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357 The Green Hulk On The Green Field!

 'That's right!'

'How did Vic bomb GodV?'

Su Changming's words seemed to have piqued everyone's curiosity.

The caster then replayed the scene earlier.

On the big screen just behind the stage, The audience in the stadium could clearly see that Liu Zilang had thrown out the Frag Grenade into the window. It was nothing special.

The caster then shifted to another angle as they locked onto the Frag Grenade. When the Frag Grenade was thrown into the room, it bounced on the floor and exited on the other side of the window...

It was then GodV walked over with his AK.


The viewers in the livestream and stadium fell into silence when they saw it...

'This throw was way too coincidental, right?'

\"Puhaha. This is too funny. Is there even such a thing?\"

\"It's possible! This is indeed the best physics engine in the world.\"

'This Vic has totally shown us the very saying of better catch it properly than to throw it nicely. What a miraculous outcome!\"

\"Poor GodV. He had perfectly predicted where the Frag Grenade would land.\"


\"GodV: Boohoo. I better see it clearly next time. You may just die since I've put so much effort into it!\"

Liu Zilang was reviving GodV in the game while the viewers in the livestream were teasing him in the bullet screen.

They two did not dare to loot their crates as they immediately rushed into the wooden house.

'It's not a joke.'

Three squads had landed in the Twelve Golden Palace. They basically did not know how to spell death if they were to loot the crates when they had just finished an intensive battle!

Meanwhile, the three casters were swiftly analyzing the situation.

\"It's slightly unfortunate for Thailand's squad MITH. I thought 4AM would have perished since they have accidentally knocked out one of his own members.\"

\"Indeed. Vic's performance was just too good. They might have won if they did not encounter Vic and GodV. Perhaps this is just fate.\"

\"We can now see that other than the two members from 4AM, the remaining players left in the Twelve Golden Palaces are the Pig Emperor and his ally Suk.\"

\"What do you think? Do you think SexyPIG is going to come and check the situation out?\"

\"Oh! It looks like SexyPIg has chosen to approach them. It looks like they have figured out that the player in the area is Vic based on the Killer Notification and the gunshots. Since the old and new hatred has mixed up together, there isn't really any reason to not come.\"

\"A new and old hatred? Do these two have any stories between them?\"

\"Huh? Did you forget that SexyPIG, Asia's Number One Shotgun had been killed by Vic's Crossbow by headshot in close-range combat in the previous match? Hehe. I think only blood can clean away this embarrassment, right?\"

Many viewers in the stadium recalled the second solo match yesterday afternoon upon hearing Ms-Joy's words.

SexyPIG had been killed by Liu Zilang's Crossbow after winning a two against one in Sosnovka Military Base's Boiler Room. One could say that this was his biggest embarrassment in the tournament.

Hence, when SexyPIG, who was shown in the caster's camera, was heading towards their direction. The viewers from the livestream and the audience in the stadium were getting nervous as they started to breathe faster and faster.

Inside the small wooden house.

Liu Zilang and GodV searched for the entire day and could only find five bandages.

Although there could be medicine in the crates outside. However, GodV's health was still in the red since he had just been pulled up.

Since Liu Zilang had taken two shots from the SKS, he was no better than GodV since he had some ten health points left.

In this situation, the two had no other choice but to distribute the five bandages between themselves.

The two of them had even pushed the last bandages to one another. The entire situation looked extremely horrible.

Before they could decide who would have the last bandage, they heard someone stepping on the grass just outside the door.

There was someone stepping on their green grass.

Liu Zilang panicked as he immediately picked up the bandage and place it on his shoulder.

GodV twitched his eyes as he realized the situation... That was because his first reaction was to pick up the bandage as well.

He did not expect Liu Zilang to react so quickly the moment he heard the footsteps. He had just pressed tab before the bandage on the floor disappeared mysteriously.

Since the two of them did not have much health left, they had no choice but to camp inside the house and wait for the enemy to attack.

However, Suk and SexyPIG were searching the rear from the right. Although they heard gunshots earlier, Liu Zilang and GodV had already closed the door by the time they arrived. Naturally, they did not know if Liu Zilang and GodV were going to ambush them in the bush just outside the wooden house or from a hidden place.

Hence, the two were extremely cautious about the situation.

They walked around the house for one round before they started checking in the houses.

Naturally, these two would not be so cautious if they knew of the amount of health Liu Zilang had left.

Liu Zilang and GodV were peeping through the gap of the window as they looked at the two that were about to reach their wooden house.

They were getting nervous.

'What should we do?'

There were only two options.

Firstly, they could take this opportunity and run away. However, they would be dead meat once they heard them opening the door or their footsteps since they had so little health left.

The other option was to wait it out.

However honestly speaking, the second option did not seem to be the better choice.

\"What should we do?\" GodV started asking for Liu Zilang's opinion.

What else could Liu Zilang think of in this situation?

He started observing the room once more.

An idea popped into his head!


Just outside the wooden house.

\"This is the last house. They've most likely left the area after killing them if they're not inside.\"

Suk looked at the Safe Zone and suggested. \"This match is going to end in the mainland. Why don't we search this house and head to the bridgehead and ambush someone later.\"

\"Okay.\" SexyPIG nodded even though his expression looked kind of depressed. \"That man is definitely shameless and cunning. It's normal for him to run.\"

Although he said such words, his tone gave off a hint of disappointment.

The two of them then carefully opened the door and entered the last wooden house.

\"There's nobody in the living room.\"

\"No one in the toilet as well.\"

\"Hey, there's a weapon here. Looks like this place hasn't been searched yet.\"

\"A Ssi... I guess that b*stard really did run away.\"

The two in the living room loitered for a moment. SexyPIG then subconsciously turned around and headed towards the entrance of the bedroom.

He was happy the moment he opened the door because he saw a Level Two Military Helmet on the floor. This was certainly great news to him since he only had a Level One Motorcycle Helmet.

However, just as he stepped in to loot the item, SexyPIG felt that something was wrong in the room...

He raised his head up and realized that there were two people laying in the bed with two black muzzles aimed right at his green motorcycle helmet.

The three of them stared each other in the eye.

The crowd in the stadium felt as if rape was about to happen in the room.