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363 Shifu, It’s You!

 \"Menhera-chan! Slow down! Slow down!\"

\"Don't worry Sakamoto-kun. I'll protect you! Believe in me!\"


The conversation above had ended.

Then, Menhera-chan who was driving the buggy with her squad's sniper Wesker flew in the sky as they drove over the slope.

As Wesker watched the sky and ground, alternating between the two, all his mind could think of was...

'Value your life. Stay away from female drivers.'

His heart was filled with regret as he should not have eaten that... No, wait. He should not have gotten into this illegal vehicle with a driver without a driving license...


The buggy crashed to the side of the airdrop.

The few squads that were in a stalemate fell into silence as they stared at the buggy.

'Are they some sort of big bosses... For them to enter in such a manner?'

As Misaka Mikoto and Wesker got out of the car beside the airdrop, they could instantly feel the weird tension in the air.

\"Ah! Smoke up! Smoke up now!\" Misaka Mikoto urged.

Wesker who had been thrown around helplessly was on the verge of tears. \"I already told you not to drive too quickly!\"

The two then anxiously threw Smoke Grenades around them.

After a few clanks here and there, the airdrop that was still oozing out red smoke was covered in a white smokescreen.

On the commentary platform.

\"Wow. Are all Japanese players this aggressive? Did they just go straight for it?\"

\"Tsk tsk. Hats off to the country which gave birth to the Four-wheel Drive Brothers. This is truly the real Tornado Charge!\"

\"The players around the airdrop were slow to react earlier. I'm guessing they're able to take out one of them before they smoked up if they reacted a little bit faster?\"

\"Heh. I think that's normal. It's just like an actual war, no one would be able to react in time if someone decides to sell spaghetti in front of them out of the blue.\"

\"However, Menhera-chan and Wesker are in a tough situation. If the smokescreen were to disperse, they would be surrounded and be in a pinch.\"

\"Indeed. The surface area of the airdrop is too small. It's still acceptable if it's used as a cover for an attack in one direction, but it's practically useless in their current situation.\"

After panicking inside the smokescreen for a while, Misaka Mikoto managed to calm herself down!

It was not that she was an incredibly big risk taker, it was just that the smoking airdrop was able to calm her down.

\"Wow! It's an MK14!\"

Misaka Mikoto's eyes were brimming with light when she saw the weapon.

As a flexible player in SST, she could be a secondary sniper in her squad. Among all the sniper rifles in the game, Misaka Mikoto's favorite was the MK14, the fully automatic sniper rifle that could only be found in the airdrop.

Ever since Liu Zilang's video of him using the MK14 with 15x Scope had gone viral on the internet, Misaka Mikoto was extremely shocked by it and had been using it as a reference for her to improve.

Misaka Mikoto stared at the MK14 that was laying still in the airdrop and immediately switched it with the SKS on her back.

Meanwhile, she spoke through the voice chat, \"Sakamoto-kun, there's a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet inside. Come and get it quickly and prepare to make a run for it!\"

\"Make... a run?\" Wesker started feeling nervous.

'Isn't it a suicide since there're so many guns aiming at us?'

'However, the situation isn't any better if we don't make a run for it...' Wesker was in despair when he thought about it!

He then recalled the other two squad members smiling at him when they were drawing lots to decide who to team up with before the Duos match.

He was then matched with Misaka Mikoto when he simply drew a lot...


'It's rigged... they'd definitely rigged it!'

However, it was not the time to think of this. As Misaka Mikoto equipped the Mk14 in the game, she gulped down two cans of energy drinks, wiped her mouth and hopped into the buggy.

'Sakamoto-kun, get in the car quickly.\"

Wester immediately picked up the Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and hopped into the buggy the moment Misaka Mikoto urged.

Misaka Mikoto had even comforted him. \"Don't worry Sakamoto-kun, I'll protect you!\"

Wesker was speechless...


The buggy's rear exhaust pipe spewed fire as it let out an ear-deafening rev.

Misaka Mikoto looked at the map and rushed out of the smokescreen without any hesitation!

Wesker who was sitting behind the buggy closed his eyes as he trembled and started praying silently.

GodV could not help but comment as he heard the buggy revving and rushing out of the smokescreen. \"Wow! Which squad is this? They're so aggressive!\"

\"They're indeed aggressive.\"

Liu Zilang nodded as he stared at the buggy. He then said out of the blue, \"Hey! Did you realize...\"

Liu Zilang did not manage to finish his sentence before GodV screamed. \"H*lyshit! Why is the buggy coming towards us?\"

Liu Zilang's eyes shone brightly as he said swiftly, \"Raise your weapon and protect them!\"

His intentions were extremely clear. He wanted to protect the airdrop express so that they could be delivered to them safely...

The few squads were making their moves the moment they saw the buggy rushing out of the smokescreen.

'Did they just f*cking ignore us?'

'It really hurts our pride, you know?'

They raised their weapon and fired at the buggy!

Pew pew pew!

Countless bullets poured onto the moving buggy like heavy rain!

Misaka Mikoto immediately turned left and right as she performed her ultimate zigzag cobra evasive maneuver.

However, her supposedly lightning-quick maneuver was slow due to the system's restriction and blood erupted out of Wesker's body a few times as he sat behind the buggy.

He was beaten out of the vehicle in a blink of an eye!

Wesker was in despair as he looked at Misaka Mikoto who did not bother turning back the moment he fell out of the car.

'I was stupid!'


Wesker recalled Misaka Mikoto's motto in her squad. 'Don't be afraid. I'll protect you.'

However, none of the people she swore to protect had survived before...

'Everything had been decided since the beginning!'

However, Misaka Mikoto who swore to protect her friend over her dead body had taken a bullet as well and her health dropped slightly.

Misaka Mikoto felt helpless as well as she faced countless bullets coming at her!

Then, the sound of the 98K rang in her ears!


It was a powerful and clear gunshot that had broken the rhythm of another gunshot that originated behind her.

It was as if it had halted instantly!

That was because the \"rifle violinist\" had been shot and could no longer continue his performance...

\"4AM-Vic knocked out BDG-Rapiacta by headshot with Kar98K!\"

Misaka Mikoto's eyes were brimming brightly as she saw the Killer Notification appearing on her bottom left corner of the screen.

Her eyes were literally filled with excitement!


'It's you!'


[1] It means d*mn it in Japanese