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361 Literally Plundering A Burning House!


A figure fell into the water and splashed everywhere.

Since Li Muqiu's butt was on fire, his entry position was not remarkable, causing many splashes as he entered the water.

'I can't give more than five points!' Bao Shaobin thought.

He then reacted swiftly.

'Holysh*t... Was he forced to jump into the sea? The squad ambushing them is just too cruel!\"

Bao Shaobin's eye twitched as he took a closer look at the Killer Notification on the screen.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Se7en-SSR with VSS!\"

'It's him!'

'It's really him!'

Bao Shaobin could not calm down at that moment.

His expression then changed again!

That was because Bai Shaobin had realized who had jumped into the sea...

In the sea, Li Muqiu took a deep breath as he had escaped death. He was furious when he saw the Killer Notification but at the same time, everything clicked in his head.

'That's right!'

'There's no one else other than him who would bring a VSS and Molotov Cocktails to the bridge.'

'To top it off, he brought two as well... Don't you feel tired just from carrying them?'

'I'm sorry brother.' Li Muqiu thought as he realized his teammate had been taken out on the bridge and started swimming towards the shore.

However, he realized there were two people in the sea the moment he turned around.

'Did they... swim from the other side?'

'Ah. what a p*ssy!'

Li Muqiu laughed as he turned around and started swimming.

He had yet to realize that one of these two was his ever clinging nightmare, Bai Shaobin.

Li Muqiu felt that something was wrong when he swam for some distance.


'Why are these two following me?'

'Are they trying to plunder a burning house?'

Li Muqiu then flexed his dominance by doing a butterfly stroke. 'You better not follow me!'

The two then seemed to have set their eyes on him for good as they submerged into the water and followed him tightly from behind!

'What the f*ck... are you taking me as an easy target?'

'Bring it on!'

He was irritated. 'I'll kill you all the moment I have the chance when I reach the shore!'


On the commentary platform.

\"Tsk tsk. I didn't expect Vic's squad to successfully gank someone on the bridge! That Molotov Cocktail is the best by far in the game.\"

\"Hehe. Looks like many people would bring two Molotov Cocktails when they're ambushing others in the game from now on. Vic and GodV have it good in this gank since the sniper SSR seemed to be the most loaded in Guru Qiu's squad.\"

\"However, Guru Qiu seems to be targeted by Tyloo's Nighthawk. He has literally entered the wolf's den after escaping the tiger's cave! I wonder what he has to say about his situation right now.\"

In the game, GodV and Liu Zilang headed towards the bridge with weapons in their hands.

At the side of the bridge railing, SSR was incredibly regretful after being knocked out before he was killed!

'Just a little bit more...'

'I'm so close!'

He was so close to leaping off from the rail guard and following Li Muqiu in jumping into the sea.

He also felt hopeless as he watched Li Muqiu swimming away without looking back...

Liu Zilang and GodV soon arrived by his side.

Liu Zilang looked into the sea from the bridge and shook his head lamentably. \"How pitiful, to be abandoned by your own teammate. Let me release you from your suffering.\"

He raised his weapon and shot at SSR's head after he finished speaking.


The trembling SSR's leg froze as he died on the spot!

The edge of GodV's lips twitched as he watched on as Liu Zilang had forcefully separated them.

However, everything that was happening around them could be set aside for now as looting the crate was their number one priority. The two crouched beside the crate for a while and the upgrade of the equipment on their body could be seen with the naked eye!

A black Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet appeared on Liu Zilang's head whereas an exquisite, gold-shining Level Three Military Vest appeared on GodV's body.

\"98K with 8x Scope!\"

\"Fully equipped M4 with x4 Scope!\"

\"First Aid Kit!\"

\"Pain Killers, Energy Drinks!\"


In this match, Li Muqiu and SSR did not land in Sosnovka Military Base when they landed in the Sosnovka Island. Instead, they drove around the Sosnovka Military Base and scoured the entire rural area around it.

This was the reason why the two left the island at the very last minute.

Liu Zilang and GodV were relieved and practically celebrating when they saw the items in the crates.

'He's certainly a man who'd gotten out of the Sosnovka Island!'


After the two finished looting the crate, they stared at the three that were swimming towards Ferry Pier just beside Primorsk. They were itching for more action.

If they were able to turn them into deliverymen... Their lives would have been fulfilled, right?

However, the next Safe Zone had already spawned.

Ultimately, the two decided to stay rational as the thirst for victory had stopped them from doing anything reckless.

They headed towards the Safe Zone directly as they hopped into the yellow sedan Li Muqiu left behind.

One did not need to enter a housing area when entering the Safe Zone in the professional scene. This was because entering a housing area was equivalent to entering the enemies' alert zone and it would be incredibly dangerous if there were still a lot of players left in the game.

They could still occupy a multi-story building if the Safe Zone covered a lot of buildings. If it was not the case, then heading towards the hill would be much safer than heading into a housing area.

It seemed that was what Liu Zilang and GodV were planning to do.

GodV was the driver while Liu Zilang sat in the third seat in the car. The two headed north and stopped at the hill south of Georgopol when they entered the Safe Zone.

The two then took the hill as theirs. Vehicles would occasionally pass by them while they waited for the next Safe Zone to spawn.

The two would fire warning shots from afar from the distance to prevent them from coming any closer.

Since the second Safe Zone covered a huge area, most of the squads would immediately leave the area unless they had no other choice.

After all, survival was the most important thing in the tournament. Very few squads would fight to the death with another squad in the second Safe Zone.

Hence, although it looked extremely tense when Liu Zilang and GodV fired at the enemies, they did not manage to get any kills after the enemy had run away.

Fortunately, the enemy they killed earlier had a lot of ammo, or else they would not be able to sustain their squander. However, this action had made them poorer as well.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin. \"I think we need to replenish our ammo.\"

\"Why don't we find a housing area and search through them?\" GodV asked.

\"That's too slow.\" Liu Zilang's words made sense.

Then, the sky started roaring.

It was a plane!

The two were extremely excited!

When a plane appeared, it did not always mean that an airdrop was going to drop, it could also mean that there were countless dreamers chasing after it.

If they were able to turn all of them into deliverymen...

Did that not mean that they would replenish everything then?

The two jumped into their AE86 simultaneously as they followed the airplane!