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365 No One Shall Leave Today!

 Inside the game, the sound of air escaping could be heard!

The rear tires of Li Muqiu's car had been flattened in an instant...

He was showing off his driving skills despite not having any tires!

As he was cussed in his heart, blood erupted from behind his neck. A huge portion of his health had been chipped off.


Li Muqiu was so shocked that he immediately stopped and jumped out of his car. He then hid behind the vehicle while he healed himself. He cussed deep in his heart, 'Bully! What a f*cking bully!'

Li Muqiu decided to stay after he had healed himself as he crouched behind his vehicle and stared at the enemy from his third-person perspective.

If the two behind him were to make any slight movements, he would peek his head out and fire 17 shots in 2 seconds with his SKS!

'No one shall leave today!'

The three casters on the commentary platform were rather startled as well.

\"Ahem... It looks like Li Muqiu has finally lost it and has decided to fight back after being chased for so long!\"

\"Hehe. He went overboard, he went overboard. Nighthawk who flattened his tires crossed the line. He'd lift up a boulder and drop it on his feet, don't you think so?\"

\"A little bit. Now that the second blue circle has started shrinking and since they're still outside of the Safe Zone, it would be fine if they decide to let Guru Qiu drive into the Safe Zone. I'm afraid they're going to fight to the death now.\"

\"Huh? Who do you think will survive? Nighthawk should have the advantage since it's two against one.\"

\"That's right, but Guru Qiu is on higher ground. Since he's in between the enemy and the Safe Zone, it's hard to tell what kind of move he'll make.\"

In the game, Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang who were at the back were flabbergasted.

Bai Shaobin rubbed his chin as he asked skeptically, \"Huh? Why did he stop running?\"

Hou Dongfang was on the verge of scolding Bai Shaobin when he heard his words. Their enemy was Asia's Killing God no matter how one looked at it. Since Bai Shaobin had been chasing after him throughout the entire journey and had flattened his tires, no one would be able to swallow it at all.

However, his thoughts could only be kept to himself as he asked, \"Captain Bai, what should we do now?\"

\"This will be difficult.\"

Bai Shaobin shook his head. \"There's a plain field right in front of us and we aren't able to reach it because of that guy watching us from behind the car. How about... I'll cover you and see if you can escape to the side.\"

\"Captain Bai... I...\"

Hou Dongfang stuttered as he felt that it was not the best thing to do.

Bai Shaobin waved his hand and had made his decision. \"Say no more. I've made my decision.\"

\"It's not that Captain Bai...\"

Hou Dongfang was too shy to speak up. \"I just want to ask... Do you have any additional energy drinks or ammo? I don't think you'll be needing them soon.\"

Bai Shaobin was speechless as the edge of his eyes twitched.

He looked extremely agitated as he could not control his emotions. \"No! Now get going!\"

Seeing how Bai Shaolin was on the verge of exploding, Hou Dongfang started running in order to avoid any friendly fire from occurring!


As time passed, the second blue circle merged with the Safe Zone and the next Safe Zone appeared.

\"Oh! We can see that the next Safe Zone has shifted to the region of Georgopol. The match may just end up at the plain field.\"

\"That's right. However, with the Safe Zone being there, I think the housing area in Gatka and Gatka Trenches are the two major locations that every squad will try to occupy.\"

\"I think there's no need to fight for the housing area within the location of the Safe Zone because the Safe Zone doesn't cover any impenetrable houses. Furthermore, it's only the third Safe Zone and no one knows where the next one will shift to. Even if they occupy a spot inside the housing area, the squads would fight against each other when the next Safe Zone moves elsewhere. Then, the housing area will be the most dangerous place to be in.\"

\"Indeed, Boss Su's analysis sounds logical. I guess there are pros and cons and the players shall be the ones to weigh them.\"

\"Let's look at the number of players that are still alive. There are still 71 of them! Although this match's flight route didn't give them a lot of resources, our prediction where many players are killed in the early stages of the game due to them fighting for weapons didn't come to fruition as well.\"

\"Perhaps it backfired. Every squad would be extremely cautious with such a flight route, causing them to either head toward rural areas or find vehicles to head to further places. This is the reason why there weren't many fights in the early stages of the game.\"

\"Correct, but the third Safe Zone has spawned and by the time the third blue circle starts shrinking, a massacre should take place in that location.\"

\"Hold up, let's have a look at Gatka. War seems to be brewing.\"

\"Oh! It's 4AM's Aluka and Cpt. They've encountered two squads in the housing area! One of them is IG! What are they going to do? Fight or Flight?\"

\"Oh my God! Aluka has rushed in and stopped the car. He's chosen to occupy a spot in the house!\"

As the casters spoke, Aluka could be seen rushing in with an S686 from the caster's perspective.

\"Da da da!\"

\"Bang bang!\"

One of the two South-east Asian players inside the house had prepared to throw a Frag Grenade but he did not expect Aluka to rush in so quickly. He was killed with his Frag Grenade in his hand.

Meanwhile, Aluka was forced to retreat outside of the house because of the enemy's teammate who had an M4.

When Aluka left the building, two Kill Notifications appeared simultaneously as an explosion was heard from inside the house.

Aluka and Cpt were both stunned as they rushed in again. Cpt was firing warning shots while Aluka healed himself up.

The audience burst into laughter as they watched them.

'This South-east Asian squad looks like a joke.'

XiaoJue and Cocoa were dumbfounded as they loitered outside the housing area even though they had arrived earlier than Aluka's team.

If they knew that the two enemies were that bad at defending the house, they would have attacked them. There was no reason for them to loiter outside...

Now, the cooked duck had fallen onto someone else's plate.

'D*mn it!'

Just as everything had settled down, a fight broke out on top of the hill south of Gatka.

The casters immediately shifted their attention there.

From the screen, Kim Doohwan and Brother Benz were on top of the hill south of Gatka.

The two maintained their distance of ten meters as they covered each others' blindspots while they advanced.

\"Da da da!\"

Brother Benz saw a person within his sights. He raised up his M4 equipped with a 4x Scope and then fired at him!

However, the enemy's reaction speed was quick as well as he returned fire with his 98K!

He was not able to land a headshot as he was the one being ambushed.

The enemy's teammate grabbed hold of the opportunity and fired at Brother Benz from the side, plunging his health to the very bottom.

This was the kind of reaction speed and teamwork players should have in Duos!

Technically speaking, Brother Benz would have been knocked out once if he had not died.

However, what this squad did not expect was that the moment Brother Benz fired at the first person, Kim Doohwan had noticed the other enemy. The reason he had yet to fire was to wait for the second enemy to appear!

Hence, the moment the second enemy opened fire, Kim Doohwan determined his location by his gunshots, locked him down and instant-sniped him on his Level Two Military Helmet.

Brother Benz was on the verge of death as his health was red.

The teamwork between the two had been caught by the caster's camera and the audience gasped in shock!

Two kills were shown through the caster's perspective.