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358 Traumatized By That Man!


'Caught off guard?'

SexyPIG's brain stopped working when he saw two players laying in bed.

'What the f*ck?'

He was also a professional player who had a fair share of experience, but he had never seen players laying in the bed before.

To top it off, there were two players laying in the bed...

That was because, in his mind, the bed in PUBG was merely a model and was something that could be neglected.

This was the reason why he had neglected the bed the instant he entered through the door and placed all of his attention on the Level Two Military Helmet on the floor.

He was quick to pick up the abnormality and even quicker when it came to raising his weapon up.

Since even a split second mattered in an FPS game, it was too late when he did not realize it earlier!

\"Da da da!\"

\"Da da da!\"

In a blink of an eye, GodV's AK and Liu Zilang's VSS flared up simultaneously.

The quick-to-react SexyPIG had yet to raise his weapon before falling to the ground as the two in bed fired at him.

Liu Zilang immediately got up and closed the door.

\"What's wrong?\"

Suk was shocked outside the room when he saw that his ally was knocked out out of the blue!

\"There's someone in the room!\" SexyPIG screamed.

If it was a typical game, the killed player's ally would definitely rush in and avenge him.

However, this was a tournament. SexyPIG was instantly knocked out before he could return fire. Everything would be over as soon as his teammate had rushed into the room!

SexyPIG recalled the horror of Liu Zilang's Crossbow from the solo match yesterday. He instinctively screamed. \"Leave me! Go! Quickly!\"

Suk was startled when he heard it.

Although he did not want to, SexyPIG was still a core member of Anarchy so he had no choice but to listen to his command.

Hence, Suk decided to run out of the door without looking back!

He would have vomited blood on the spot if he knew how much health GodV and Liu Zilang had left!

'Did... Did he run away?'

The audience in the stadium was flabbergasted and did not know what to say after seeing it.

Hence, the fans in the live stream were getting riled up.

\"666. This is a brother on the surface. How cruel!\"

\"Alright alright. This is way too realistic!\"

\"Honestly speaking, Suk stood a chance even if it was a two against one. Why did he run away? I'm really shocked!\"

\"Brother! He doesn't have the caster's perspective, how would he know about Vic and GodV's condition... 4AM was obviously dishing out their mind games!\"

\"2333. Although they're extremely nervous about it, they weren't afraid at all. They even challenged him to challenge them!\"

\"Suk: Sorry for the interruption. Bye!\"


In the game, in order to prevent the enemy from throwing a Frag Grenade, Liu Zilang and GodV rose from the bed and crouched beside SexyPIG's body. They were ready to attack at any given moment.

However, they waited for a long time but no one opened the door. They could not even hear any footsteps.

'What's going on?'

Liu Zilang and GodV were confused.

\"Could it be that that idiot ran away?\"

\"Ran away? Could it be?\"

\"Be careful. He might be hiding in the corner waiting for us.\"

\"Hmm. Makes sense.\"

The two of them discussed and decided to wait a little bit more. Since their hostage was not killed yet, they were not afraid of him leaving.

Time passed and the two had waited for a while already. Yet, they still did not see a single soul.

They stared at SexyPIG who was lying motionless on the ground. If the tournament's rules allowed them, Liu Zilang really wanted to open voice chat and ask where his ally had been.

However, what happened next made Liu Zilang speechless.

SexyPIG's legs froze and died on the spot... Liu Zilang and GodV were startled when it happened.

'Did he really run away?'

Hence, the two immediately crouched down to loot the crates.

\"First-aid kit!\"


\"Energy Drinks!\"

'GG... he sent us all the supplies when we're in need!'

SexyPIG did not have any good weapons in his backpack. He only had an S12K shotgun. However, after scouring his crate, they found quite a few medical consumables on him.

It was really a dream come true since their health was at a critical level!

The two crouched inside the room and immediately healed themselves. Liu Zilang then picked up the shotgun and walked out of the bedroom refreshingly!

'It felt great!'

The two then walked around the building cautiously. After making sure that there was no one ambushing them, they finally calmed down and immediately headed towards the two crates outside.

The two twitched their eyes when they arrived at the crates.

'It seems that... someone has looted them!'

Although there were weapons inside, the bullets and other accessories had been looted...

'What a disappointment!'

The three casters burst into laughter on the commentary platform.

\"Hehe. It looks like Vic and GodV are late by a step. Suk had looted them earlier. It seems that he left unsatisfyingly.\"

\"Since his teammate has died, why not just take back what he had lost? It's fine if he didn't get an electric bicycle.\"[1]

\"Speaking of which, Vic and GodV have really gotten away from the death's grasp. They were literally on the verge of death.\"

\"Indeed. I was stunned when I saw them laying in bed earlier. The only thing that ran through my head was that 'is this game to be played in such a way too'?\"

\"This is most likely Vic's idea. No one could have thought of such a jaw-dropping idea other than him.\"

It was obvious that the three casters were shocked that Liu Zilang and GodV managed to survive that. However, the viewers in Liu Zilang's livestream were laughing uncontrollably.

This was because they were extremely calm from the very beginning until the end.

'Is the title \"Douyu's Attractive Section Chicken King\" really just for show?'

They had yet to see Liu Zilang being killed by others except for the three-wheeled motorcycle and being bombed in the red zone.

'This b*stard is like an immortal beast. Many people have declared him an evil being but no one can do anything about it!'

As compared to the things he had done in the past, the two of them escaping in this situation was merely child's play.

In the game, the match had started for almost five minutes now and the first Safe Zone had spawned on the west of the mainland. It was not too much in the north as it had covered the West Bridge and the road along the shore.

The blue radioactive web had already started shrinking around the island and the players in Sosnovka Military Base from the south were starting to run away from the blue circle.

As Liu Zilang and GodV came out of the Twelve Golden Palace, they went towards the West Bridge's bridgehead to look for more items.

However, the disappointment was imminent.

The squad that had exited the Twelve Golden Palace had searched this area and the two could not find anything other than a Molotov Cocktail and bandages.

\"If I'm not mistaken, this place has been searched by IG's Cocoa and XiaoJue. The two should be running in the wild by the sea by now.\"

\"Yes, I recall seeing them. There's also a squad that had headed to the north when they ran out of the Twelve Golden Palace. This means that the area around Vic and GodV should be ransacked by now. Looks like it will be hard for them to load up in this match.\"

\"How about... them camping by the bridge?\"

\"Camping by the bridge? Vic only has a shotgun and a VSS whereas GodV only has an AK. If my memory serves me right, he should have run out of ammo by now, right? How are they supposed to camp by the bridge with this equipment?\"

Ms-Joy and Sy nodded their heads in agreement on the commentary platform when they heard Su Changming's analysis.

'A sound argument!'

They then continued to observe what was happening in the game through the screen.

The three of them were shocked all of a sudden!


[1] Many companies would buy second-hand electric bicycles to resell their battery packs as it gives a very high profit.