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364 Its Impossible That Shifu Is A B*stard!


It was another shot from the 98K. The bullet pierced through the air and entered a player's head!

In a blink of an eye, the \"gunshot orchestra\" behind Misaka Mokoto stopped!

The two players that had been shot by Liu Zilang needed to be revived and the other squads were not idiots. None of them were willing to peek their heads out when they saw Liu Zilang landing two headshots in a row which naturally caused the gunshot to cease.

Those viewers in the livestream that had already known of their master-disciple relationship from last night caused an uproar after watching that scene.

\"Holysh*t... Vic is up to something!\"

\"Come here, my disciple. Shifu I shall treat you a chicken dinner!\"

\"Brother above me, you've great taste! You spoke of chicken instead of the other word. Truly you and I are men of culture.\"

\"You've overestimated me. We fans of the Attractive Section Chicken King have always had some qualities in us.\"

\"Make good deeds when it comes to culture, Attractive Section Chicken King shall lead us in our adventure!\"

I wonder if what Vic did is considered a violation of the regulations. Why do I feel that they're working together.\"

\"I agree with the one above. However, I'm willing to go against the rules to save a girl such as Menhera-chan!\"

\"It's a fact that they're working together! Are those casters idiots? Why aren't they saying anything?\"

\"What the f*ck! How is this considered teaming up? Vic has determined that Menhera-chan was a lower threat, hence he decided to attack the others first. Isn't that acceptable?\"

\"The brother above me makes sense, but it sounds a little bit forced...\"


As it was the official tournament's livestream, it was crowded with all sorts of people. Thus, the bullet screen was filled with discussions.

Ultimately, a portion of the people believed that Liu Zilang was not teaming up. Instead, he had decided to let off a few hooks here and there on them.

Su Changming let out a dry cough on the commentary platform as he wanted to help Liu Zilang to clear his name.

Just as he was about to speak up, it could be seen through the caster's perspective that after Misaka Mikoto had escaped from the bombardment behind, she seemed to be trying to escape through Liu Zilang's location.

Then an intense rattle rang beside her.

\"Da da da!\"

Her buggy had been moving towards GodV who had already been waiting for her.

In this situation, GodV held onto the trigger without any mercy as he knocked Misaka Mikoto off her buggy.

The buggy then rolled forward without much momentum as one of its tires had been punctured.

Behind the trail of a buggy was a corpse and a crate.

\"4AM-GodV killed SST-Menhera with M416!\"

This sudden gank surprised Misaka Mikoto.

'What's going on?'

'Didn't we agree that we shall be each other's guardian angel? Why did he attack me?'

'Shifu... you lied to me!'

Misaka Mikoto was extremely disappointed before she reacted.

'No... That's not Shifu!'

'It's Shifu's b*stard teammate who's hit me!'

'That's it! Shifu must be in the dark and was cheated by his b*stard teammate!'

Misaka Mikoto regained her cool as her thoughts reached here.

However, what she did not know was that Liu Zilang was already heading towards her crate merrily the moment she was taken out of the buggy...


'How fragrant!'


The viewers in the livestream and stadium were thrown into chaos when they saw it!

\"GG! GodV really showed no mercy there!\"

\"What a b*stard! Is there any crowdfunding to kill this b*stard? Recommend me if there's any. I'll ask again later if there isn't.\"

\"Hehe. Where are those who said they were teaming up or turning a blind eye? Why aren't you guys responding?\"

\"According to my analysis, Vic had merely used someone to get his job done, hence protecting his position in Menhera-chan's heart. What makes him extremely cunning is that he even gets her crate!\"

\"Who doesn't agree! I hope Menhera-chan can see Vic's true nature as soon as possible and return to us shut-ins!\"

\"Ahem... Brother from above. You've exposed yourself.\"


Ultimately, actions speak louder than words.

It was considered a perfect cover-up for Liu Zilang when GodV killed his opponent without mercy.

Liu Zilang might not be able to pull the trigger if he knew the opponent was Misaka Mikoto if he were in GodV's shoes...

Naturally, this excluded the time when she was too loaded.


Beside the crate, Liu Zilang switched his VSS behind his back without hesitation to the hot piping MK14 that had been delivered by Misaka Mikoto.

Both weapons were similar, where they were automatic sniper rifles. However, MK14 was much better than the VSS in terms of stats. Hence, it was a no brainer than Liu Zilang had switched to MK when there was one.

He had an MK on his left and 98K on his right and had considered having obtained his standard Dual-Sniper setup.

Liu Zilang thought in his mind as he stared at the crate beside Misaka Mikoto's corpse.

'Don't worry about it and move on. Shifu will lead your MK to the chicken dinner!'

The battle around the airdrop came to an end as the airdrop had been looted.

The other squads did not seem to have the intention to fight on. Those who had vehicles had driven away and those who did not, ran on foot. Since the majority of them had their vehicle's tires flattened, they had no choice but to run.


None of them knew that idiotic chicken in the buggy had sent what kind of items in the airdrop to Vic.

If it were an AWM...

Would they be finding trouble for themselves if they decide to stay?

It seemed that Liu Zilang did not expect the people around the airdrop to be so decisive as all of them had disappeared in a blink of an eye.

He felt extremely unfortunate as he was hoping to try his MK14 that he had just gotten his hands on...

The second blue circle started shrinking but there was no need for them to run away from it because they were within the second Safe Zone.

Hence, Liu Zilang and GodV were able to relax a bit as all they had to do was to wait patiently for the next Safe Zone to spawn.

Meanwhile, someone was still in a lot of frustration.

This man was no other than the Li Muqiu who had been tailed by the two perverts, Bai Shaobin, and Hou Dongfang as they moved along the shore towards the north.

By the time the caster shifted the camera to him inside the big screen on the stage, Li Muqiu was already rushing excitedly towards a white sedan.

\"Tsk tsk. Finally! Guru Qiu has found a car.\"

\"Yes... Guru Qiu must be on the verge of breaking down along this journey since he was targeted by a sniper who had a hawk's eye.\"

\"However, it would be different since he had found a car. Nighthawk has yet to realize it but I think Guru Qiu can finally escape from Nighthawk's tailing.\"

Li Muqiu immediately stepped on the pedal the moment he hopped into the car!


The engine revved as he moved forward quickly.

Li Muqiu moved his field of vision behind his car as he thought angrily. 'Good f*cking bye!'

However, something happened that Li Muqiu would never dream of happening.

Not long after his drive, an intense gunshots rattled from the slope behind him.

\"Da da da!\"

The densely-packed bullets attacked him from behind as it clanked endlessly onto his car.

'Holy f*cking sh*t...'

'They manage to catch up that quickly?!'

Li Muqiu was shocked as he immediately sped up while moving around, trying to show off his zigzag evasive maneuver!

However, his eyes twitched all of a sudden as he was in big trouble!