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359 I Have A Unique Acceleration Technique!

 It was a scorching hot day under the bridgehead as waves could be heard nearby.

Liu Zilang and GodV crouched behind the fortification as they stared calmly at the bridgehead in front of them.

\"Are we able to... encounter others by crouching here?\" A hint of doubt was sensed from GodV's tone.

\"It's fine. We need to believe that there will always be one or two players who don't fear death,\" Liu Zilang replied casually.

GodV hesitated for a moment before speaking. \"What I mean is... If we really do encounter the others, what should we do if we can't take them on?\"

\"Uhh... I've never really thought of that before,\" Liu Zilang replied.

GodV was speechless...

They were basically forced to ambush others by the bridgehead in this condition since the housing area around the bridgehead had already been scoured.

Hence, they could also imagine that those rural areas nearby had been searched already.

Since they did not have any vehicle, it was impractical for them to head to other rural areas in the long run. Thus, they could only place their bets on the bridgehead.

They would certainly be able to upgrade all their weapons and gear since players coming out from the Sosnovka Military Base were always loaded. If they succeeded, they would definitely be on track to the top!

They just needed to keep themselves alive if they could not ambush anyone since the situation could not be worse than it already was.

This was the very reason why they chose to stay near the bridgehead.

The caster could not keep positioning their camera at the bridgehead and shifted it to other locations where fights were occurring.

\"There's a battle happening in Sosnovka Military Base's C building. It's Big Brother A+ and TK. They've encountered the two players of squad TD from Japan. Oh! TK's sniping was very accurate as he took down one enemy. Big Brother was rushing in. This gank is intense!\"

\"What a play! Big Brother has taken out the other one the moment he entered and the two have erased TD's two-man squad.\"

\"Yes. Although quite a number of squads have landed in Sosnovka Military Base, there are surprisingly little fights. There doesn't seem to be any fighting except for Big Brother's gank here and the time when everyone landed.\"

\"Indeed. Now that the first blue circle has started shrinking, squads inside Sosnovka Military Base, Novorepnoye and those rural areas have started running away from it.\"

\"We can see that the fastest team has already reached the West Bridge's bridgehead but they don't seem to cross the bridge. Instead, they've chosen to find a boat and travel in the sea instead.\"

\"Vic and GodV are still at the bridgehead. Hehe, it looks like they've missed out a big fish!\"

\"That may be so, but I'm worried if Vic's fishing net is solid enough. He would be in trouble if he manages to catch a great white shark.\"


The blue circle was shrinking as casters continued casting and the squads in Sosnovka Island had started migrating to the mainland from East Bridge, West Bridge, or via boat. However, Liu Zilang and GodV who were camping by the West Bridge's bridgehead had yet to spot a single car.

They saw a vehicle heading towards the bridge but those players in the vehicle drove into the sea without any hesitation...

GodV and Liu Zilang's excitement was extinguished when they saw it...

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang wished that someone had done what Li Muqiu did in the solo match in Sosnovka Island at this time - to drive all boats up to the shore. Hence, they did not have to stare at the enemies leaving with their boats without given a chance to do a single thing...

As the blue circle had reached the other side of the bridgehead, GodV looked at the shore on the opposite side and said, \"F*ck! Finally no more boats! Let's see what these b*tches are going to do. I've nothing to say if they decide to swim across the sea!\"

\"Hehe. That's impossible.\"

Liu Zilang laughed as he spoke. \"The second Safe Zone is about to spawn. Only an idiot would swim across the sea at this time.\"

Just as they finished speaking, the sound of a car engine revving could be heard from the other side of the bridge.

Soon, a soft-top UAZ appeared at the top of the hill. It sped extremely fast down the hill and immediately plunged into the sea.

The edge of Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he was speechless when he saw it.

'Isn't that a little bit too safe!'

What Liu Zilang did not know was that squad Tyloo's voice chat was buzzing as well.

\"Captain Bai, aren't we playing a little bit too safe?\" Hou Dongfang was paddling in the water as he asked frustratingly.

According to this expectation, the two should be speeding through the bridge.

It would be great if someone was ambushing them!

As the star of the younger generation in PUBG, Hou Dongfang refused to believe that the two of them could not speed over a bridge with his marksmanship and Bai Shaobin's inhuman sniping skill.

However, for some reason, Bao Shaobin was extremely agitated when he saw the bridge. Therefore, he decided not to speed through it.

He responded indifferently when he heard Hou Dongfang's words. \"We're in the tournament not because we want to show who's braver but for the ranking. You're being too impatient.\"

\"I'm sorry Captain Bai, I was just saying...\"

Hou Dongfang trusted Bai Shaobin with all his heart as he immediately apologized for his mistake. However, he could not hold in his frustration. \"However, we're swimming too slowly. When will we reach the shore!?\"

Bai Shaobin laughed as he dived into the water and said, \"Are you complaining that we're slow? I'll teach you a little trick. You can speed up if you follow what I do.\"

\"There's such a trick?\" Hou Dongfang was skeptical.

As he swam for some time, Hou Dongfang noticed that not only they did not speed up, they were running out of oxygen as well.

He immediately reached to the surface to catch a breath...

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and asked, \"Captain Bai... Are you afraid of someone shooting you in the end while you swim on the surface of the water?\"

\"Why would I be afraid of that?\" Bao Shaobin was shocked before he scoffed. \"Who else is able to land a headshot on a swimming player other than me?\"

\"Huh? That's true!\" It made perfect sense for Hou Dongfang as he immediately dove into the water once again.

'Speed up!'

'Speed up!'

The nervous Bao Shaobin let out a sigh of relief as he watched on.

As he looked at Hou Dongfang who was sitting beside him from the edge of his sight, he realized that it was getting harder to lead these squad members...

Bai Shaobin took a big mouthful of fresh air on the surface of the water before diving in once more as he thought of a certain someone.

'Play safe!'

'We have to play safe this time!'

At the bridgehead, Liu Zilang was extremely speechless as held the VSS in his hand and saw the two players swimming across the sea who did not even swim on the surface...

'Do you even need to be playing this safely?'

GodV said excitedly as Liu Zilang was lost in his thoughts. \"Hold up! I think there's a car coming!\"

'There's still a car?'

Liu Zilang was shocked when he heard it!

Meanwhile, gasps could be heard coming from the commentary platform.

\"Oh! It's Guru Qiu!\"

\"That's right, eh? Guru Qiu and his squad's sniper are trying to rush through the bridge!\"