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360 Sister Lee Had Fallen From The Sky!

 As the engine roared, a yellow sedan entered Liu Zilang and GodV's field of vision.

The sedan slowed down when it was on the bridge.

\"Guru Qiu? Are we really going to speed across the bridge?\" Se7en's sniper, SSR asked

Li Muqiu who was sitting in the third seat behind said lazily, \"Of course? Do you want to fly over instead?\"

\"I'm afraid...\"

\"Afraid? How about this... I'll sing a song for you.\"


As they spoke, the car was unknowingly approaching the bridgehead.

However, everything was dead silent ahead...

'There doesn't seem to be anyone there!'

SSR was extremely happy when he saw this.

'God bless us!'

Li Muqiu had already raised up his AK by the time they reached the bridgehead but all he found was disappointment.

He was planning to fight back.

They would not have thought that Liu Zilang and GodV were camping by the bridgehead because they had no choice.

One did not have a rifle while the other was lacking throwables.

They thought that they were planning to pull them closer before they started attacking.

\"Are they still not going to make a move? Vic and GodV can really hold their urges!\"

\"The distance between them is extremely near! Guru Qiu seems to think there's no one there and they're about to cross the bridge.\"

\"Oh! GodV is making a move!\"

The casters gasped on the commentary platform, GodV peeked out from the cover at the bridgehead, raised up his AK and fired at them!

\"Da da da!\"

However, the enemy's reaction was very swift as well. Perhaps it would be better to say that they were prepared.

The instant they were ambushed, SSR immediately stopped horizontally towards where the attack came from. He and Li Muqiu then jumped out of the car and hid behind it.

Even so, SSR had taken two hits to the body when he got down from the car. Fortunately, he had a Level Three Military Vest on or the sprain he had when he jumped out of the car would have knocked him out on the spot...

\"There really is someone here!\" Li Muqiu peeked from behind the car as he was feeling extremely excited.

Although he lost a little bit of health when he jumped out of the car, he did not heal himself like what SSR did. Instead, he took out a Frag Grenade, pulled the pin to cook it for a while before throwing it towards the bridgehead.

Liu Zilang and GodV were quick to respond. Their first reaction when they saw Li Muqiu peeking out behind the car was to attack him but they immediately spread out the moment they saw the enemy swinging his hand.


The Frag Grenade let out an ear-deafening explosion before it even landed on the ground.

Meanwhile, there was an AK behind the car firing at Liu Zilang and GodV as they took cover. The oppression was so great that they did not dare to peek their heads out.

'That was close!'

Liu Zilang and GodV were shocked as they evaded the grenade. The enemies on the bridge... did not seem to be extremely friendly at all!

'Who's doing the ganking here?'

GodV whose pride had been hurt found a new cover. He took out a Frag Grenade and threw it back at them!

'Have a taste of this!'


A bright light flashed behind the car but there was no prompt that popped out.

\"Unfortunately, GodV's throw is quite off the mark!\"

\"Indeed. However, this is normal since Frag Grenade is prone to roll on the bridge's ground. It would keep rolling once it touched the ground.\"

\"It's rather difficult to throw a Frag Grenade precisely in that situation.\"

Soon, SSR behind the car on the bridge opened up a first aid kit and started healing himself.

SSR put a smile on his face as he saw the enemy throwing a \"water grenade.\"[1]

'This squad is still too inexperienced!'

He swiftly took out his 98K equipped with 8x Scope and started aiming at the enemies hiding behind the cover.

'It's my time to shine!'

As SSR was crouching down confidently, there was something flying over towards them from the bridgehead behind the cover.

It did not sound like a Frag Grenade at all...

\"F*ck! It's a Molotov Cocktail!\" Li Miqiu screamed in shock!



A gulf of fiery flame spread as soon as the glass shattered.

Liu Zilang did not wait for the two to evade as he threw out another Molotov Cocktail at the car.

The glass shattered once again and the fire that was originally behind the car started spreading the entire area.

Seeing that his body had caught fire and his health was reducing rapidly, SSR wanted to retreat further back from the car. However, GodV and Liu Zilang's attack had forced him to stay behind the car.

He started panicking as he screamed. \"I'm on fire! I'm on fire! Guru Qiu, I'm on fire!\"

\"Stop screaming!\" Li Muqiu said impolitely, \"Take off your clothes if you're on fire!\"

\"Really? Does that work?\" SSR was shocked.

He had never heard of this \"little trick\" before.

Li Muqiu was irritated when he heard him. 'Did you just f*cking believe that?'


'You're getting fired the moment this tournament ends!'

The car in front of them was without a doubt no longer suitable as their cover. However, they had to stay behind the car since the enemies were aiming at them.

It would be too late to throw a smoke grenade since the fire was burning their butts. They would have been roasted by the time the smokescreen spread out.

They would have literally burned themselves an incense.

In this critical situation, Li Muqiu had showcased his incredible inhuman reaction. He instantly threw out a Stun Grenade from behind the car!

He then screamed. \"Go!\"

He was already running out from the car and headed straight towards the bridge railing as he screamed!

All GodV could hear was a buzz the moment he opened fire as he stared at the Stun Grenade.

His entire world had turned white!

What was shocking was that Liu Zilang was able to react in time before the Stun Grenade exploded. He turned his head around in time and avoided from being blinded by the Stun Grenade!

However, Li Muqiu had already leaped over the bridge railing by the time he turned around.

\"DA da da!'

A chain of VSS ammo burst out from the weapon but the slow bullet could not keep up with Li Muqiu's falling speed.

He was no longer there by the time the bullet reached its destination.

Technically speaking, the slow-poke SSR was still there.

As expected, Liu Zilang had taken him out.

Meanwhile, the caster had focused on Li Muqiu who had jumped off the bridge.

At the same time, Bao Shaobin and Hou Dongfang were swimming across the sea under the bridge

\"Did you hear that? There's an intense battle on the bridge!\"

\"Yes yes. Captain Bai is indeed smart!\"

\"Tsk! That guy got killed by a VSS. Pity.\"

\"Hey Captain Bai! What do you think that was?\"

Bai Shaobin raised his head up and widened his eyes in shock as he listened to Hou Dongfang!

'What the hell?'

He stared at a man falling down from the sky with his butt caught on fire!


[1] a water grenade here means a grenade that's way off the mark.