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362 The Pervert Duo And The Car-fixing Strategy!

 The airplane roared as it flew across the sky in the second Safe Zone and gathered everyone's attention.

When the first airdrop appeared in PUBG, everyone would be still busy searching for items as they had just landed. If it was not by chance, the airdrop would often be left unattended.

However, the airdrop would be in a totally different situation if it appeared after the second Safe Zone.

Strictly speaking, one could argue that this would be the first airdrop that could incite war.

This was because many squads that were in the Safe Zone would move about everywhere at this time. Naturally, many squads would come in touch with the airdrop.

As for the squads that would turn their backs on the airdrop?

Other than the Korean Squad KD's Pig Emperor, Evermore, there would be very few squads that would even bother neglecting it.

As Liu Zilang and GodV reached the landing site, which was on the hill west of Primorsk, gunshots were already reverberating around the area and the sound of cars and motorcycles revving could occasionally be heard as well. The airdrop had at least attracted four to five two-man squads to the scene.

The airdrop had already landed on the slope of a hill, quietly oozing the thick red smoke. However, no one was daring enough to approach it.

'Are you serious!'

'With so many guns pointing in the area, only an idiot would be dumb enough to approach it!'

After Liu Zilang and GodV parked their car, they swiftly got down and took cover.

\"Direction SE130, there're two players behind the tree and the stone.\"

\"Yes, someone had laid prone on the top of the hill west of us. I can't hit him from here.\"

\"What do you think... Should we risk it?\"

\"Let's wait for a while more. I'm just afraid that our vehicles will explode before even reaching there.\"

\"What should we do now? These people are playing very safely. They don't even dare to peek their heads out.\"

\"If that's the case...\"

Liu Zilang curled his lips as an idea popped in his head.

As the bunch of players played mind games with each other, Li Muqiu was staring at the two perverts that had been tailing him.

He was extremely annoyed...

There were two players tailing him and he did not have the opportunity to get on land at all.

Seeing the blue circle that was about to reach him, Li Muqiu grit his teeth and took the risk.

When he went up to shore, he immediately threw three Smoke Grenades while the enemies were not paying attention and ran away.

He was fortunate that he was able to get away from the enemies. He then hid inside a house and used a first aid kit to restore his health to full. After that, he maxed out his boost as well.

Although all he could think of was to kill the two enemies tailing him in the sea the moment he reached the shore, he decided to let the enemies live longer for now since the second Safe Zone spawned in the north and he had no vehicle...

However, Li Muqiu did not expect gunshots to whiz past him from behind after traveling for a short while.

He was incredibly irritated when he turned around and opened his scope!

Who else could it be other than the two players that had been tailing him in the sea earlier?

These people were incredibly persistent!

The two squads fought as they ran away from the blue circle together. This kept on for a long time as they fought this long-distance tug-of-war.

The viewers from the live stream and stadium burst into laughter as they watched.

\"Tsk tsk! I didn't know Captain Bai has the talent of tailing people like a pervert. His techniques are truly professional!\"

\"This is so funny. Captain Bai hates Guru Qiu down to his bones. He's been tailing him for so long!\"

\"Guru Qiu: Please stay away from me! I don't want to see you!\"

\"Captain Bai: Boohoo, big bully wants to molest and abandon you. I'll record you on J2!\"

\"2333. The guy above me has his brained filled up with way too much weird stuff!\"

Although the battle just outside the Safe Zone was getting more intense, the caster could no longer give them more coverage.

This was because GodV and Liu Zilang were up to something.

The two could not find an opportunity to take out a few of them as the people around the airdrop were very well hidden.

Liu Zilang wanted to break the stalemate situation as he and his partner GodV formed a tire-puncturing squad. They then immediately began their operation.

The players were definitely hiding nearby their vehicle. If one were to hit their vehicles in front of them, it would be the equivalent of a mischievous kid scratching the owner's car with a stone right in front of the owner's eyes.

It would only be natural that they made a move to punish them!

Hence, they needed a force in the shadows to support them.

In the game, it was without a doubt that the force in the shadows was Liu Zilang and his 98K.

GodV used his M4 and fired at the vehicle while Liu Zilang used his 98K to fire whoever reacted to it!




For a short while, the sound of 98K bellowed one after the other, forming a certain rhythm.

With each shot, it was either shattering an enemy's Level Two Military Helmet or reducing the enemy's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet's durability down to the red.

GodV kept firing at the vehicles with his M4 as he tried to \"fix\" them while Liu Zilang covered him with his extremely precise marksmanship!

\"Psst! Psst! Psst!\"

In a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang and GodV had flattened all the tires within their sight.

At least two tires had been flattened per vehicle and it would be extremely infuriating to drive.

\"As for the two squads that had reacted more aggressively, GodV had literally flattened all their tires so that it would be impossible to drive while Liu Zilang covered him!

The viewers in the live stream and stadium did not know what to say as they watched this chaotic scene...

'What happened to the great airdrop war? Why did it become a tire-flattening tournament?'

Ms-Joy laughed on the commentary platform. \"Ahem... What can we say? Perhaps this is one of their battle strategies...\"

The audience was booing as they heard Ms-Joy's words.

'Just admit that he's an evil man... Do you really have to frame it as a strategy?'

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaotong who was sitting beside Jiang Yumeng in the stadium was blushing and she wanted to dig a hole and jump into it.

Su Changming on the commentary platform immediately eased the situation when the audience booed. \"Hmm... I think Ms-Joy's argument is logical. It is a strategy in a sense as the enemies would have lost the initiative, be it if they decide to retreat or attack when it's time for them to fight for the airdrop. However, this might not be a good idea for Vic and GodV.\"

Sy was excited. \"From this gank, we can see that a world-class sniper is able to oppress players even in a non-solo match.\"

Ms-Joy nodded upon hearing his words. \"That's right. It's unfortunate that the squads that have come to fight for the airdrop don't have a sniper that's as good as Master Ze or Nighthawk. This is why Vic is able to do whatever he wishes with his 98K while GodV is able to flatten other players' tires without any stress.\"

\"What do you think will happen?\" Su Changming raised his head as he looked at the big screen and analyzed the situation with a serious look on his face. \"Are GodV and Vic going to make the first move to the airdrop? Or will they use their car to approach closer to take off a few squads before they decide their next move?\"

The three casters analyzed the situation on the commentary platform.

Meanwhile inside the big screen through the caster's perspective.

A buggy appeared from the hill behind from the distance as it entered everyone's sight!