there's someone there?\"

\"Why don't you take a look at what's there?\"

Their opinions became one the instant they saw the medkit.


To these passive kings, a medkit was equivalent to life for them...

Only an idiot would not want it!

Meanwhile, GodV saw the motorcycle that had passed by their shoulders in the toilet. He was extremely frustrated. \"Wouldn't it be more than enough to use a first aid kit? If you put an entire medkit over there, only two idiots would fall for it, no?\"

Liu Zilang replied to GodV as he paid attention, \"It's fine. It'll happen if you believe it strongly enough. Let's wait silently for those two idiots... Ahem, I mean those fated ones to arrive.\"

Just as Liu Zilang finished speaking, the two could hear the motorcycle approaching again.

They peeked through the small window above the toilet and realized that the motorcycle had turned around!

GodV was startled...

'Are those two idiots really coming back?'

It was not just GodV who was shocked, the entire audience in the stadium and the live stream viewers felt the same as well.

\"GG! Someone really did fall for it.\"

\"Is the Pig Emperor losing his touch? Is he that daring to come and loot the medkit in such a place?\"

\"System: The delivery man has arrived. Please check your parcel.\"

Inside the game, the sound of a motorcycle nearing and stopping behind the toilet was heard.

Evermore ran over to pick up the medkit the instant they stopped. He pondered for a moment before speaking up, \"Why don't we stop here for now and hide inside this toilet. I think this place is meant for us.\"

He wanted to open the door and see what other surprises were waiting for him.

Since a medkit had spawned on the small table outside, it was not impossible for an 8x Scope to be inside it!

Then, the more cautious Merald held him back. \"Wait, let me throw a Frag Grenade in case there's anyone inside.\"

\"Someone's inside? That doesn't seem very likely, no?\" Although Evermore questioned him, he did not stop him as well.

After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Hence, Merald took out his Frag Grenade.